Top 10 Luxury Gifting Ideas You Can Never Go Wrong With

Top 10 Luxury Gifting Ideas For Your Special One

Gifting is an art of showing love and gratitude towards your loved ones. Everyone loves to receive gifts on their birthday, anniversary, and special occasions or simply for no reason, you don’t need a special day to show your affection for them.

Though gifts are completely subjective and depend on the individual’s taste. But it’s your efforts that matter. Try to understand their needs, likings and choose accordingly. But often we are so confused and minds are flooded with questions like, “what to pick? Will they love it? What if they don’t?” We either have too many options in our mind or nil. Don’t you worry we have come up with top 10 luxury gifting ideas that can never go wrong:

10. Luxury chocolate/truffle box

Luxury chocolate

Chocolates, these sweet treats are loved by everyone and will bring a taste of sweetness in your relationship. You can choose from a variety of chocolates, from handcrafted chocolate baskets to limited edition chocolate bars. It can be dark, white or a blend of flavoured chocolates. There are bouquets made of chocolates, boxes filled with small chocolate truffles that will never fail you. It’s the simplest way of making an occasion memorable.

9. A good book

a good books

A good book as a gift is always appreciated by everyone. On top of that if your friend is a bookworm then this option is going to beat every other gift option. Nothing can make a bookworm happy as a book can. You can choose one of her favourite author’s books that she does not have. It will be great if you could get the authors signature on it. You can also choose a book from her favourite genre and write a sweet note on it.

8. Scented candles

Scented candles

The soothing aroma of Scented candles always helps to calm down after a hectic day of work or can simply make a candlelight dinner more romantic. A good aroma-therapy candle during a long bath is so relaxing. You can choose from a large range of premium scented candles from a luxury brand. The packaging of these candles is usually very elegant that adds the cherry on the cake. The scent lingers for a good 5-6 hours but your love will linger in their senses forever. Here are some brands that make premium scented candles, available in India: Bath and Body works, Jo Malone, Bombay Perfumery, Indie eco candles.

7. Perfume


Perfumes have always been a good mainstream gift. A fine fragrance that feels personal will make your loved one so happy. You can either gift a full-sized cult-favourite perfume from a premium label or a set of sampling size clean scents tailored to their personality. There are so many perfumes available in the market with beautiful packaging that will make your gift stand out. Wherever they will spray it on it will remind them of you.

6. Handbags

hand bag Amazfeed

Girls love their handbags. A statement bag will not only complete your look but also enhance it. You can go for a luxury brand like Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Michael Kors. A sling, purse or the trendy waist pouch each one is a statement piece.

Some of them are customisable too and a touch of customisation is never a bad idea.

5. Shoes

shoes Amazfeed

Forget superstitions, shoes are one of the best gifts one can ever gift or receive as well. To be honest, we never have enough shoes in our wardrobe, because we can’t get enough of them. A pair on shiny heels will bring the shine on your girl’s eyes. Or a pair of sports shoes if fitness is her jam. While gifting shoes you can go with some safe colours like black, beige or even brown these are the colours that can be paired with almost any dress. About sports or running shoes you can be a little experimental. The trend of including neon colures in gym wear ups your look by a notch. So a neon green or pink shoe will do the magic of bringing spark in your gift.

4. Home-decor

Home decor Amazfeed

If you’re choosing a gift for someone who is new to the town or just bought a new house, home-decor is the best gifting idea. Photo-frame, lantern, plants, lamps, wind-chums, vase, artsy show-pieces options are endless. You can also gift kitchen tools or dinner sets for the friend who loves cooking and throwing parties now and then. Plats are also a modern gifting idea that has become so trendy. We all crave for some green in our urban lives. Some plants like, areca palm, English ivy, dracaena and ladies’ slipper orchids can be easily grown in a home without a large balcony or terrace.

3. Wrist-watch

Wrist Watch Amazfeed

The wristwatch is the classic gift that can be gifted to anyone. A watch from her favourite brand or the trendiest watch you see in the store is the perfect gifting idea. Either you go for the leather belted ones or one with the metal chain. Another similar product is fitness bands. If the person you are gifting to is a fitness freak or trying to get into fitness, this is the motivation she needs.

2. Self-care products/Make-up

Make up kit Amazfeed

Self-care products are the ultimate gift that shows your care and affection towards the person. Many skincare brands have their special gifting edition that comes in decorated boxes. It could be a set of her favourite skin-care in a pouch. If you are thinking of make-up then the options are endless. Girls do love make-up, don’t we? It can be one of those limited edition eye-shadow palates or her favourite colour lipstick. There are also palates including blushes and highlighters. So your options in make-up are endless.

1. Jewellery

Jewelry Amazfeed

If we are talking about luxury gifting ideas, then jewellery comes at the top. Gold, silver, diamond, or the handcrafted unique ones each one has its legacy. A simple pendant or pair of elegant studs you can’t say no to them. The best thing about jewellery is you can get custom made ones too. Probably with their initials or anything they connect to that establishes your love for them. Jewellery is timeless and so is your love.

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