Halo Infinite easter egg locations – all the secrets discoveries

Halo Infinite easter egg locations – all the secrets discoveries

With a large open environment to explore in Halo Infinite, it’s only natural that there would be a number of amusing Easter eggs to discover.

The tradition is set to continue in Halo Infinite. After all, the new-gen Halo experience would be incomplete without a few abnormalities strewn about. Halo Infinite’s preview build already pays tribute to Craig – the Brute who became a meme following his appearance in 2020s Xbox Games Showcase film – with a really sweet tour set up atop The Tower.

Due to the campaign’s large open-world, numerous Easter eggs are scattered around the map, ranging from lore references to outright fourth-wall-breaking. While we cannot cover everything, we can discuss the top five and where to locate them.

What is Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite is a first-person shooter game. 343 Industries created the game, which was published by Xbox Game Studios. It is the sixth installment in the Halo series, following Halo 5: Guardians. The Master Chief is important to Halo Infinite’s story. The multiplayer component of this sequel is completely free to play. Halo Infinite was initially scheduled to release on November 10, 2020, for Xbox series X/S, but was instead released in August 2020, and on December 8, 2021, for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. Dan Chosich, Joseph Staten, Paul Crocker, Pierre Hintze, and Tom French directed the game.

How to Locate Halo Infinite’s Sandwich Easter Egg

This one requires completion of the Excavation Site mission. That assignment dumps you into the region where the Spire mission is located. On the south side, a gaping cave hole is located at the very end of the Spire’s canyon. Approach and enter the cave. A warthog will come to a halt in front of a mound of stones — jump or grapple over them. From there, continue along the trail, through the corpses of brutes and grunts. The cave will narrow and grow reddened before opening up into a large cavern filled with foes.

How to Locate Halo Infinite's Sandwich Easter Egg

You’ll want to eliminate these adversaries, as the following section will be far easier without them. Once you’ve eliminated them, return to the new cavern’s entrance. Two hexagonal pulsars extend from the floor to the ceiling from there. Climb the pillar on the left and then attach the smaller pillar. You should notice a tiny small entrance in the cave’s roof if you look straight up.

If you grapple up into that crevice, you will be spit out directly into the sandwich Easter egg room. There will be a massive sandwich (of course), with some moans in amazement of its enormity. You cannot harm the sandwich or the grunts, but you can certainly admire them. Additionally, the sandwich contains a radio that plays chiptune music.

How To Find the Rick and Morty Easter Egg

The Rick and Morty Easter egg will be available quite early in the game. Proceed to The Tower and enter. The Tower assignment is rather simple and should take no more than a half-hour to complete. If you return from a later stage of the campaign, you should be aware that the Banished will have recaptured the territory. You will not need to re-defeat them, though; simply return to the Tower via the gravity elevator.

Remain on the first floor once entering. Continue walking until you come to a part of the hallway with three containers in the center. Examine the group of prison cells on the right wall. In the one near the far right side’s end, you’ll notice a familiar cube. This little cube is a Meeseeks cube, which has appeared in several Rick and Morty episodes. While the Meeseeks cube has made its way into Halo Infinite, don’t expect assistance — the cube is inoperable.

While you’re there, take a look at The Tower’s roof. You’ll discover a small stage outfitted with lights and equipment. You’ll notice a small piece of paper on the ground beside one of these lights. This piece of paper is actually a record from none other than Craig the Brute’s Zeta Halo tour.

How To Find the Dolls at the Edge and Top of the World

To see The Weapon in plush form, ascend to the extreme left corner of the map and follow the road to the east. Continue along with it until you reach the map’s very edge, where it transforms into hexagon pillars. You should come to a mound of rocks at the end of these pillars. A miniature doll of The Weapon is hidden on the side of the largest rock facing the emptiness. Adorable.

Return to The Tower’s territory if you wish to match The Weapon with her Spartan. Make your way to FOB Golf and climb the buttressed mountain. A miniature Master Chief can be found adjacent to a small campsite, just above the line of hexagonal pillars.

The Best Easter Eggs in Halo Infinite

The Best Easter Eggs in Halo Infinite

1. The Flood Easter Egg in Halo Infinite

The parasitic Flood, the series’ most lethal and terrible adversary, has been absent from many major Halo titles for years, with the exception of Halo Wars 2’s The Awakening Nightmare DLC. The parasite is mentioned throughout the campaign, although it is not the core of the tale. However, the mythology surrounding Zeta Halo suggests that it was the site of a large infestation during the Forerunners’ initial efforts to stop them and that some survivors remain alive in containment cells.

Before riding the Banished elevator to the surface near the conclusion of the second main objective, players should glance to the right, opposite the room where the power seed must be retrieved. They’ll locate a solitary Cylix in this room, protected by an energy field and with the design of an unmistakable Flood infection form. While this could simply be a subtle nod to the Flood and how terrible they’ve always been, it could also be a hint at a possible future expansion in which the parasite is reintroduced.

