Top 10 Restaurants Serving Authentic Biriyani In Murshidabad

top 10 biriyani restaurants

Did someone say Biriyani? Oh yes! Biriyani is not just a dish; it’s an emotion. It is a dish that will bring feelings of joy and happiness only with its aroma and looks. Moreover, talking about the taste of it, well, it will take you to heaven. The absolute conversation starter, Biriyani, stays in our hearts. It is something that I can eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The best thing that nawabs and Mughals introduced to us. The creativity made its way successfully into Indian cuisine. So where else would you get the authentic taste of Nawabi Biriyani other than Murshidabad – the place of nawabs. This article will introduce you to the top 10 restaurants that serve the best Biriyani in town.

While choosing the best Biriyani, we have kept few points in our mind. The parameters to find the best Biriyani first will be its taste, of course, their serving portion, authenticity, price, and ambiance. Because to be honest, having a Royal dish in a Royal Ambience is the cherry on the cake. So if you visit Murshidabad, you must try these Biriyanis for an unforgettable experience.

Most of the places we are talking about here are in the chief city of Murshidabad – Berhampore. Some restaurants also are in Lalbagh, which has all the historical sites in Murshidabad. So if you come to visit Lalbagh, reaching Berhampore will not be a big hassle. It is within a radius of 10 kilometers, and the Transportation system is also sound. And anyhow, the Biriyani lovers can cross miles for a plate of tasty Biriyani.

So here is the list of the top 10 places serving authentic Biriyani in Murshidabad. And the list is in no particular order.

The Fame Hotel

Address: 24/A/7 Kalikapur Road, Shilpo Taluk, Beside Berhampore Railway station and Meen Bhawan, Berhampore, West Bengal 742101

The Fame Hotel is a 3-star luxury hotel in the city of Berhampore. The restaurant is at a stone-throwing distance from the Berhampore Court Station. The service and Ambience of the restaurant are immaculate and cozy. It is one of the best places to have your meals. Talking about Biriyani, they make one of the best Biriyanis in the town. A great combination of Authentic taste and luxurious service to delight your taste Buds and your mood too.


It has a variety of cuisines, from Indian to Chinese to Continental. And every dish is up to the mark. The portion of the Biriyani is also good. It will readily be enough for two-person. They have aloo, egg chicken, and mutton Biriyani. They have two types of Biriyanis – one is Handi Biriyani, and another is dum Biriyani. The Dum Biriyani is the general one. But the Handi Biriyani is cooked in a Handi and served in a Handi.

Hotel Hazarduari Family Restaurant

Address: Murshidabad 742149

Hotel Hazarduari family restaurant is one of the newly opened places of Murshidabad. Evident from its name, the restaurant is within walking distance from Hazarduari Museum and Palace. The location is in the city Lalbagh. The place has a great ambiance. Their cutleries, service, and the atmosphere there is so Royal that it will set your mood to have Biriyani. Some slow music going on in the background gives you the Nawabi Vibes. I would give the place 5 out of 5 just because of their ambiance.


The Biriyani that they serve there is an authentic one. Chicken Biriyani would cost you around 130 rupees only. The side dishes they serve with Biriyani will come in a diverse variety. Their prices are also not very high. You can enjoy a meal with your family or friends at Hazarduari family restaurant. And that will not even pinch your pocket.

Hotel sunshine

Address: Panchanantala, Radhikanagar, Berhampore, West Bengal 742102

Hotel Sunshine is also one of the three-star restaurants in Berhampur or Murshidabad. The restaurant’s location is at Prime location just beside the NH 34. Previously the restaurant had only one building recently they build a new building just beside the old one. The new facility has a poolside restaurant. However, the pool and the restaurant are in separate areas divided by glass doors. The Ambience of the restaurant will give you a rustic Vibe. And it is on the 4th floor the dining space is also spacious. To summarise the Ambience, we will call it casual, cozy, and romantic.


Their Biriyani also has the authentic taste of Murshidabadi Biriyani. The portion is enough for two people. Made with aromatic spices and aged basmati rice, the Biriyani will bring an explosion of flavors in your mind with every bite of it. Their Biriyani menu is quite simple, with aloo, egg, chicken, and mutton Biriyani. So if you are coming to Lalbagh then on your way back home you can always try Biriyani at Hotel sunshine, situated just beside NH 34.

Sholo Ana Bengali

Address: Berhampore, Murshidabad, West Bengal 742101

Sholo Ana Bangali is a perfect Bengali restaurant. The place will serve you the best of the Bengali cuisine on your plate. From veg to non-veg items, they have included the everyday dishes that Bengalis have for their meals. From Aloo Posto to Posto Bora, from Doi Potol to Potol Chingri, they have everything on their menu. And yes, Biriyani too. Because us Bengalis love for Biriyani is eternal.


They have a unique taste in their Biriyani. The Biriyani is not very spicy but very light and well balanced, exactly how the Bengalis like it. But other than the conventional Nawabi Biriyani, they also have the Hyderabadi Biriyani in their menu. And to your surprise, that has precisely the taste of authentic Hyderabadi Biriyani. A bit spicy and green in color, the Biriyani will give you the exact taste of south Indian Biriyanis.

Sonali Bangla

Address: 40 k inn cafe road, Berhampore, Murshidabad, West Bengal 742101

Sonali Bangla is a restaurant near the Berhampore Mohana bus stand. You will find a casual dining space and a homely environment with an extensive menu. The menu includes different cuisines such as Chinese, Indian, Mughlai, and Italian. One personal recommendation is for their kebabs, and they are the best. They have got you covered with every kind of Biriyani from aloo Biriyani to chicken Biriyani.


