Korean Urban Legend That Will Haunt You In Your Sleep

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Legends and folklore have always been very popular among the people. The legends remain evergreen and they are transferred from generation to generation. But the legends and horror stories do not only date back to ancient ages. There are many Urban Legends that are from some made-up stories – mostly horror stories that too from the recent times. So what are these Urban Legends? In this article, we’ll tell you about some Korean Urban Legend that will make your skin crawl and will not let you sleep at night.

The slit mouthed woman

So there is this Korean Urban Legend that says there is a woman with her mouth slit. Kids who roam around on roads at night might see this woman. So after she finds her prey she will go to them and ask the kids if she is beautiful or not? If the kids say no, she will kill them by slitting their mouths. But if the kids say yes, she will take off her mask and she will return back to normal mouth and then ask the same question to them again. This time if you say no she will slit your mouth. And if they say yes, which in no case any kid will say seeing her. She will probably not let them go then also. So moral of the story if you ever encounter slit-mouth woman she will turn your mouth slit too.

slit mouth woman

The virgin ghost

The virgin ghost is a very popular Urban Legend of South Korea. This ghost drapes long white cloth on her body. She has long hair and she covers her face with it. They generally live in abandoned buildings, hospitals, libraries, etc. The girls or women who die virgin turns into the virgin ghost or in the Korean language they call them Cho-nyo-Gwishin. If the virgin ghost is around you then you will feel a significant drop in temperature suddenly.

the virgin ghost

There is one Legend that goes on about this virgin ghost. There was this man who lived on the top floor of a building. One night someone knocks on his door. He asked without opening the door who was it. A voice from the other side asked him to count till a hundred with his eyes closed or he will die. But he anyhow opens the door and finds no one there. He locked the door but out of fear anyhow starts to count till hundred with his eyes closed. But when he was counting 49 he opened his eyes out of curiosity, and he sees the virgin ghost is standing in front of him and angrily staring at him.

Sesame seed bath

This Korean Urban Legend is the creepiest one I find and this makes my skin crawl like anything. There was his girl who was obsessed with her skin and beauty. She wanted to remain youthful forever. Somehow she got to know that by taking bath in sesame seed water she can get clear skin and she will remain youthful. After coming back home she put some sesame seed in the bathtub and gets in to take a bath.

sesame seed bath

After very long her mother started wording about her daughter because she wasn’t coming out of the bath. So she knocks on the door and in reply she said she will come out in a minute with a crying voice. The worried mother opens the door and finds out her daughter is taking sesame seed out of her skin with a toothpick. And the sesame seeds have rooted themselves into her skin.

The women with a red surgical mask

Wearing masks in Japan Or Korea was not a new thing before 2020. The rest of the world started wearing marks due to the coronavirus pandemic. But the Japanese and Korean people have been wearing masks for ages. So this Urban Legends goes as this woman walks into an empty Subway shop. Only a man was inside the shop. When he saw the lady she seemed very normal she had her hair covering most of her face. But one thing he could notice was that she was wearing a red surgical mask.

red surgical mask

The woman finds out about the man looking at her. The men nodded and smiled at her. Then she asked the man if he thinks she is pretty? Startled with the question the man said yes with a stammering voice. Then the woman takes off her red surgical mask revealing her total face. She had no lips or anything covering the teeth. He could see her gums teeth and muscles. After that, the lady screams at the man and again asks him if he thinks she is still pretty? She then takes out her scalpel and rushes towards him, when the man runs out of the door.

Soul stealing ghost

According to Korean people If you dream about your dead family member or loved ones, it’s a bad omen. Especially if you are staying near the waters and you see a loved one in your dream who is dead it is probably the soul-stealing ghost. According to this Urban Legend if you embrace these ghosts in your dream they will steal your soul out of your body while you are in sleep.

soul sleeping ghost

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Human faced dog

We have heard of Hercules or horseman whose half body is of a man and half body is of a horse. However, according to Korean Urban Legend, these ghosts have the face of a human and a body of a dog. Originally this Legend is from Japan but Korean people picked it up and in recent days it is quite popular in Korea too. According to this legend if you walk alone on the road at night you might encounter this human-faced dog ghost.

human faced dog

The Story Goes like a man was walking down the road late at night. Suddenly he heard someone talking behind him. He looked back and saw no one there. He kept on walking but again he heard humans talking behind him. Again he looked back and found no human being there full. On the third time when he looked back, he saw a dog following in him. As it was night and the surroundings were dark we could not properly see the dog. Having a closer look at the dog he found out that the dog had a face like a human being but the body of a dog. Korean people say that the reason behind this human-faced dog is a punishment to those who live a sinful life in the past. After they take rebirth they become a human-faced dog as a punishment.

The elevator murderer

Elevators might be a very suffocating and scary place for many of us. According to a Korean legend, there are actual reasons why people are scared of elevators there in Korea. According to an Urban Legend, a 19-year-old Haruko was living in an old apartment where she lived on the 14th floor. She went up to the elevator and pushed the button on the 14th floor. But as the door was about to close a hand stopped the door and a man stepped into the elevator. He said that he lives on the 13th floor and pressed the button for 13.

the elevator murdrer

When the elevator reached the 13 floors he looked back at that girl and started laughing like a maniac. He had a bloody knife in his hand. Is screamed loudly I will see you upstairs. After this, he got out of the elevator. The girl tried to stop the elevator to go to the 14th floor. But no matter what button she pressed she would always end up on the 14th floor. Eventually, he reached one Last Time to the 14th floor and that maniac murderer killed her. The Koreans also say that this is the reason why the Elevators in modern days have a stop button in them.

The ghost in the bathroom

Bathrooms are probably the scariest place in our heads. The urban Korean Legend about the ghost in the bathroom is also based on such fears. But many of the Urban Legends in Korea are about old schools or old Apartments or some bathrooms in those schools and apartments. So according to the Urban Legend, the ghost lives in one of the stalls. And that particular stall’s door shuts down and the toilet flushes itself. The ghost of that girl also can be seen in the Bathroom Mirrors. People also found the ghost crying in a bathroom. They say that a girl committed suicide in that bathroom.

the ghost in the bathroom

There is another story about his haunted bathroom. That was like when someone uses the toilet ghost comes out of the toilet and she asks whether the person will choose red toilet paper or blue toilet paper? If the person chooses red toilet paper she will cut the person to death. And if the person chooses blue toilet paper she will suffocate the person to death.

The hollow-eyed women

There is a famous highway in the north of Seoul. Its name is Jayuro. The highway connects to cities named Goyang and Paju. The driveway is famous because several accidents take place there. And the accidents are fatal too. Many drivers say that they have felt something eerie about that highway. Some of them also claim that they have seen a woman standing by the highway. From the distance, it would appear like she is wearing sunglasses. But when the drivers get closer to her they would see she is not wearing any glasses but she has no eyes or her eyeballs are missing.

hollow eyed woman

Cockroach facial mask

This Korean Urban Legend is very creepy and will make your skin crawl. So there is this teenager who suffered from severe acne problems. He used to be always worrying about his acne. He was very desperate to make his acne go away. The boy tried many tips and tricks to get rid of it but nothing worked. However, one day he came to know this trick where they said to put a cockroach on your pillow while you go to sleep. The guy was desperate so while going to sleep we get a cockroach and put it on his pillow.

cockroach facial mask

The next morning when the boy woke up he could not find the Cockroach. But he saw all his pimples were covered. Elated with the results of the trick he went to the school and got to know later that the Cockroach has laid eggs on his pores.

That’s the list of all the creepiest Korean Urban Legend. Good night, sleep tight!

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