Nier Reincarnation Tier List: Best Characters & Weapon Ranking and Guide and Reroll Guide (December 2022)

Nier Reincarnation Tier List Best Characters & Weapon Ranking and Guide and Reroll Guide

Nier Reincarnation is a narrative-driven mobile role-playing game set in Yoko Taro’s Nier universe. Originally released in Japan on August 28, 2021, the game is now available in the United States.

Now we come here. The Nier Reincarnation tier list will provide you all the information you need to discover which Nier Reincarnation characters are the very best. Furthermore, if you get a hero you are dissatisfied with, we can also offer advice on how to perform a Nier Reincarnation reroll, as well as a Nier Ex Abyss, reroll.

Because you’ll want to roll in different banners depending on how you intend to play the game, we’ve also included a little tutorial on how to perform a Nier Reincarnation reroll in case you arrived late and didn’t receive the best opening draw.

Without further ado, let’s get started with our Nier Reincarnation tier list and Nier Reincarnation reroll guide.

Nier Reincarnation Character Tier List


PvP Tier List and Weapon Elements

S+ Tier Characters

  • Griff (Abstract Captain),Gayle (Abstract Hunter), 2B, 2P, Lars (Fractured Soldier), Aheka (Mechanical Assassin)

S+ Tier Characters Weapon Elements

  • Dark Sword, Light Sword, Fire Greatsword, Wind Sword

S Tier Characters

  • The World-Ender, Fio (DOD3), Rion (Summer Exile), Dimos (Abstract Gunman), A2, Zero (DOD3), 063y (Fractured Prisoner), Gayle (Celebratory Hunter)

S Tier Characters Weapon Elements

  • Dark Gun

A Tier Characters

  • Argo (Abstract Traveler), Rion (Mechanical Exile), 9S, Emil, Griff (Celebratory Captain), Fio (Abstract Girl), Akeha (Summer Assassin), Noel (Abstract Weapon), Argo (Celebratory Traveler), Noel (Celebratory Weaon)

A Tier Characters Weapon Elements

  • Light Sword, Dark Staff, Light Spear

B Tier Characters

  • Fio (Mechanical Girl), Akeha (Abstract Assassin), F66x (Abstract Captive), Fio (Summer Girl), 063y (Abstract Prisoner), Kaine, Rion (Abstract Exile), Fio (Simulacrum Girl), Fio (Celebratory Girl)

B Tier Characters Weapon Elements

  • Light Fist, Greatsword

PvE Tier List

abstract captain

S+ Tier Characters

  • A2 (Divergent Attacker), The World-Ender, Emil, Griff (Abstract Captain), 2P (Mock Machine), Gayle (Celebratory Hunter), Noelle (Celebratory Weapon)

S Tier Characters

  • Gayle (Abstract Hunter), Dimos (Abstract Gunman), Rion (Mechanical Exile), 2B (Divergent Battler), F66x (Abstract Captive), Fio (Abstract Girl), 063y (Fractured Prisoner), Fio (Summer Girl), Rion (Summer Exile), Akeha (Summer Assassin), Griff (Celebratory Captain)

A Tier Characters

  • Akeha (Abstract Assassin), Dimos (Dissenting Gunman), Akeha (Dissenting Assassin), Fio (Mechanical Girl), F66x (Dissenting Captive), 9S (Divergent Scanner), Kaine, Lars (Abstract Soldier), Rion (Abstract Exile), Akeha (Mechanical Assassin), Fio (Simulacrum Girl), Argo (Celebratory Traveler), Fio (Dissenting Girl), Fio (Celebratory Girl), Lars (Fractured Soldier)

B Tier Characters

  • Argo (Dissenting Traveler), Argo (Abstract Traveler), 063y (Abstract Prisoner),

Nier Reincarnation Reroll – How To Reroll

If you’re looking to gain excellent characters and weapons without spending a penny, check out the Nier Reincarnation tier list to see if there’s a little-known method to achieve this. As with most other gacha games, learning how to reroll in Nier Reincarnation enables you to help the game’s best characters and weapons without having to open your cash. It takes time, but is not overly complicated.

To reroll in Nier Reincarnation, you must complete a few storey chapters in order to receive the initial burst of free premium currency. If you’re having trouble getting excellent pulls with those, cancel your account and re-create it. How it works is as follows:

  • Nier Reincarnation is now open.
  • Keep going with the prologue.
  • To claim the 4,500 Gems pre-registration reward, go to the in-game mail menu.
  • If you don’t get at least a couple of four-star characters utilising these Gems, start over.
  • To get another 3,000 Gems, tap Mama (the character model, not the menu button) 100 times. After Chapter Two is unlocked, the reward appears.
  • Simply skip through the narrative to complete Chapter 1.
  • Take your winnings and head to Gacha at the start of Chapter 2 to play.
  • If you’re not happy with the results, repeat the process.
  • Continue trying until you’ve gotten the best characters and weapons.

That concludes our discussion for the time being. When the Japanese version of the game first debuted at the top of the sales rankings, it gave away five ten-pull packs of Gems. Due to the fact that these may be claimed instantly upon checking in, the re-roll technique was upped to a whopping seven ten-pulls.

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