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All of us know the benefit of reading books. There are several articles on the internet explaining several benefits of reading. So whether you are a bookworm or you buy books then forget to read. I bet at least once you have bought books other than your curriculum books. Reading your favorite book for one to two hours daily stimulates the brain. It helps you to focus and gives you mental relaxation. Other than that you are also getting a one to two hours break from that mobile screen that you are always glued to. You might like novels from different countries. Japanese and Korean novels were already in trend. And now Chinese novel is on this list too.

Moreover, the most important point is that you are either gaining knowledge or just fun. Reading books is never out of the Trend. The way of reading might change but the popularity of reading remains the same. You might like physical books or go paper-free on Kindle. People were reading books ages ago and people are still reading books today.

Talking about trends we got to mention the recent trend in the book reading club. That is is the craze for Chinese novels. However, if you are hearing about it for the first time then we will give you a glimpse of the Chinese web novels.

What is Chinese novel?

The Chinese novels have another name of the light novels. They call it light because of the small chapter sizes. Small chapter sizes are easy to read and finish within a short time. So people are more inclined towards them. All so these are web novels that they publish on websites chapter by chapter. Some of the novels I will mention here are still an ongoing novel, and some are complete. Moreover they update their novels regularly and they rarely publish the novels as a full work.

Why Chinese web novels are creating a reading Frenzy?

If you look at the audience of this Chinese novel you can see most of them are young or young adults. And they are from all over the world. The pattern of these novels is so similar to the web series we see generally on Netflix or Amazon. Small chapters with several volumes and updated regularly or at a certain interval. So rather than making it a one-time thing the Chinese writers can engage their audience for a longer period of time.

The storyline of these novels is diverse. Some of them reflect the Chinese culture very clearly. Just like any other country their novels also have a diverse set of genres. Starting from Martial heroes, Immortal heroes, fantasy, Romance, and casual, it has everything.

Previously the novels were popular only among the Chinese folk. But with a growing number of foreign leaders now the Chinese web novels are coming out in different languages. Making it understandable for the whole world does result in a growing number of readers with passing days.

Just like the Chinese novel The Japanese Manga is a similarly popular genre for readers. But from several surveys and data from this Chinese novel translating site, we can see that people needed a change in the content they were reading. The Chinese novels brought a fresh wave of Chinese tradition and culture with stories of their day-to-day lives, superheroes, action, drama Romance, and power struggles that are globally relatable.

If you are a bookworm and love foreign author’s works then this might be a good Arena that you can explore. And if you are not a bookworm but thinking to start reading something light and fun this is exactly what I would suggest you start with. So before diving into the list of top 10 Chinese novel translating sites I’d like to suggest to you some great Chinese novels that you should give a shot.

Top 5 Chinese novels

1. Against the gods (NI TIAN XIE SHEN)

against the gods novel cover

Against the Gods is one of the most popular Chinese novels. It is a mixture of fantasy and action. The plot of this novel is about a boy who holds a secret Treasure. He lives in a magic dominated world. And that is why people are behind him to take his Treasure away from him. So he jumps off a cliff at the end of the world. Previously many powerful Gods also jumped off the same clip but none of them survived. But our Hero getting chased by many jumps of the same clip and enters a different dimension. Where he wakes up as a boy with the same name.

The novel started in 2014 and is still going on.

2. Martial God Asura ( Xiu Luo Wu Shen)

martial gods

Martial God Asura is one of the popular adult novels among the Chinese light novel genre. It is strictly for people who are 18 or above. The novel has violent and sexual references. The storyline is heavy because of its controversial anti Hero protagonist. However, the novel is a popular one among the folks. You will be bombarded with unexpected and uncomfortable surprises. There is zero character building. The of course contains Martial arts and action. The novel is about a boy Chu Feng who is in school but one day he wakes up and becomes a deadly beast. And that’s how his journey in a new life full of action and drama begins.

