Top 14 Japanese Manga/Manhwa Like Solo Leveling with Their Similarities

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Manga or manhwa is the popular comics that originated in Japan. These comics are loved by everyone and became popular in the late 19th century. Japanese manga is not just a comic but an art form that is widely appreciated and popular. This art form created a whole different community of folks. A vast industry that includes millions of people. Artists creating these comics work under immense work pressure, and deadlines are dominant. Yes, mangas are that popular. One of the most popular manga is ‘solo leveling’. And if you are looking for manga like solo leveling this article is for you.

manga like legendary moonlight sculptor

The comics are black and white in color mostly. Its genre range is also very diverse including stories of Adventure, action, drama, historical, comedy, fantasy, fiction, romance, even erotica. The Japanese manga took their game to a whole another level by making it a thing for the people of every generation. Even they are rated differently according to their contents. Rated individually for the child, adult, parental guidance just like films.

The Japanese manga started as any other comics but over time they become so popular. Because of eye-catching graphics, and great storylines. Manga and animes are pop culture in today’s world. With a huge fan base, they have manga theme stores. And stores dedicated to selling merchandise from their favorite mangas.

Even some of the popular comics are now turned into web series or movies. There were already webcomics or mangas that publishers published on online platforms. But with an immense fanbase, it did not take much time for them to make some major motion picture and web series. Some of them are a worldwide blockbuster hit like death note and naruto. The mangas come out in several different languages and published worldwide. In this article, we will tell you about the top 10 mangas similar to solo leveling.

But before that let’s get started with solo leveling first.

The storyline of solo leveling

Solo leveling is a fantasy and action based manga. So there is this fantasy world where dangerous demons live. And somehow a portal between that world and our world opens up. The demons and creatures attack us. But there are some humans in this world who have special powers to hunt down such creatures. We call them hunters and they are the protagonists of this story. So the weakest among them is Sung Jin-woo. The other hunters seemed to be ignorant towards him.

One day Sung Jin-woo gets trapped in a double dungeon. Only a few of the hunters survived. And sung jin-woo dies but he completes all the trials in the dungeon. Cut to the next scene he wakes up in a hospital bed as a ‘player’. Now he can see a video-game-like interface with quests, stats, inventory, store, and levels. However, will he level up to become the most powerful hunter?

Solo leveling review

Originally solo leveling is a south Korean web novel. Later the Kakao’s digital comic made a web novel based on it. Since then there are many web series, webtoons, and cartoons based on solo leveling in Japanese as well as in English. The reviews of solo leveling say how popular it is. A huge fan base that is crazy about the comic. But with every good thing there comes some negative things too. Many think that it is overhyped and after the first few chapters, the comic’s content quality degrades. But anyhow we know there are more positive reviews than negative ones. Overpowering the negative comments completely.

The storyline of solo leveling is exclusive but there is some manga that has a storyline similar to solo leveling. And people are hungry for such manga. So here is the list of top 10 manga similar to solo leveling.

1. Limit Breaker


It is a story about a boy Kim Kibong. And he is our protagonist. Because of some unknown error, he gets trapped in an awakening test. He is trapped there for 3000 years. But in the real-world that 3000 years equal 10 years. But in these 10 years, things changed here on earth. The earth is run by monsters and demons now. And they are torturing human beings. But Kim kibong, who leveled up from that awakening test and now attains unimaginable power is ready to battle with them. He is on a mission to clear the world from these monsters and dungeons. And make the world like before. It is an ongoing manga with the 13th chapter going on now. It is also one of the highly-rated mangas.

limit breaker

Similarities to solo leveling

  • The protagonist increases his power and levels up like solo leveling.
  • Monsters came on earth with no good intentions. And they are overrunning the world now.
  • The heroes are a single person who is on a mission to make earth monster free.
  • It is also from the fantasy and action genre.

