Top 10 Weirdest Phobias


If you think you have seen or suffered the weirdest phobias, I would say think again, because these are the Top 10 bizarre phobias around.

10. Arithmophobia


Arithmophobia is the fear of numbers. This kind of phobia can be intense, including having fear of every kind of number. Sometimes it might also relate to some special number. This becomes a hurdle for both educational and professional opportunities.

In daily life, even a small thought of doing a simple calculation seems very tough. The person feels discomfort, resulting in an increased heartbeat, sweating, trembling, lack of breath, and choking. There are also some psychological signs of losing control, feeling dizzy, and being afraid of dying.

9. Pediophobia


Pediophobia is an irrational phobia caused by a mere sight of an innocent doll. This specific phobia makes people feel unsafe from a thing that shows no signs of danger. Often caused by the generic horror movies that portray dolls as a ghost or a spirit. A scary event related to dolls causes pediophobia.

Looking or even thinking about a doll causes a hike in heartbeat and anxiety. The person suffering from this phobia show symptoms like excessive sweating, panic attacks, frightened screaming, etc.

8. Nomophobia


Nomophobia is the fear of being away from disconnected from your phone even for a short amount of time. In recent days the number of patients, in this case, has increased with leaps and bounds. The psychological aspect of this is excessive usage of a mobile phone caused by low-self esteem or an extrovert personality or fear of missing out.

It is tough to judge the cause, whether it is because of his phone usage habits or existing psychological disorder. The signs of this phobia are very apparent when the person is away from his phone or the phone battery is low. They get remarkably anxious, feel dizzy, nausea, lack of breath, etc.

7. Chorophobia


Chorophobia is an illogical fright of dancing the person feels when asked to dance or on the mere thought of dancing. Such a phobia may result from an experience of embarrassment or mishap while dancing.

It can also be a cause of suffering from depression, anxiety, loneliness, or an introverted personality. A person suffering from chorophobia might isolate himself from everyone on the social gathering, which leads to not going out at all, especially at weddings, clubs, or parties.

6. Chromophobia


As obvious from its name, chromophobia is the fear of colors that is usually a dependent reaction. The person might feel discomfort with the bright hues of colors and they avoid going out to such places having vivid colors displayed. A person suffering from chromophobia gets serious panic attacks, which can be very scary and uncomfortable.

They go through immense mental stress of being exposed to any kind of special effects of colors. The cause of this phobia is considerably vague, but some physical signs that show chromophobia are increased heart rate, paced breathing, the tension in muscles, fear of losing control, fear of death, etc.

5. Pupaphobia


Pupaphobia is the phobia of puppets and marionettes. we find this phobia usually in kids, as puppets are the toy for little kids. Pupaphobia falls under the classification of automatonophobia, which is the phobia of non-living things as such puppets, mannequins, or statues portrayed as a human-like structure.

The person suffering from this phobia sees the puppets as an original animated object or as a living person. The cause of pupaphobia might link with having dreams about scary puppets. On a mere sight of a puppet, the person would hide away or scream.

4. Neophobia


Neophobia is the fear of facing anything new. This is a unique and bizarre kind of fear of getting out of your routine. People suffering from this phobia lead to dislike or try something new, even if it is a better option for them. Changing anything from their daily routine feels like losing control.

Usually found in kids when parents offer new food. Food neophobia is a common phobia in psychology. The root cause of this fear is still not very specific, but specialists say this could be genetic, psychological, or biological. The physical signs of neophobia are breathlessness, heart-pounding, excessive sweating, etc.

3. Trypophobia


Trypophobia is fear related to a pattern of small holes or bumps. Any individual seeing such patterns might feel triggered, and they show discomfort and fear. Anything showing such patterns as seed pods or zoomed pictures of pores causes this phobia.

The person having trypophobia shows signs of fear, itching, shaking, and panicking when exposed to such patterns. The cause of trypophobia might be a mutilation counter to alert the person of parasites or any other infectious diseases.

2. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia


Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is a fright of lengthy words that is also termed as sesquipedalophobia, considered a social phobia. This is a special condition where the person gets triggered by the sight of a long word. Caused genetically or from any adverse event that might link with long words.

The person suffering from this phobia skips any long word and shows signs like sweating, heavy breathing, discomfort, or panic. Such people face problems in educational and professional opportunities. The situation might become intense, leading the person to have panic attacks and extreme fright.

1. Phobophia


Phobophobia is a very weird and bizarre phobia of having a phobia, also termed as panic attacks and anxiety disorder. These situations of anxiety issues need proper guidance and quick stabilization.

The feared phobia boots the effect of the feared phobia which the patient might have faced. The phobia may cause the subconscious mind, which connects to an experience of such a fear, to experience emotional agony and anxiety.

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