World’s most Crazy driving and traffic laws you probably didn’t know

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Laws of the lands that may have made sense when first brought about have a habit of sticking around even if they have no real place in today’s society. To those antiquated laws, a few newer bizarre rules of the land that have found their way into the law books, and we have a truly bizarre set of world legislation. The entire process of traveling to a new country and exploring is an exciting journey. We take various transports to roam around the cities, and the most popular one is a car. But some countries will not only fascinate with their tourist spots but also their traffic rules. Have you ever wondered over the fact that, just like the different cultures possessed by every country, their roads also have distinct and crazy laws of their own? That’s right! We bring you some of these strangest traffic laws that remain in the book of the law of these countries: 

The United States:

The women drivers of California cannot drive while donning a bathrobe by the law. Strange right? How this rule applies to women only! And also, you’re not allowed to clean your car with used underwear. (who does that anyway?)

The people in Colorado do not have permission to drive a black car on Sundays. In Georgia, drivers are not allowed to spit out of a car and a bus. But sadly, there is no restriction on a person who spits out from the window of a truck.

While driving in Oklahoma, if you’re reading a comic book, you have to prepare to shell out a fine.

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to drive in the Philippines, you have to make sure that your vehicle’s number plate does not end on a 1 or 2 and that only if you’re driving in Philippines on a Monday. That’s right! Any failure to abide by this rule will result in a hefty fine out of your pocket. Better all the vehicles with number plates ending with 1 or 2 should stay at home on Mondays.


To crossroads in India, you might need some special skills. But when in Rome, the trick to cross roads in Rome is the correct pace. Just do as the Romans do, go with the flow. Those folks know how to make their way through an angry flow of traffic. When on a crowded street, walk slowly, but steadily and you will see the traffic shape around you.

They say that the Romans stop their vehicles for only two reasons, one, for a nun crossing the road or tow, to attend a phone call from their mothers.

Costa Rica:

If you have a habit of drunken driving Costa Rica is probably the place for you. Yes, while driving in Costa Rica, people are allowed to consume alcohol as long as they are not tipsy, as hell. Strange as it sounds, the rule is legitimate and real.


Well from, where I belong, footpaths are not for the pedestrians. You will see vendors, hawkers, legitimate shops in the middle of the sidewalk, and vehicles running. But that is not the case in Singapore; the pedestrians enjoy especial protection in this country, as it is illegal for drivers to come within 50 meters of a pedestrian.


The dominating mode of transport in this city is the scooter. The trick to surviving the bustling traffic of Vietnam is to walk steadily and wait for the scooters to drive by you. God forbid you to decide to walk past them or suddenly halt, be prepared for a severe accident, and the overall embarrassment of a scooter flattening your toes.


Drivers in Spain need to carry an extra pair of glasses with themselves all the time, or else they might have to pay a hefty amount as a fine. Another rule in many towns, the cars are parked on one side of the street for the first half of the month, and on the other side for the second half of the month. In one-way streets, parking may be permitted on the side with even house numbers on even-numbered days and the side with odd numbers on odd-numbered days.

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If you are the kind of person who is always late on in a hurry, you shouldn’t probably move to Denmark, as in Denmark, one is supposed to check if there is a person “underneath” their car each time before driving. 


People here are very determined about following all traffic rules word by word. They strictly stick to the sidewalks assigned to the pedestrians and do not try to barge in with the flow of traffic. However, when driving on the Autobahn, be careful not to run out of fuel. It is illegal if one runs out of gas and has to pull over. The key to making life easy for you here is to follow the local rules.

United Kingdom:

The courteous and polite drivers in this country sometimes can disobey all logic and traffic rules and may come at you from any direction. So you know, when the beautifully painted signs say “Look right!” make sure you look right and left before crossing the road.


Ever heard of driving and dress code? The drivers of Bangkok need to be clothed modestly. Topless driving can lead to the imposition of a hefty fine. While for the pedestrians, the Bangkok streets need you to don the hat of a traffic cop when crossing the road. That’s right! You have to raise your hand as an indication for the drivers to stop and allow you to cross the road. What happens if the driver doesn’t? That is a discussion for another day!


In Japan, if a car splashes water, even by accident, on your favorite shirt, while swishing past you on road in Japan, make sure that the culprit shells out a fine of at least $65, as that is the law of the land there.


It seems that people here are seemingly very fond of hygiene and cleanliness. Maybe that is why, if you’re driving a dirty car in Russia, you are in for serious trouble. Better scrub those windows.

New Jersey:

A single frown at a police officer in New Jersey may put you in deep trouble and you might also have to pay a heavy fine!

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