The serving again is enough for two people. The Biriyani comes with one aloo, one piece of chicken, and one egg. The taste is excellent, and it is one of the best Biriyanis you will find in Murshidabad. The prices are also very pocket friendly, and the cost for two will be around 500 rupees.


Address: Rejaul Karim Sarani, Gora Bazar, Berhampore, West Bengal 742101

Talking about Biriyanis, you cannot forget about Haveli. It is one of the old restaurants in Berhampur. Before all the new restaurants came into the picture, Haveli was ruling the restaurants’ market because of its food quality. The restaurant is spacious, and it is a casual dining place. The extensive menu includes North Indian, South Indian, pizza, pasta, Hot and Cold beverages, and Mughlai cuisine.

image 6

No matter how many new restaurants are opening here and there in Murshidabad. But the taste of the Biriyani of Haveli will always remain there in the back of our minds. The perfect authentic Nawabi Biriyani you can taste here. They will serve it in a handi or vessel with one leg piece and one aloo and one egg(for chicken biriyani). And chicken, or mutton, depending on your choice. They also serve A bowl of raita with the Biriyani, which is complimentary. The price of the Biriyani is around 200 to 250 rupees. And the other side dishes are also up to the mark but a bit pricy.

kolkata Haji biriyani

Address: 30, KP Chattaraj Rd, Gora Bazar, Berhampore, West Bengal 742101

Kolkata Haji Biriyani is not a proper restaurant, but more of a street food biriyani. Yes, in Bengal, you’ll get Biriyani as street food too. They only have 4 to 5 sitting place in a small room. But it can beat any luxurious restaurant’s Biriyani. Evident, from its name Kolkata Haji Biriyani has a taste of Kolkata Biriyani. But you might think, what is different in Kolkata Biriyani? Well, the Biriyani you will find in Kolkata is very different from the other states of Biriyani. It is light in texture, very aromatic, and flavourful, but they make it significantly less spicy. The Biriyani is so lightweight that even if you have a full plate of Biriyani by yourself. It will not make your tummy feel heavy.

biriyani 7

So yes, the Kolkata Haji Biriyani will serve you the best Biriyani in town. You will not feel that you have food from a restaurant but home-cooked food. Because it has less spice quotient than any other Biriyani, you will have other than Kolkata. So if you are from a different state and you are coming to visit Murshidabad, you should have Biriyani here. Because you will also get a taste of Kolkata Biriyani from it. It is not the authentic Nawabi Biriyani. But Bengalis are all about evolving and upgrading things, and that also goes with our Biriyani.

Roxy biriyani house

Address: Kadai bazar, beside the libaz market, Berhampore, West Bengal 742101

Roxy Biriyani houses for a hidden gem in the city of Berhampore. The place is tiny and cozy but with good interiors. If you ever walk in there, you will probably find the site not very crowded. But their business in Swiggy is booming. They have excellent ratings and reviews on Swiggy.

biriyani 8

Their menu includes a wide range of Biriyanis. Paneer Tikka Biriyani – rupees 250, potato Biriyani – hundred rupees, and veg Biriyani – 140 rupees. These are the vegetarian options. But in my personal opinion, I don’t consider vegetarian Biriyani as Biriyani. But anyhow, the non-vegetarian Biriyanis go like this Hyderabadi chicken Biriyani – 180 rupees, Hyderabadi Mutton Biriyani – 250 rupees.Adding more to it with Chicken Kofta Biriyani – 200 rupees, Tandoori Chicken Biriyani – 200 rupees, mutton Biriyani – 180 rupees, chicken Biriyani – 168 rupees, and egg Biriyani – 120 rupees.


Address: 46, Rejaul Karim Sarani, Mohan Cinema More, Gora Bazar, Berhampore, West Bengal 742101

Karloff is another hidden gem that you will find in Berhampore. It started as a pizza delivery Cafe, but they introduced different cuisines in their menu. There Biriyani is the best seller on swiggy. So if you are trying to find the right Biriyani place. That will deliver one of the best Biriyani in town, this is the place. However, they also have a restaurant in the capital city of Berhampore, but you can order online again.

biriyani 9

So what extraordinary do they have for us? The regular Biriyani with one piece of chicken, one egg, and one potato comes for rupees 130. And they will add one extra piece of chicken for 60 more bucks. The egg Biriyani of 750 grams with two eggs and one potato comes for only rupees 90. Other than these conventional Biriyanis, they also serve fruits Biriyani for 160 rupees. Adding more to menu with Hyderabadi chicken Biriyani – 150 rupees, Hyderabadi Mutton Biriyani – 172 rupees, Biriyani Hilsha Biriyani for rupees 220. Do you think the menu ends here? Well, no, to our surprise, they have included some exclusive Biriyani dishes into their menu. Like they have this particular recipe of Nizami chicken Biriyani, Nizami mutton Biriyani, and prawn Biriyani. The Nizami Biriyanis are unique in taste, and it’s a fusion of authentic Biriyani and Indian cuisine.

Royal Darbar

Address: Kadai, Khagra, Berhampore, West Bengal 742101

Comparatively, a newly open place, Royal Durbar, is the town’s talk in recent days. They also have an extensive menu. And, of course, their menu includes an array of Biriyani. Other than the conventional Biriyanis, they have special chicken Biriyani and special mutton Biriyani. And also, they serve chicken handi Biriyani and mutton Handi Biriyani.

So, all the Biriyani lovers in the house put on your eating gears. Because that’s all the best places in Berhampore or Murshidabad. That serve the best Biriyani in town, the prices shown here might vary. Happy eating!

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