3. I Shall Seal The Heavens (Wo Yu Feng Tian)

i shall seal the heavens

I shall seal the heavens is an evergreen Chinese novel. It is one of those novels that introduces readers to the Chinese web novel world. It is a complete novel with 10 volumes and the author of this novel is Er Gen. The novel is about a young student Meng Hao. He is not good enough as a student and hence they recruit him to an immortal cultivation sector. The boy has to adapt to this new world where the ideal values and thoughts he believed from childhood do not resonate. The novel is a mix of comedy and drama. A light read where you will see his journey full of ups and downs to seal the heavens like a demon.

4. Stellar Transformation (Qin Yu)

stellar transformation

Stellar transformation is about a kid who lives in a galaxy far far away. His father ignores him because he cannot practice internal techniques like him. But he uses a path of pain and difficulties to practice external techniques. In this hard path, he grows up to be a great powerful man. A mysterious meteoric crystal stone fuses with his body and that causes a drastic transformation in him. Thus his father notices his immense abilities. But that’s not the end a lot more is there. This is also one of the most popular Chinese novels. it’s motivational and inspiring, and you should give it a shot.

5. Coiling Dragon (Panlong)

coiling dragon

Calling Dragon is a legendary Chinese novel. It’s a series of 800 plus chapters and 21 series. The story is about a different world – the yulan continent. Here live Immortals and saints with immense power. They battle with each other using words and spell to come into power. In between this war of power a little boy Linley borns in the small town of Wushan. He is from Baruch Clan. A legendary Clan from Dragon blood warrior who once ruled the world. But with time their legacy faded away. Linley is is on a path to bring back the glory of his Clan.

A deadly path where he will make powerful friends as well as dangerous enemies.

Top 10 Chinese novel translation websites

  1. WuxiaWorld: It is the best Chinese novel translation website. Here you will find almost every Chinese light novel. The website layout is also user friendly and easy to read.
  2. WebNovel: The website has a user-friendly interface. And what’s more, interesting is that the readers can also write their novel on this website. They also have an app, making your favorite Chinese novels more accessible.
  3. Read Light Novel: An old school neat and clean website. pure reading no fuss. you can get more features on this website by making an account.
  4. Fanmily: Fanmily is raising up the bar these days. They don’t ask for an email address or anything. Moreover, they will not even ask you to set up an account to read the novels. So we found a slight reader inclination towards the website.
  5. Novel Updates: novel update is also a classic Chinese novel translation website. here you will find numerous Chinese light novels.
  6. Gravity Tales: here you will find Chinese as well as Japanese web novels too.
  7. Radiant Translations: A good website to go for novels that never seem to end. if you want your novels to belong this is the website you should check out.
  8. Novel Spread: comparatively new translation website for Chinese novels. but worth giving a shot.
  9. BestNovel: they have classic reading books as well as audiobooks too.
  10. Volare Novels: another website with a diverse collection of Chinese novels.

Chinese web novels might be new in trend but their content covers a vast audience. from fantasy, science, fiction, romance, comedy, or drama, they have got everything to serve you. If you are a fan of the harry potter and the lord of rings series then you would love this genre. But with growing audience and popularity there we see a slight degradation in content. the primary reason for this might be the pressure to update a new chapter in the novel every day or every other day. But there are already so many great novels they have published. That it’s worth giving a shot.

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What are Chinese novels called?

Chinese novels are called Xianxia. In simplified Chinese it means Chinese novel. It comprises fictional novels about Chinese culture, Chinese tradition, their martial arts, religion, mythology and Chinese gods.

Where can I read Chinese novels?

There are several websites now where you can read translated Chinese novels. Many popular translators are there who translate it correctly and to the point. Their language is also easy making is appealing for every age group reader. Some popular websites where you can read these novels are WuxiaWorld, WebNovel, Read Light Novel, Fanmily etc.

What are Chinese web novels?

chinese web novels are published on internet. There are several web platforms where authors publish their novels. The unique feature about these novels are that rather then posting the whole novel at once they publish it chapter by chapter on a daily basis or weekly.

Is Webnovel a Chinese app?

yes, Webnovel is a Chinese app. Chinese company Yuewen is the owner of it.

What are Chinese light novels?

chinese web novel’s another name is Chinese light novels. The novels are light because of their writing and publishing pattern. Rather than having one long book they publish it as small chapters. Engaging the audience more and making them come back again and again. But not only that the novels are easy to read and liked by people of most age groups.

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