12 Dates Of Christmas Season 2 : Some Famous Actors Where are they now?

12 Dates Of Christmas Season 2

On HBO Max, an intriguing reality program called ‘The 12 Dates of Christmas‘ centers on three leads searching for a spouse to accompany them home for the holidays. They are chosen from a pool of suitable individuals and then sent on a series of dates to see whether or not they are compatible with one another. However, because love is such an unexpected phenomenon, watching who ends up with whom is always exciting. After seeing season 2 of ‘The 12 Dates of Christmas,’ viewers are curious about where the group is now located. Let’s find out ?

Where Are Danny Escalante and Nicci Ramos Now?

A few of Danny Escalante’s dates piqued his curiosity when he expressed an interest in them early in the season. As time progressed, it became clear that the final decision would come down to choosing Brooke Lusk and Nicci Ramos. Danny developed a strong emotional attachment to both ladies throughout the season and appeared to be torn between the two. However, as time ran out, the love triangle became rather tight. Danny seemed to have affections for each of the women involved. Yet the most OK shock was left for last, as Danny ended up picking Nicci Ramos in a stunning change of events, as revealed by the show’s writers.

Danny Escalante and Nicci Ramos

Brooke appeared to be unhappy after being abandoned. She even traveled to New York City to win her love back later in the day. On the other hand, Danny appeared to be set on Nicci and showed no signs of changing his mind. Nonetheless, both Nicci and Danny are pretty discreet when it comes to their personal lives and haven’t disclosed anything about them on social media since the show’s production. When we combine this with the absence of information about their personal life, it is difficult to determine their present relationship status. However, after watching the couple’s dedication and love for one another, it appears as though they will be able to withstand the test of time as well.

Where Are Pinij NaLampoon and Winston Thompson Now?

Pinij NaLampoon was presented on the program as Markelle Smith’s date at the beginning of the season. However, when Markelle realized he had affections for his ex-girlfriend, he departed the program, making Pinij one of the primary protagonists of the series instead. Over time, the fitness teacher became more interested in his relationship with Martin and a couple of the newcomers. Even though he appeared to get along with most people, Pinij could not ignite the love spark he craved. Fortunately, that changed with Winston Thompson’s admission, as they developed a strong attraction to one another at their very first encounter.

Pinij NaLampoon and Winston Thompson

Their mutual attraction was immediately evident, and the two quickly developed a great friendship. The pair’s commitment was praised by the audience, and watching their love was a magnificent experience for everybody involved. No one was surprised when Pinij NaLampoon and Winston Thompson decided to conclude the season together, much to their surprise. Unfortunately, Winston and Pinij prefer to keep their personal lives off social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. As a result, it is unknown what their present relationship status is. We still hope that the pair will make it to the conclusion of their relationship because there is nothing that suggests otherwise.

Where is Markelle Smith Now?

Markelle Smith, a homosexual dentist from New York City, was on the search for the perfect “holidate” to bring home for the holiday season when he came across this one. As a result, he began investigating his possibilities from day one. He developed a connection with a number of his potential dates. The season went on, and his dates became closer to one another, which finally led to their kissing in front of Markelle, who was mortified by sight.

After learning of the happenings, Markelle was upset and contacted his ex-boyfriend for support. In meeting with his ex-girlfriend, the New York City dentist discovered that he still had unresolved love for her and decided to leave the show. Unfortunately, because Markelle now prefers a private life, his relationship status is a closely guarded secret, and it is unknown whether or not he ever reconciled with his ex-girlfriend

Where is Amanda Jenkins Now?

The skilled actress and former hairdresser Amanda Grace Jenkins identifies as lesbian and has worked in various roles. The Denver native had hoped to find the perfect mate on the show, and her hopes were fulfilled when she met Hina Sabitine. From the beginning, the two had a deep emotional bond, and their chemistry gave the impression that they were a marriage made in heaven. Amanda and Hina’s dedication and devotion for one another were out of this world, and there was optimism that they would be able to make it to the end. Surprisingly, the two appeared to have an easy connection, as they didn’t have many disagreements with each other.

A tragic twist occurred when the two got into a considerable disagreement at the season finale and decided to quit their relationship, leaving the 33-year-old actress to finish the season alone. Amanda appears to be enjoying her life after filming, and she seems to be doing so on her terms. On the other hand, her present dating life remains a mystery since she has made no mention of a romantic relationship in publications or social media posts.

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