Top 10 Most costliest Horse Breeds

The Mustang

Horses are not just all about beauty but these fast-paced animals are used in several equestrian activities including dressage, endurance riding, eventing, reining, show jumping, tent pegging, vaulting, polo, horse racing, driving, and rodeo. Selective breeding is used to perpetuate bloodlines and to bring out desirable characteristics. Each breed has its distinctive qualities, and their prices vary greatly.

Horses are faithful companions, tireless workers, and great performers, from the Pony Express to traveling circuses. Intertwined with human life for centuries, horses remain the favorite animals of both children and adults. Racehorses have brought their owner hefty prize money, while others have served their owners in several possible ways.

Although the prise of the horses doesn’t depend on the breed of the horse the individual’s strengths and abilities, there are specific breeds to produce the most efficient horses ever.

Let’s take a look at the most expensive horse breeds ever:

1. Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse

The oldest breed in the world is the Arabian horse; originated on the Arabian Peninsula at the times of King Solomon. But the recent research based on the analysis of mtDNA tells about its heterogeneous origin, discarding the popular opinion.

At the same time, notable for its facial structure and noble appearance this breed responds well to training. These Arabian beauties are graceful in a carriage with their long arched neck, and naturally high tail carriage. Usually, they are gray, chestnut, bay, roan, and black.

Price: $25000 to $300000

2. Akhal-Teke


Akhal-Teke or also known as “A gift from the desert” –is one of the expensive breeds showing immense endurance. It is a national symbol of Turkmenistan, but there are only 8,000 of them in the world, among which thousand located in Ashgabat.

A rare horse breed with unique features like a thin neck, a large wide head, and a beautiful coat that you might mistake for being metallic, makes it very exotic. This equine breed has a special hair structure that makes Akhal-Teke stand out.

Price: Around $100000

3. Thoroughbred


A horse breed, bred in England exclusively to participate in racing. With the highest speed near 40 km per hour in full gallop, Thoroughbred holds maximum racing world records. Not only racing but purebred Thoroughbred is successful in jumping, dressage and hunting as well.

Off-the-track they are usually an exquisite riding or driving horse. Its long neck, chiseled head with widely spaced eyes and short back helps thoroughbred stand out. The most expensive horse ever sold at an auction was a thoroughbred with a price tag between $60 million to $70 million.

Price: $100000 to $300000

4. Morgan


The Morgan breed is one of the most easily trained among expensive horses. This American breed is popular for its intelligence and willingness to work for humans.

It is an all-purpose breed, and there is no restriction in the colors of Morgan, they are usually pinto, dun, gray, or roan coloring. Their fiery spirit and temperament make them difficult to ride for beginners. But with proper care, they show loyalty and affection to their handlers.

Price: $2500 to $4000

5. Friesian Heritage Horse

Friesian Heritage Horse

Traditionally bred as a high stepping horse for carriages, this is one of the oldest breeds dating back at the 1200s. Originally it is black, but in recent days because of crossbreeding, there is a variety of them.

Apart from their good looks the breeders’ wanted to make them compatible with the sports arena, resulting in combining Friesian traits of refinement, stamina, and agility to Arabians, Morgans, and Thoroughbreds.

Price: $7000 to $50000

6. The American Sorraia Mustang

The American Sorraia Mustang

This is a very rare breed, originally named in association with Columbus and Hernando Cortes. Later Mustangs surpassed them with their reputation of handling the climate of the New World.

They are brave, loyal, and fierce. Its primitive features include a convex profile and dun coloring with primitive markings.

Price: $1000 to $5000

7. The American Paint Horse

The American Paint Horse

Historically given plenty of names like pinto, paint, skewbald, or piebald is a breed of horse that combines both the conformational characteristics of a western stock horse with a pinto spotting pattern of white and dark coat colors.

Currently, there are three coat patterns listed by the Regular Registry: tobiano, overo, and tovero. These unique color patterns and mostly perfect athletic ability make the American paint house investment in quality and pleasure.

Price: $1000 to $5000

8. The Mustang

The Mustang

It is the first descended from the Sorraia breed. they won the hearts of both the industry insiders and hippophiles. Usually defined as feral horses, Mustangs can also pose their stable place, as an attribute of pride for its handler.

Their unique identification of large feet following the horse’s size is the biggest one in the industry. Mustangs have all solid colors and striking coat patterns too.

Price: $500 to $5000

9. The Andalusian

Andalusian horse

This is a descendent of the Iberian Peninsula, taking roots from the Sorraia horses. A popular breed for riding that the people used as it is instead of bullfighting, which was popular in Spain.

This breed’s dressage, elegance, and ability to bring their haunches far beneath its body make it a distinct breed. The Andalusian is a representative of PRE – Pura Raza Española, hence the prices are usually affected by three factors: correct conformation, quality of movement, and types.

Price: few hundred dollars to $12000

10. The Dutch Warmblood

The Dutch Warmblood

This breed came in the picture in the middle of the 20th century. It dominated the game of dressage and show jumping. They possess an appealing personality, willing to work for humans with a calm personality.

A straight profile and well-proportioned body make them perfect for riders of all levels. Their long neck adds elegance while the highly set tail makes the total look of the breed so graceful. The world breeding federation for sport horses ranked warmblood as #1 in jumping.

Price: $5000 to $25000

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