2. Long live the king


Long live the king is a story about an ordinary student Sun Fewias. He somehow travels to a different world in a different dimension. Not only that he also becomes the king of a small kingdom. He finds a ‘cheat code’ there. It is a code that helped him to rise above all and accomplish extraordinary things in life. He becomes a legend who conquered continents and left behind his legendary story to remember for the next generation. Its author is Warrying Blade, and the genre is action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, and romance.

long live the king

Similarities with solo leveling

  • The polt is somewhat similar to solo leveling as there is one protagonist in both the novels.
  • The protagonist travels to another world in a different dimension.
  • They both rise up from the bottom and archive some extraordinary powers.
  • Both the story is about a simple human being’s journey to become the most powerful and the action adventure-packed journey too.

3. SSS class suicide hunter


SSS class suicide hunter is a very popular Japanese web novel. Which is still an ongoing novel. The protagonist of the novel Kim Gong-Ja was an orphan in his earlier life. He was a below-average hunter. His idol was Yoo Soo-Ha who was the highest-ranked among the hunters. He completed all the 40 stages of the tower and became very famous. One day he surprisingly got an S rank skill card which allowed him to obtain the power of all of those who killed him. And he could only activate the card if he kills himself.

Sometime later the main character gets to know that his idol Yoo Soochna killed a sword saintess. And then he killed Yoo Soo-ha too to make sure nobody would know what he did. But his skill activated at that time. This allowed him to get back to the past. Precisely 24 hours before his death. Thus, Yoo Soo-ha became angry with his killer Yoo Soo-ha and wanted to take revenge. So he killed himself so many times to go back to the past and kill his idol turned enemy Yoo Soo-ha.

Similarities with solo leveling

  • In both novels, the protagonist dies but revives again.
  • The protagonist is average hunters in both cases. But they surprisingly become powerful.
  • There are levels for becoming the most powerful hunter and the lead characters will cross the levels to reach the top.
  • The novels are from the action, adventure, and fantasy genre.

4. Overgeared

Overgeard is an ongoing web novel. The novel has more than 1000 chapters and written by Park Saenal. It is one of the very popular mangas. The protagonist of the story is Shin Youngwoo. He leads a rather simple life, and works on a construction site, and carries a break. He also worked in a VR video game as labor. But in that game, only his character grid discovers a book named ‘Pagma’s rare book’ in the Northern and cave of the game for a quest. And after getting that book and reading it he becomes a legendary class player.

The main character of the novel is a selfish, self-centered, jealous, and timid person. The author builds a character like this which kind of made it tough for readers to relate. But it is done intentionally. as time goes the character Encounters various different incidents where he gets matured. With his rising rank, the protagonist develops his power and virtue internally as well as externally.


similarities with solo leveling

  • In both novels, the main character lives a sad life in the beginning. Both of them are not happy with the lives they were leading.
  • Both the novels have a video game plot. Where uh there characters play the game and rise to the highest level of power.
  • There is great character development in both novels.
  • The novels are from the genre Adventure action and fantasy.

5. The first hunter


the first Hunter is another Manga similar to solo leveling. In the Manga, we can see the world is peaceful and going well until some Monsters invade the peace of Earth. Did you control the world and created a chaotic situation on earth. So the world needs to be saved now from the grip of these monsters. A group of people emerges with special abilities to save the world. But India’s journey to save this world they are facing constant hurdles. In this adventurous journey of constant struggle how these heroes will Shine brighter that’s the thing to see. However, in this infinite Chaos mode, the Daguai upgrade will be opened soon.

similarities with solo leveling

  • There are few similarities of the first hunter with solo leveling full stop in both the story is monsters attack the earth. They created a chaotic situation on earth and tries to take control of the planet.
  • The lead characters of the novel Rises as Hunters with special abilities surprisingly.
  • In both cases, there is not a single Hunter but a group of them who helps to rescue the planet from the hands of the Monsters.
  • The first Hunter is similar to Manga to the solo leveling because they are from similar genres of action-adventure and fantasy.

6. Ranker who lives a second time


another recent released Japanese Manga is rankers live a second time. From the title itself, it is evident that someone will have a rebirth. The protagonist of the novel Yeon-woo has a twin brother. The one brother disappears 5 years ago. But one day his brother and the main character of the novel Yeon-woo found out a pocket watch of his brother. The watch was not a simple one he found a hidden diary inside it. And that diary is the beginning of everything. His brother recorded what happened to him.

