Most qualified politicians of India

    In India, there is no such minimum level of educational qualification needed to become a politician. Yes, you read it right. Often the politicians are in controversies due to their educational qualification or some of the forging and presenting unauthentic certificates for their qualification details.

    But every coin has a flip side, whereas Uma Bharati and Rabdi Devi have ever barely gone to school, some politicians are highly educated. If not a politician, they would have easily secured a high-paying job (except for India; cause there are no jobs only, the best option is to become a politician).

    So here is a list of the top 10 most qualified politicians of India:

    1. Shashi Tharoor

    Shashi Tharoor is a famous politician in India. Other than the political controversies, he is renowned for his English vocabulary quotient. It is no news that he is highly educated. But his Alma matter is quite phenomenal. He is also a proclaimed writer of 19 bestselling books of fiction and non-fiction. The books are not single-focus themed; they are about India and India’s history, film, politics, society, foreign policy, and more.

    He did his schooling from Montfort School, Yercaud. But after returning to India, he joined the champion school, followed by St. Xavier’s collegiate school, Kolkata. Tharoor graduated from St Stephen’s College, the University of Delhi, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1975. Later the same year, he went to the USA to obtain his degree in MA in international relations at the Fletcher school of law and diplomacy, tufts university in Medford. Not only that but also in 1977 received his degree of MA in law and diplomacy. Even he did his Ph.D. the next year in 1978, in international relations and affairs, at the young age of 22 (the first 22 year Ph.D. holder in the history of fetcher school).

    Tharoor was also a member of the UN, serving as the assistant secretary and under-secretary-general. From 2008-2011 he was also an international advisor to the international committee of the Red Cross in Geneva.

    2. Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia

    Jyotiradiya Scindia is a renowned name in the politics of Madhya Pradesh. He belongs to the famous Scindia family and is a member of Rajya Sabha, representing the state of Madhya Pradesh.

    His early education was from champion school, Mumbai, and The Doon School. Dehradun. Later, he enrolled in st. Stephen’s College, Delhi, University of Delhi, but later, he transferred to Harvard College to study in the undergraduate liberal arts college of Harvard University. He obtained his Bachelors of Arts degree in economics in 1933. For masters, he went to the Stanford graduate school of business and received his degree in masters of business administration in 2001.

    Belonging from a well known political family paved the paths of Scindia’s early career life in Indian politics. In 2001 after the death of MP Madhavrao Scindia, the Guna constituency fell vacant, so after that, he joined the INC formally, pledged to uphold the “secular, liberal, and social justice values” of his father.

    3. Sachin pilot

    Sachin Pilot is one of the famous Yuva leaders of congress. He is also been in headlines recently due to the political crisis in Rajasthan. Pilot got sacked as the Rajasthan deputy chief minister, and he rebelled against Gehlot and proceeded with a few MLAs to Delhi.

    His early education started at Air Force Bal Bharti School, New Delhi. Pilot did his graduation from st. Stephen’s college, university of Delhi, and holds a degree of bachelor of arts. Later, he enrolled in I.M.T Ghaziabad and obtained his diploma in marketing degree. He relocated to Philadelphia, USA, to get his degree of MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

    In his early life of career, he worked with the Delhi bureau of the British broadcasting corporation, and then the American multinational corporation general motors for two years.

    4. Salman Khurshid

    Salman Khurshid is a member of the Indian national congress, and other than his political career, he is also a designated senior advocate, eminent author, and law teacher. He is the maternal grandson of Zakir Hussain, the third president of India.

    He studied in St. Xavier’s high school, Patna and Delhi school, Mathura road. He did his college at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, and obtained his degree in bachelors of arts in English and jurisprudence. Later did his MA from the same college and went to study bachelor of civil law at st Edmund hall, oxford, Oxford University. Khurshid was also a lecturer of law in trinity college, oxford.

    5. Manmohan Singh

    The former prime minister of India is also a great economist. He served as the 13th prime minister of India from 2004 – 2014. Originally from Punjab (Pakistan), born in Gah, Punjab, British India, the Singh family relocated to Amritsar, India, after the partition in 1947.

