What does uwu mean? The viral emoticon!

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Did someone text you uwu and you don’t understand what they tried to say or what is uwu meaning? Don’t worry we are here at your rescue. It’s been a long since we got accustomed to texting rather than calling. The evolution is so drastic that when we get a call from someone suddenly out of the blue admit it or not we hesitate to pick up. There are instances when I am watching something on my phone or not even that. And someone calls me. So do I pick up instantly? No, I wait for the call to end and then text that person back “hey, you called?” I know, I know we all have been there.

Yes, we are from this era where we can’t think of a day without texting apps. It not a luxury but a necessity nowadays. Several different apps that are not for communicating are introducing texting facility on their application too. For example – Uber. We are so familiar with the app. An online can service provider where the customer used to call the driver after booking an Uber to know about how long will he take? Or to give home precise location details, or to add any note for your ride. It was another way around too. The driver could call you too to know about your location. Well, the feature is still there but they introduced the texting option in the app too. Making it more comfortable and easier for both parties to communicate.

Chatting or texting with time has evolved so much. Not only that but it has become an integral part of our lives. So with time, there have been several changes and modifications in the texting pattern. We all remember the days when we used to chat like this – ‘u’ meant ‘you’, ‘lyk’ meant ‘like’, ‘luv’ meant ‘love’, etc. And then a trend among the teenagers “wAs tO tYpE lIkE tHiS.

Then came the era of emojis or emoticons. The first emoji we used to express our feelings looked something like this – 🙂 :/ :-*. Moreover, the emoticons also changed. Even the oxford dictionaries added some emojis to it because of their extensive use among people. Just like that uwu or owo came into a trend as an emoticon.

What is uwu?

Uwu is an emoticon used to denote a smiley face. Both the ‘u’ denotes eyes and ‘w’ denotes mouth. The emoticon is modified or stylized with the capital ‘u’ and small ‘w’. It’s one of the pop culture trend example, popularly used by younger folks generally. They use it while texting. But what does this emoticon means?

uwu meme

Meaning of uwu

Uwu means feeling cute, overwhelmed, happiness or when you feel soft. It also refers to an anime character Kawai. So we also call it kawai face. The uwu put together makes a smiling face like structure.

Origin of uwu

we know uwu meaning. But we can not tell you about the origin of uwu. As far as we could trace back it shows that from a 2005 anime fanfiction uwu came into the picture. But many people also think it came from internet chat rooms. Tumblr a then-popular internet platform that circulated the uwu emoticon wildly back in 2014. Later around 2016 uwu became insignificant due to almost nill usage. The emoticon is now. And it emerged as a meme. Meme culture was then new in trend. So folks started to use uwu as an example for stale and insignificant materials.

A 2016 Tumblr post goes as follows: “uwu isn’t even a face to me anymore it’s actually the sound ‘oowoo'”.

Another user replied to the post saying: “IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE A FACE!?!??!”.

The post went viral and reached over 50,000 notes. And that is how the journey of UwU ended. It still emerges on Twitter sometimes. But we call it stale material now.

Uwu meme

Uwu is now a meme material as we stated earlier. Several posts regarding uwu referred to cuteness overloaded, happy face, surprised, feeling affectionate, etc.

In popular culture, Japanese anime or manga features uwu as Kawai or cute face. Some other words similar to uwu is owo, UwU, and OwU.

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What does UWU mean?

UWU is an emoticon or emoji used to express cuteness overloaded, overwhelmed with joy, quirky fun, or happiness.

what is UWU?

UWU is an emoji originated from Japanese anime. Used to portray cute face or Kawai.

what does uwu stand for?

UWU stands for happiness, fun, cuteness, and joy. It actually represents a face where u stands for the eyes and w stands for the mouth.

What does UWU mean in text?

It means the person is feeling cute or happy. Or the person might also be blushing and having quirky fun.

How to pronouce uwu?

Uwu is pronounced as ‘oowoo’.

What is owo and uwu?

OWO and UWU have a similar meaning. Both of them are emoticons. That expresses cuteness, fun, joy, etc. In both words, there is a face structure reflected. For OWO, O means the eys and w is the mouth. And the case of uwu, u means the eyes and w stands for the mouth.

Where did uwu came from?

The exact origin of uwu is unknown. But we can find its traces back from 2005. In a Japanese anime fanbase, they used the uwu emoticon. Later it became popular on Tumblr.

What does uwu mean in Korean?

In Korean uwu means Kawai. Which translates to extremely cute face.

what does uwu mean in Tumblr?

In Tumblr emoticons like Uwu or TwT mean happy or cute.

What is uwu face?

UWU is an emoji. It is an emoji for a smiley face. U represents the eyes and the w represents the mouth of the smiley face.

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