It started with “by the time you hear this I guess I will be already dead… ” the main character comes to know about what happened to him full stop oblique the tower of the Sun god is a different Universe in a different dimension where II unit versus intersect. Hear his brother got lost 5 years ago because of a betrayal to him while he was climbing up the tower. So his brother Yeon woo the protagonist of the novel will climb the tower now along with his brother’s recorded diary.

Similarities with solo leveling

  • In both cases, the character dies and again comes back to life.
  • There is a tower of power. And reaching the topmost level of the tower gives utmost powers.
  • In both cases, our protagonist Encounters with several Monsters and Dungeons.
  • Rankers Who Lives a second time is similar to Manga to solo leveling because it is from the same genre as action-adventure and fantasy.

7. Skeleton soldier couldn’t protect the dungeon


The main character of Skeleton soldier who couldn’t protect the Dungeon is a skeleton. Skeleton was a simple character who was working under demon Lord Baal. Anyhow in his past he was a human but his history is unknown. He does know about his Grave or where they buried his remains after his death. But that was also of no help as the Tombstone on the grave had so many scratches and it’s condition was so bad that he cannot even see his name on it. He was leaving his Afterlife as a skeleton in a different world. His resurrection was because of a low ranking necromancer called Rubia. However, Rubia died just after she rescued skeleton from his grave.

Similarities to solo leveling

  • The protagonist of the story dies and again comes back to life in another world.
  • Even though after being dead a definite time in the past the main character has the ability to return back to life.
  • After coming back to the life they start again from a specific time in the past.
  • Photo novels are from the Action fantasy and adventure genre.

8.Max level returner

story line

Max level returner is a relatively new Manga that released on 2020. The storyline of this Manga is similar to solo leveling. The main character of the Manga is Yoon Sang-Hyuk. And he has won the world’s worst survival game. That too for the first time in 22 years. Also somehow 120 million people disappeared from Earth suddenly.

After winning the survival game our Hero calls the so-called powerful player. He is the first-person among the players having the highest score. He is the only one who has all the rewards from the survival game and even some rewards that no other person has or neither they could earn. The strongest Player of all time is a masked monarch. He has an arrogant personality who is on level 10000 and alone has all the items. Evidently, he would not like another person beating his records in the survival game and rise up to his level.

Similarities to solo leveling

  • The storyline is about a video game or a survival game.
  • In both the novels our hero or the main character is trying to reach the highest level of that game.
  • It is again similar to the Manga solo leveling because there is a crisis going on worldwide. People are in danger. And the protagonist is there to rescue the world from this crisis.

9. Legend of mir: Gold armored sword dragon

Legend of Mir is another Manga based on virtual reality and games. So the main character of this Manga is a gold armored sword Dragon. He is covered in Golden scales and he somehow wakes up in a game world. The dragon is the strongest Monster of demon palaces 7th floor. Anyhow, he is also the guardian of the abyss. After he wakes up in a game as a dragon he has to clear all the stages now. He gets back to a human form only after he completes a specific number of attacks. The new legends of Mir is a martial art game. He meets the dumpling head girl, the leading commander of the red blood group who calls our protagonist Geum Ryong. However, there is a Story that Goes On in that virtual reality world or in the world of Murim.

Similarities to solo leveling

  • The plot is based on a virtual reality game similar to Manga solo leveling.
  • Both the novels show a different world from a different dimension.
  • The mangas are from the genre of adventure, fantasy, and martial arts.

10. Versatile mage

Story line

Versatile Mage is a Japanese Manga or manhwa published in August 2019. The comic is not for below 18-year-olds. The main character of the comic is mo fan. He is a student who lives a simple life. He is in high school and his parents also. His father worked hard to meet ends. He also has a little sister who cannot walk on her own. But one day mo fan finds out a magical necklace and keeps it with himself. The next time when he wakes up he wakes up in a different world in a different dimension. Everything is so different from the previous world.

