Radagon Soreseal Builds, Location, And How To Get Radagons Soreseal Talisman?

Radagons Soreseal Builds, Location, And How To Get Radagons Soreseal Talisman

In Elden Ring, Radagon’s Soreseal is a sort of Talisman. The player can utilize Radagon’s Soreseal to significantly boost their qualities such as vitality, endurance, strength, and dexterity, but at the cost of significantly increasing their damage suffered. The location of Radagon’s Soreseal Talisman is difficult to find but well worth the effort.

How to Get Radagon's Soreseal Talisman in Elden Ring

Radagon’s Soreseal location

Radagon’s Soreseal is an excellent talisman for most physical damage-scaling builds, increasing your Vigor, Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity by 5 points each in exchange for 15% more damage taken. While the additional health provided by Vigor and physical defenses provided by the other attributes will partially counteract this, you will still end up with a smaller effective health pool, even if your actual health bar is larger. However, the additional Strength, Dexterity, and Endurance points are well worth it for almost any melee weapon that scales on both Strength and Dexterity, making this a top choice for the majority of combat builds.

On a corpse in Forth Faroth, slightly south of the Dragonbarrow Minor Erdtree and far northeast of Caelid, you can discover Radagon’s Soreseal. As this is a very dangerous, high-level zone, you may wish to begin with the lower-level variant, Radagon’s Scarseal. You can obtain Radagon’s Scarseal by beating the boss of the Weeping Evergaol on the Weeping Peninsula’s northwest region.

How to Get Radagon’s Soreseal Talisman in Elden Ring

In Caelid, Fort Faroth is the exact site of the Talisman. This fort has a Lost Grace immediately outside, hidden behind the gigantic decaying dragon. After entering the fort, players must make their way to the roof. Be cautious of the numerous flying foes below. Three holes will be drilled into the roof at the top. Jump into the one opposite the first ladder’s end. Although players will tumble in, the object will remain walled off. Continue along the path and leap over the wall to reach the other platform. From there, descend to the bottom, where the Talisman awaits.

What Does Radagon’s Soreseal Do in Elden Ring

Elden’s Ring The Soreseal talisman of Radagon provides a five-point boost to your Vigor, Strength, Dexterity, and Endurance. It is nothing to scoff at; that is a total of twenty points for four stats that cover a wide variety of builds. Having said that, it does increase the amount of damage you receive. We’re not sure how much further damage will occur; please share your findings in the comments if you’ve conducted any testing. Additionally, you cannot carry both Radagon’s Soreseal and Radagon’s Scarseal in your Talisman Pouch at the same time. Despite these limits, the Soreseal is an excellent talisman to own.

Where to Find Radagon’s Soreseal in Elden Ring location

Where to Find Radagon’s Soreseal in Elden Ring

To locate Radagon‘s Soreseal talisman from the Elden Ring, the first step is to travel to Fort Faroth in Caelid (as indicated in the pictures below). From the fort’s entrance, proceed straight east and turn left into the small side room with the ladder leading up. Ascend the staircase and make your way to the right, where a section of the battlement is missing. Drop down to the level below and make your way west. Locate the pit with the ladder peeking out and descend. Bear in mind that this voyage will need you to weave your way through a slew of foes.

Proceed to the left of the ladder, keeping a close eye on your right. Overcome the gap and continue along this new road. You’ll finally locate another location suitable for dropping into. You can find a corpse in this small room; this is the location of Radagon’s Soreseal.

Elden Ring Radagon’s Soreseal Notes & Tips

  • This boosts Vigor, Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity by 5 but increases all damage taken by 15%, as damage negation numbers demonstrate. This is largely countered by the increased defense provided by greater stats, as demonstrated by test results.
  • Sell Value: Elden ring 3000 runes.
  • Scarseal’s Scarseal is incompatible with Radagon’s Scarseal.

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