300+ Snapchat Usernames – Most Amazing, Cool, Funny, Good Ideas for Username 2021


Snapchat is the most used social media app after Instagram. You can take pictures or videos in different filters available in the app itself. The app directly opens the camera so you can send a snap to your friends. To create a Snapchat account, you need a mobile number, username, and password.

Creating an account might be very easy but finding a perfect Snapchat username for your account is not very easy. There can be an infinitive number of permutations and combinations, hence an infinitive number of snapchat usernames. But which one should do the work for you is the question here. 

How to choose your username?


Stick to your personality:

Choosing a Snapchat username is no rocket science. Just stick to your goals and believes, something that defines you. Not just some random cliché words that have no meaning or connection with your persona(such as “Darklight.” What on earth does that even mean?). If you are thinking something like this, stop thinking right now!

For business-accounts, make sure your username revolves around your business name. I would suggest something that your brand is known for, or you want it to be known for. Try giving an industry-specific brand name. I would suggest going for a memorable way to tell people who you are through what you do.

Be creative:

The only way to stand-out is to be unique. Don’t just copy someone else’s Snapchat username then add a special character or number just because you like it. You like it because it’s unique. Do some research; get some inspiration (there is a thin line between inspiration and copying). Keep it simple, easy-spelled, and, most importantly, unique. Open up the creative corner of your brain. 

Don’t be too creative: 

If you are one of those persons who would name their pet ‘Alexa’ and kid ‘Siri’, you should not select your username on your own. Better ask for help. Also, if you don’t see the line that distinguishes between ‘quirky’ and ‘faddish’, ask for help!

Stay away from random numbers:

 Using your name as a username is also okay. But if your name is already taken as a username, don’t add a throwaway number in the end. I know 30 people with the name “Rahul”. If every Rahul tries to use it as their username and start adding a number is the end, who do you think will stand out, 

@rahul1 @rahul2 … @rahul30? Nobody! Okay, I hear some of you saying they must have different surnames, so what about adding their surnames and make it different. In defense of that, I will say, why be so lame when you can be creative? Also, adding a throwaway number makes you look like a spammer.

Or, if you are not a spammer, you are one of the few people who became sad when Geocities went away. Either way, no one wants to connect with you. Better stay away from random numbers and stick to letters.

Look like a real person:

Your account will be affected by the username you choose, so make no mistake. Either it will help you to build a large community, or it will make people block and report you. Even if your company’s motto is to legitimately help people make money online, don’t keep your username as @MakeMoneyOnline.

Every day, we are bummed with hundreds of such advertisements claiming to give money. You would make people uneasy. If I see an account with such a username started following me, I would legit block it immediately. Choose something that makes you look like a real person, not some scammer.

Make sure it’s available everywhere:

Once you choose a username, make sure it’s available on Snapchat and every other social platform as well. Keeping it consistent over every platform makes you easily reachable. If the username you have selected is not available, try adding some phrases like: ‘I am’ ‘this is’ or add ‘Mr. / Mrs. / miss’, HQ, or INC.

Finding a perfect username could be overwhelming. If the above-mentioned steps seem tough for you, don’t worry here are 300+ usernames that are creative, funny, and quirky. Feel free to modify them according to your taste.

Snapchat Usernames

Username for girls:

  • Wandering-panda
  • Snapchat-saddie
  • Pretty-duckling
  • Lonely-cat-lady
  • Manicured-minx
  • Snappy-stacy
  • Betsy-berry-blast
  • Mary-poppins
  • Strawberry-shortcake
  • Joanna-bravo
  • Chopsticks
  • heavenly-henly
  • Pink-popsicle
  • Frivolous-fedora
  • Shady-shelly
  • Ironic-irene
  • Austenchild
  • dandydandellion
  • Plath–woolf
  • Maze-haze
  • disco-dove
  • Supergirl
  • Sniper-piper
  • Binker-tell
  • Annie-brawl
  • Sunflowerseed
  • Carrotcakegirl
  • Peppy-panda
  • Robin-sparkles
  • Burnt-brownie
  • Olivia-opium
  • Panicky-penny
  • Lady-lilly-the-lazy
  • Queen-of-sarcasm
  • Reluctant-rebecca
  • Eccentric-erica
  • raindrop-junkie
  • wise-witch-wendy
  • pearls&petals
  • Diamond-dame
  • singsong-sophia
  • Wonder-girl
  • Maries-melodies
  • vexed-vixen
  • Gabriella-the-glamourous
  • Snappitydoodledoo
  • Curly-carrie
  • Snapsa-Stark
  • jolly-janey
  • damedancealot
  • sassy-sister
  • hug-monster
  • peppermint-patty
  • tippy-toes
  • Autumn-in-april
  • Angelina-ballerina
  • rusty-rainbow
  • Florescent-lightingale
  • Spice-icing

Username for boys:

  • knight-of-notoriety
  • mayor-machiavellian
  • minister-of-lonliness 
  • Prodigo-son
  • Hunky-chunk
  • hitch-hiker-hank
  • zed-lepplin
  • party-crasher
  • Moldevort
  • funky-pharmacist
  • fellboy
  • Not-so-incredible-hulk
  • robert-the-racehorse
  • misunderstood-max
  • typical-tarzan
  • bareminimum-ben
  • harry-the-hillbilly
  • uncle-knucklehead 
  • lord-leonard-the-lame
  • oliver-the-octopus
  • beast
  • stanley-the-squid
  • beach-bradley
  • leo-tolstoy
  • charlie-brown
  • tim-apple
  • john-snow
  • broke-beardo
  • mad-matador 
  • foxtrot-felix
  • radi-cal
  • khal-drogo
  • Armani-clad
  • Beach-biker
  • hulk-danger
  • adventurous-Ad
  • Shaolin-shaker
  • deadly-dexter
  • dude-snapityo
  • ca-snap-ova
  • master-snap-pants
  • tinymoron
  • basketballbaddie
  • Olympus-has-fallen
  • invincible-ian
  • worrisome-warrior
  • seriously-joking
  • sulkin-stallion
  • Varthdader
  • snap-pete
  • blackjack
  • lisence2kill
  • Johnny-deep
  • corporate-slave

Username for gamer:

  • Capital F
  • NoiseFire
  • SmashBuster
  • SmashDtrash
  • Flame OUT
  • Bugger
  • Shoot2KillShoot2Kill
  • SayHi2God
  • ChopSuey

Funny username:

  • PleasenoDad
  • Syphilis
  • SumDumFuk
  • A side of Ham
  • Itchy Bits
  • Burrito 
  • Type2Diabetes
  • FartinLutherKing
  • Slagathor
  • Osama_Been_Laggin

Username for foodie:

  • Foodjet
  • Purist
  • Friedpad
  • Friedgenics
  • Food Chopped
  • Fried Brisk
  • Grillex
  • Tasteful
  • Feed Fantasy
  • Food prism

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