2. Scorpion Gun Easter Egg in Halo Infinite

Obtaining the Scorpion Gun can be difficult. It may be found immediately upon players’ arrival on Zeta Halo’s surface and after they have cleared Outpost Tremonius of all hostile forces. It can be found atop wreckage scattered across the zone, but it must be retrieved prior to continuing with the main campaign assignment, as it will vanish if not. Due to the fact that the gun is invisible to the player, they must be on the lookout for cues to pick it up.

3. The Classic Xbox Easter Egg in Halo Infinite

The abandoned remnants of UNSC marines’ survival camps are scattered around Zeta Halo. A cave northeast of FOB Juliet and southeast of one of the beacons is one such spot. There is a useful Spartan Core inside the cave, but there is also a cool secret for those who discover it.

Easter Eggs in Halo Infinite

Simply proceed down the cave’s right side and look up until you come to a small gap. After grappling, you’ll crawl into a subterranean tunnel filled with further UNSC goods, including a TV and classic Xbox. It’s incredible to consider how far Xbox has come since releasing its initial device and how Halo has matured alongside it for most of that time. If the marines are stranded on the Ring, they have some excellent amusement.

4. Shiela The Tank Easter Egg in Halo Infinite

Shiela is mentioned in the campaign achievement “Safely Return Shiela,” which requires players to drive Shiela along a route from beginning to conclusion. This achievement may be obtained during the game’s “The Road” mission. Players must avoid destroying Shiela and make it to the end to get the achievement.

5. A Giant Sandwich Easter Egg in Halo Infinite

Make your way through a vast cave system filled with numerous Banished forces in the second part of the map, practically right south of the first Spire met. Additionally, this cave contains a Spartan Core that must be collected at the conclusion. Players must climb up and discover a small hidden cave with a giant sandwich worshipped by a gang of grunts near the cave’s center.

This is undoubtedly one of the more bizarre Easter eggs in the game, as we have no idea what it refers to if anything at all. On the other hand, finding it will elicit a chuckle from everyone. It’s also a testament to the developer’s wit and the amusing stuff they’ve concealed throughout the globe.

6. Peanut The Gopher Easter Egg in Halo Infinite

In one of Halo Infinite’s early campaign missions, players will come across a room with slates portraying humanoid creatures. Players will find the gopher cylix in the bottom right corner if they use their grapple hook to scale to the lowest floors of the storage facility.

7. Red Vs. Blue Easter Egg in Halo Infinite

Almost as iconic as the series itself, Rooster Teeth’s machinima series Red vs. Blue began in its early years and lasted 18 seasons. There are numerous references to the web show throughout the game, such as the Warthog being occasionally referred to as a puma and the Scorpion tank being dubbed Sheila. However, the clearest reference is on the middle island, where the Banished Gun Batteries must be removed throughout the main tale.

Proceed to the easternmost Gun Battery and continue south until you reach the island’s end. You’ll soon come upon a hole with a dead marine and grunt in it. Each has its own defenses and is illuminated by red and blue lights, making for a morbid but amusing discovery.

 Scorpion Gun Easter Egg in Halo Infinite

8. Blood Gulch Hologram Easter Egg in Halo Infinite

This easter egg is located on Halo Infinite’s 4th Island, in the Banished Outpost Riven Gate. In an underground tunnel, concealed behind several crates, is a hologram showing Blood Gulch.

9. Craig’s Zeta Halo Tour Easter Egg in Halo Infinite

Craig the Brute was formerly a source of mockery for 343 Industries during their disappointing gameplay showcase in 2020, but has since grown in popularity throughout the community. He’s also been appropriately acknowledged by devs with an Easter egg and some amusing Banished lore.

Players must ascend to the Tower’s summit to locate the Craig Easter egg, where they battled Chak Lok. This can be accomplished using an enhanced grapple hook or by flying up there in a Wasp or Banshee. They’ll witness a collection of banished equipment arranged to appear as if Craig had formed a band and conducted a tour of all of the map’s main Banished places. There is even a record of Craig’s original appearance prior to the delay. This area also contains a Skull, which you should gather while you’re there.

Frequently Asked Questions About Halo Infinite Campaign: Easter Eggs And Secrets 

1. What is Easter Egg?

An unexpected or undocumented feature is included as a joke or a bonus in a piece of laptop software or on a DVD.

2. Is Halo infinite The final Halo?

Microsoft later acquired 343 to continue the development of the Halo franchise. Infinite concludes Halo’s casual “Reclaimer Trilogy,” a brand-new storyline that began with Halo 4 in 2012. Halo’s multiplayer has been about as excellent as it’s ever been under 343’s leadership, but its campaigns have been abysmal.

3. Why will we disguise Easter eggs?

In many pre-Christian nations, eggs were associated with spring and new life. The early Christians adapted these ideas, using the egg as a symbol of the resurrection and the empty shell as a metaphor for the tomb of Jesus.

4. What 12 months is Halo Infinite set?

According to what can be seen, Halo Infinite will take place several years after the events of Halo 5 in 2560. It is prepared to continue Master Chief’s story and will most likely take place on Zeta Halo, also known as Installation 07.

5. How many hours is Halo infinite?

A typical playtime will take between 16 and 20 hours, with completionists taking several hours longer.

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