About Us

Amazfeed.com is a website that provides the Amazing and Unique Facts and Information about lifestyle, current world, various products, entertainment world, historical facts, etc.. The aim of the Amazfeed portal is to become the best authentic place to find amazing and interesting facts and information.

The Journey of Amazfeed:

Founded September 2020, Kolkata, India
This website is founded with a vision to provide every single detail about amazing and interesting facts and information.

Who is handling the content on the site?

The team of 10+ persons is handling and editing the content of the site. These members of our team research from various sources to provide information. In addition, they have authority over their respective category in which they write content.

What is the source of the information on Amazfeed?

  • Authentic web portals
  • Wikipedia
  • Newspaper
  • other media sources.

Address of the Company:

Wbizy Building,

Contact Email: [email protected]