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Sabun Ki Sachai
Sabun Ki Sachai

Today I saw a wired youtube that that attract my attention. I then started researching the pH of value in a shop; then I saw some shop company advertising and trying to sell their product by claiming they have a 5.5 pH value. 

Also, Consumers begin paying attention to skincare with pH 5.5 (or mild acidic) when some famous beauty brands market this pH as the skin’s friendliest.

So the first question,

what is pH?

pH is defined as the negative logarithm of H+ ion concentration. Hence the meaning of the name pH is justified as the power of hydrogen.

Most of us use soap to create our skin lovely. Each of the soap products found from the industry asserts that soap that they make skin soft and lovely while the fact differs. Using soap causes lots of skin ailments. From the early times, all sorts of organic soaps like Multani mitti, corn, g flour, cream, etc., were used for skin cleansing along with their attractiveness. However, now using those natural remedies has nearly stopped in practically every home and all of the people have gotten accustomed to using compound soap. Now we will inform such men and women what would damage your skin by applying soap.

skin ph level chart

7 might be the unbiased point, 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline.

Above all, your skin is not precisely pH 5.5! It falls into a range between 4.0 to 7.0 based on factors as varied as the body area, genetics, age, ethnicity, environment states, to list a few.

So, are products devised in PH 5.5 ideal for skin? The brief answer: not really! In reality, firstly, parameters such as surfactants, texture, and other ingredients signify a cleaner’s quality, far better than pH alone.

Second, although the skin pH rises marginally immediately after cleansing with plain water, it reverts to its mild acidic pH within one hour. Healthful skin fast rebalances the acid mantle’ – a protective coating over the skin – and also can be unaffected in the long run from the cleaner’s pH. Skin modulates pH, which makes skin goods operate optimally not simply at different pH levels, but in conjunction with the total formula. Why market pH 5.5 goods as the ideal’? Well, for specific skin types (e.g. fatty skin) and specific skin ailments (such as acne), a rise in pH can aggravate those skin scenarios. This may cause an interpretation of a commodity with a 5.5 pH for optimal cleansing.’s advertisement

So there is my final thought, Does pH 5.5 shop suitable for your skin?

My answer is No. Product pH alone does not affect the skin; instead, the cleansing product’s entire composition determines its skin interaction. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) which is the governing authority that manufacturers must follow, has not specified pH as a criteria for making a perfect soap or bathing bar.

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