He now is in a magic world where he goes to High School that teaches magic. The world runs on magic. But few things didn’t change from the previous world like it still has a teacher who thinks he is a hopeless student. Few classmates who do not like mo fan. His family is still poor and his father is still struggling. His sister still cannot work on her own. But one thing he discovered is that in this magical world there is only one element of Magic that every magician can use. But our lucky protagonist is an exception he is a versatile mage.

Similarities with solo leveling

  • In both the Mangas there is this concept of a different world from a different dimension. And our main character wakes up in a different world suddenly after a specific incident.
  • Both the Manga are about gaining superpowers or in other words magical powers.
  • The storyline is about rising from Ashes. In both cases, the protagonists used to lead a simple life before entering into a different world where they obtained immense power.

11. Tomb Raider king


Our protagonist here is Tomb Raider king. Evident from the name our hero is a Raider. But what does he raid? A Supernatural incident starts to take place on earth full stop the Gods terms start to appear on the world. There are really weed in these terms and few people obtained legendary power from these relics. But the ones who could not find such really became Slave To the powerful ones. Then our Hero comes into the story The Tomb Raider king. He is on a mission to read all the relics from these God’s tombs. This is his second chance at life because he was dead. But he revives somehow. And he is not going to let this second Chance go in vain. He is here to claim all the relics for himself.

similarities to solo leveling

  • Tomb Raider king is similar to Manga like solo leveling because both of them are based on virtual reality.
  • There is this different world in both the mung as where people have supernatural powers.
  • The main character in these comics dies once but revives to their life again.
  • The protagonists are on a mission to become the most powerful ones and the story is about their adventurous and action-packed journey.

12. It starts with a kingpin account

Story line

Earth is in trouble and there is a big crisis going on. Because of this crisis, Earth has entered the OL era. The people are bound under some unknown forces and they are the slaves of these forces. There is constant chaos on earth because of the race between weak and strong. The main character Ye Hao is a high school student and he is in level 3. Our protagonist is about to die but he somehow opens the King’s account upgrade system. Fascinating right? It is the system through which the king of Earth upgrades the human beings of Earth. So now will Ye Hal become the strongest king?

similarities with solo leveling

  • In both novels, some Supernatural powers take over the world. The world becomes a chaotic place where people are troubled. But our protagonist rescues them from it.
  • It starts with a kingpin account is similar to Manga like solo leveling because the main character Rises from the lowest level of power to the highest level of power.
  • The genre of both the mangas is action, adventure, and fantasy.

13. Nano machine

Story line

The main character of nanomachine Manga is Cheon Yeo-Woon. He is from the demonic descendant. Our protagonist is held in disdain and there his life is in danger. Being the descendant of a demonic cult is not the only feature of our Main character but he is also an orphan. One day surprisingly his future descendants visit him and they insert a chip in his body. Upon activation of this chip Cheon Yeo-Woon’s life changes. He becomes very powerful and his journey to becoming a legendary Martial artist begins with it.

similarities with solo leveling

  • Nano machine is similar to Manga like solo leveling because in both cases there is a concept of time traveling.
  • The main character is neglected and ignored in the beginning. But the storyline revolves around their adventurous journey to become a legend.
  • Nano machine and solo leveling both have martial arts and an action-packed plot.

14. Dungeon reset

Dungeon reset also has a virtual reality game based plot. The protagonist of the story Dawoon is a ordinary student. But somehow the Dungeon summoned him to play a deadly game. He has to defeat dangerous Monsters and survive many life-threatening traps. But he has no special skills to win the game. He falls in a trap and is just about to die when because of a Glitch the game resets. Because of the reset, Dawoon now has many upgraded skills from nowhere. It increased his ability to defeat Monsters and this will also so help him to clear the levels of the game and get back home. In his adventurous journey, there are two companions with him one bloodthirsty assistant and one adorable squirrel.

similarities with solo leveling

  • Dungeon reset and solo leveling are similar because the protagonists live ordinary life before they die.
  • Both the novels show the reincarnation of the main characters.
  • After the revival, they surprisingly obtain some Supernatural powers and become very skillful.

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