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BitLife Street Hustler Update

Becoming a BitLife Street Hustler

BitLife Street Hustler Update : It is not difficult to become a street hustler in BitLife if you are interested in trying your hand at it. Make sure that your BitLife app has the most recent version by visiting the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store and updating it there. This will get you started. You should also make sure that your character has graduated from high school because, as everyone knows, young people are unable to put in significant effort.

You should be able to find a fresh new Street Hustler job pack in the Special Careers section of the menu once you have received your magna cum laude and have navigated to that section. If you tap on that, you will be presented with the four different Street Hustler jobs aptly named Hustles. Pick the opportunity that appeals to you the most, and presto: you’re on your path to being an entrepreneur, and the whole world of BitLife is at your fingertips.

BitLife Street Hustler Skill Enhance?

Street Hustler is a Job Pack in BitLife that can be purchased as DLC material in-game. When you purchase the Street Hustler Pack, you will be able to choose between four possible careers: busker, street performer, scam artist, and a panhandler. Each job in the bundle has its own set of requirements. To advance in your profession, you’ll need to develop your Street Hustler talents with one of these occupations.

Different Hustles in BitLife Street Hustler

The most recent update to BitLife includes four unique Hustles to choose from, each of which is distinctive in its own way in comparison to the other two. The following is an explanation of what’s been going on.

Street Performer

Only extroverted players should try their hand at The Street Performer Hustle. You can generate money by doing a variety of acts, such as juggling, miming, and other acts, and you can use the kind donations from your audience as a source of income.


Both the Street Performer and the Busker make their living by giving performances for paying customers. The busker is distinguished from other street performers primarily by the use of musical instruments in their act. Although it requires a slightly different set of skills than those of a Street Performer, you should consider applying for this position if you have a stronger musical background than a Street Performer.


Being a Street Hustler in BitLife isn’t always an easy job, and the Panhandler Hustle requires players to solicit financial assistance from people they don’t know. In order to evoke more sympathy, you can also dress up in different clothing, but, as is the case with any employment, practice is the key to success.

Scam Artist

There are times when criminal activity is profitable, but this is not always the case. The Scam Artist is a character in BitLife that preys on innocent bystanders. He starts out by pulling simple cons, but as he gains experience, he is able to pull off more and more impressive cons. Be on the lookout for law enforcement, as they are unlikely to look kindly upon your shady dealings if they discover you and catch you in the act.

How to Improve Your Street Hustler Skills in BitLife

Whatever specialization you choose within the Street Hustler profession, make sure you’re constantly practicing your act or scams under the work tab. This is, by far, the most effective way to increase your Street Hustler abilities. You must also complete routine tasks and duties inside the indicated position to further your abilities.

Consider where you live and be wary of streets with an excessive number of cops or insufficient foot traffic. You want a street with little police activity, a lot of pedestrian traffic, and (if you’re a Scam Artist) a lot of crime. Police can be a huge disincentive in the Street Hustler business; at best, they can slow you down, and at worst, they can get you arrested.

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Frequently Asked Questions about BitLife Street Hustler

1. What is a Street Hustler in BitLife?

By Phil James On Jun 1, 2022. Share. BitLife got a new update and it’s been one of the most requested features from InstLife. The ability to become a Street Hustler. So now finally you can beg for money, perform for money, or even cheat people of their money from the streets.

2. How do you become a street hustler in BitLife?

After finishing High School, visit Special Careers and locate the Street Hustler option. The Street Hustler option will list one of four Street Hustler jobs, which are called Hustles. Choosing one of these jobs will allow you to become a Street Hustler in BitLife.

3. What will be the next BitLife update?

Throughout 2021, BitLife players were eagerly awaiting to hear more information about BitLife’s content pipeline, but the development team had quite a bit on their plate. But it looks like the team has set their eyes to the horizon for 2022, and the next update for the mobile game will be the Movie Star update.

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