India’s Got Talent Winner, Runner up, Prize money, and Host List

    UnIndia’s Got Talent is one of the most popular Talent Hunt show in India. The show is a part of the British Got Talent franchise. The show first aired on Colours Entertainment television and it is still airing on that channel. Got Talent is a mother body of several Talent Show happening in many countries in different parts of the world. There is America’s Got Talent Britain Got Talent Asia Got Talent and many more. The Got Talent platform is very popular All Around The World. It has an immense audience due to the show’s versatility. Being India’s Got Talent winner is not a small thing at all. Because you are not only beating contestants from your field but across every e talent field possible in the world.

    In this article we have listed the count of all India’s Got Talent winners since the beginning of India’s Got Talent.


    As I already mentioned India’s Got Talent is a part of the Britain’s Got Talent franchise. The show is a Cooperative effort between Colors and Britain’s FremantleMedia. However, the Got Talent British is conceived and owned by Simon Cowell’s SYCO Tv company. Additionally, the format of got talents came from the reality TV format of Guinness World Records. There are many more franchisees of Got Talent they are Got Talent kids Got Talent Planet’s/World’s Got Talent and The champions.

    India’s Got Talent is popular and there is America’s Got Talent which is similarly popular. India’s Got Talent first aired in 2009. However, America’s Got Talent had its first debut on 21st June 2006. Within a year only they included France Russia Sweden and Australia. Even though Cowell has his company in Britain, Britain Got Talent aired after America’s Got Talent in June 2007.

    India’s Got Talent completed its 8th season in 2018. We are still awaiting the confirmation for season 9.


    The key reason for India’s Got Talent is so popular worldwide is that it has no boundary of age, your talent, or any other thing. You can be a great dancer singer instrumentalist magician or anything else India’s Got Talent has an open arm for everybody. However, we have seen the youngest of kids being a participant and on the flip side, the older people are also welcome. Moreover, even there are some people who come up with strange talents of eating tube lights and putting blades in their throat and whatnot. However, the show is entertaining because there is a variety of performances the audience gets to see.


    The first step is the addition of course. Moreover, the judge’s panel goes to Different cities of different states in India. Then, there all the contestants come and give their auditions. After that, the judges select a few contestants from every City. However, after the State-wise auditions are complete there is a mega audition. Moreover, The Megha auditions happen in Mumbai. Evidently, all the contestants selected from every City have to perform in the Mega auditions. There are some eliminations and some contestants are selected, therefore. Lastly, the selected ones reach the semi-finals.

    Semi Finals

    After auditions, the participants have to perform in the Semi-Finals. The selected candidates will then have to perform in finals.


    After the semi-final, there are finals where the participants have to perform for one last time. And best performer wins the title of India’s Got Talent. However, there are some cases where they conducted a pre-final before the finals. Also, there are some cases where some participants get the golden buzzer for extraordinary performance and they do not have to go through mega auditions. Also, they are directly promoted to the semifinals.

    Here is the India’s Got Talent winner list of all seasons.

    India’s Got Talent winner Season 1( 2009)

    Judges: Shekhar Kapoor, Sonali Bendre, Kiran Kher

    Hosts: Nikhil Chinapa Ayushmann Khurrana

    Winner: Prince Dance Group

    Date: 22nd August 2009

    Prize Money: ₹ 50 lakh and an Audi car

    India's got talent winner

    Prince Dance Group is a group of 56 members from Berhampur Orissa. Odisha Government also so over them 2 crore rupees and four acres of land so that Prince Dance Group can build a dance academy. Moreover, Prince Dance Group also participated in the 2014 world’s Got Talent representing India in the world dance community. Also, the mentor of Prince Dance Group is T Krishna Mohan Reddy.

    India’s Got Talent Winner Season 2 (2010)

    Judges: Sonali Bendre, kirron Kher, Sajid Khan

    Hosts: Nikhil Chinapa, Aayushman Khurana

    Winner: Shillong chamber Choir group

    Date: 1 October 2010

    Prize Money: ₹ 50 lakh and a car

    India's got talent

    Firstly, Shillong Chamber Choir is an Indian chamber choice from Shillong Meghalaya. However, the group was formed in 2001 and they received immense popularity after winning India’s Got Talent season 2. The group also performed at president Pratibha Patil’s banquet at Rashtrapati Bhavan for US President Barack Obama. However, they had already performed once in Rashtrapati Bhavan for president APJ Abdul Kalam on Christmas 2002. Forbes awarded the group as the person of the year and they also received the CNN-IBN award for Indian of the Year.