    He attended Hindu College, and then at Punjab university and in Hoshiarpur. He studied economics there and obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degree in 1952 and 154, respectively. He was also the topper throughout his academic career. After completion of his masters, he went to the University of Cambridge and completed his economics tripos. Singh was also a member of St John’s College. Even though he returned to India and joined Punjab university as a fellow teacher, he went again to the university of oxford for his DPhil, where he was a member of Nuffield College.

    Dr. Manmohan Singh is the author of the book “India’s export trends and prospects for self-sustained growth” Before joining politics, he was a senior lecturer of economics at Punjab university. Later he went to work with the united nations conference on trade and development (UNCTAD) from 1966-1969. Singh was also the advisor to the ministry of foreign trade appointed by Lalit Narayan Mishra, in recognition of his talent as an economist.

    6. Jairam Ramesh

    Jairam Ramesh is also a member of the Indian national congress, who is a member of the Rajya Sabha, representing the state of Karnataka. Other than being a politician, he is also an economist. Ramesh is a very prominent persona in Karnataka politics.

    He attended St. Xavier’s School, Ranchi, in 1961–1963 for standard 3 to 5. Ramesh graduated from IIT Bombay with a in mechanical engineering in 1975. From 1975-1977 he studied at Carnegie Mellon university’s Heinz College and obtained his degree of master of science in public policy and public management. Afterward, Ramesh went to get his doctorate at the Massachusetts Institute of technology on technology policy, economics, engineering, and management. But due to family exigencies, he had to return to India, leaving his program incomplete.

    Ramesh is a founding member of the Indian school of business in Hyderabad and is also a member of the international council of the new York-based Asia society.

    7. Dr. Harsh Vardhan

    Dr. Harsh Vardhan Goel is a member of the Bharatiya Janta Party, and he is one of the most educated politicians among the 17th loksabha members. Currently, he is the minister of science and technology, minister of health and family, and minister of earth sciences. He is a member of parliament representing Chandni Chowk, Delhi.

    He attended a happy school, Darya Ganj, and finished his schooling. Later he attended Zakir Hussain Delhi college, university of Delhi, and later in Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi medical memorial medical college, Kanpur, Kanpur university. Vardhan obtained his degree in bachelor of medicine, bachelor of surgery in 1979. In 1983 he earned his master of surgery from the same college in otorhinolaryngology.

    8. Dinesh Trivedi

    Dinesh Trivedi is a member of parliament in Rajya Sabha, representing the state of West Bengal, more accurately the Barrackpore constituency of West Bengal.

    In his early stage of education, he joined boarding school in Himachal Pradesh. He chose commerce and graduated from St Xavier’s College, Kolkata. His financial condition was not stable; hence he took a loan of 20000 to complete his MBA from the University of Texas, Austin. His childhood dream was to become a pilot for the Indian air force, so he was also trained to be a pilot.

    After his MBA he worked in Chicago at the Detex Company for two years. There he worked for a logistics provider Lee and Muirhead.

    9. Arvind kejriwal

    The chief minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, is a great politician and the co-founder of the Aam Admi Party, and he is the national convener of the party. Before joining politics, he was a bureaucrat, worked in the Indian revenue service as a joint commissioner of income tax in New Delhi.

    At the early stage of his education, he attended the campus school in Hisar and a Christian missionary Holy child school at Sonipat. he took the IIT-JEE exam in 1985 and secured an all India rank 563. He graduated from IIT Kharagpur in mechanical engineering.

    He started working in Tata steel and got posted in Jamshedpur. But he left his job and started preparing for civil services examinations. He cracked it in 1995 and joined in as an assistant commissioner of income tax.

    10. General V K Singh

    General Vijay Kumar Singh, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, ADC, MP is an Indian politician and a former four-star General in the Indian Army. Since May 30, 2019, he is serving as the Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways in the Second Modi ministry. He previously served as Minister of State for External Affairs in the First Modi ministry and as Minister of State for Development of the North-Eastern Region.

    He graduated from the prestigious National Defence Academy (NDA) and also pursued MSc in Defence Studies from Madras University. Later, he pursued Masters in Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College and did PhD. from Bhopal’s Barkatullah University.

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