    India’s Got Talent Winner Season 3 (2011)

    Judges: Sonali Bendre, kirron Kher, Dharmendra

    Hosts: Gautam Rode, Meiyang Chang

    Winner: Suresh and Vernon Group

    Date: 24 September 2011

    Prize Money: ₹ 50 lakh and a car

    india's got talent

    Suresh and Vernon’s Group is India’s Got Talent winner Season 3. This dance group has created history by winning the world Hip hop dance Championship. They are the first Indian dance group to win the world dance Championship. Yes, the movie ABCD 2 is based on this dance group’s journey. However, after the movie released the two founders separated their ways due to creative differences. Vernon created the V company and Mukund created Kings United India. The kings United India is also the winner of World of Dance Season 3.

    India’s Got Talent Winner Season 4 (2012)

    Judges: Kirron Kher, Farah Khan

    Hosts: Manish Paul, Cyrus Sahukar

    Winner: Bad Salsa

    Date: 24 November 2012

    Prize Money: ₹ 50 lakh and a car

    india's got talent

    Bad Salsa is this do of kids who perform Salsa. Sonali Majumdar who is 7 and Maraju Sumanth who is 11 years old participated in India’s Got Talent Season 4 in 2012. They might seem like a kid to you but believe me, they are incredible with their performances. People Where are struct and mesmerized by their performance. The duo later performed at the international level. Also, they have also participated in America’s Got Talent.

    India’s Got Talent Winner Season 5 (2014)

    Judges: Kirron Kher, Malaika Arora, Karan Johar

    Hosts: Bharti Singh, Mantra, VJ Andy

    Winner: Raagini Makkar and Naadyog

    Date: 8 March 2014

    Prize Money: ₹ 50 lakh and a car


    Ragini Makkal simple Indian housewife participated in India’s Got Talent Season 5 with her team of 13 incredible girls. Naadyog Academy and Ragini did some amazing performances on the stage of India’s Got Talent. It was not a surprise that they became the winner. This team of girls pulled up from difficult moves of Kathak dance. It is such a pleasure to watch this group doing incredible performances based on an Indian dance form Kathak.

    India’s Got Talent Winner Season 6 (2015)

    Judges: Kirron Kher, Malaika Arora, Karan Johar

    Hosts: Nakuul Mehta, Bharti Singh, Siddharth Shukla

    Winner: Aerial dancer Manik Paul

    Date: 27 June 2015

    Prize Money: ₹ 50 lakh and a car

    Manik Paul is an aerial dancer. His aerial arts performances left the judges awestruck. I completely changed the perception of aerial arts in India. It pushed the boundaries of conventional art forms of dance. And it became an extreme form of dance that is so pleasure full to our eyes. He performs in several theatres and stage shows for stop he wants to be a Bollywood actor and choreographer. One of his dreams is to work with choreographer Remo D’Souza.

    India’s Got Talent Winner Season 7 (2016)

    Judges: Kirron Kher, Malaika Arora, Karan Johar

    Hosts: Bharti Singh, Siddharth Shukla

    Winner: Flautist Suleiman

    Date: 9 July 2016

    Prize Money: ₹ 50 lakh and a car

    india's got talent winner

    our next India’s Got Talent winner of season 7 is in true sense a pure artist full stop Suleman is a 13 year old flutist. He won the India’s Got Talent Season 7 in 2016. Would you believe this gentleman started his training from the age of 3. His Guru is legendary Hariprasad Chaurasia. It was for the India’s Got Talent only that instrumentalist got a platform to showcase his talent. Dancing or singing reality show is so men stream that a flutist will never think about getting a chance in such huge stage. This 13 year old flutist proved that it is your talent do not need any justification of your age.

    India’s Got Talent Winner Season 8 (2018)

    Judges: Kirron Kher, Malaika Arora, Karan Johar

    Hosts: Bharti Singh, Rithvik Dhanjani

    Winner: Javed Khan (Close-up Magician)

    Date: 29 December 2018

    Prize Money: ₹ 50 lakh and a car

    india's got talent

    Another talented man Javed Khan is a magician. He is the India’s Got Talent winner of season 8. Just like our previous artist a magician had never got any platform to showcase his talent nationwide. But India’s Got Talent showed that no talent is small even if your magician and you can mesmerized us you have got the chance to become the winner of India’s Got Talent. Seeing Javed on television doing such magic tricks that you would never think of just blew our minds. Javed performs magic on several stage shows.

    Season 9 of India’s Got Talent will be coming up very soon on Colours Entertainment Television. We will update here the details about the winner of Season 9 also.

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