How To Hide From Roxy FNAF Security Breach? Best Ways to Hide in FNAF Security Breach

How To Hide From Roxy FNAF Security Breach Best Ways to Hide in FNAF Security Breach

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach allows you to “fight” and beat each member of Freddy Fazbear’s band: Gamrock Chica, Montgomery Gator, and Roxanne Wolf.

Unlike previous iterations, the game takes place in a mall, whereas previous edition usually takes place in a pizzeria and involves only one night rather than five. The game received mixed to positive reviews upon release, with praise for its graphics, the first-ever ‘free-roaming’ gameplay in the franchise, the plot, Kellen Goff’s vocal performance as Glamrock Freddy, the animatronics’ characterization, the musical score, and its horror elements, but has since been criticized for numerous bugs and glitches that have harmed player performance and gameplay, as well as certain aspects of the story.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, a survival horror video game set in the year 2021, has been released by Steel Wool Studios and ScottGames. It is the eighth major episode of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series and the thirteenth overall. It occurs following the events of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Is Needed.

The game was released on December 16, 2021, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, with further platforms to follow. Unlike earlier installments in the franchise, this one is set in a mall, rather than a pizza and features only one night rather than five. It has since been criticized for a series of issues and malfunctions that have affected player performance and gaming.

Hiding Tips For FNAF Security Breachh2

Hiding Tips For FNAF: Security Breach

Avoiding detection in F.N.A.F.: Security Breach is fairly straightforward: avoid animatronics’ line of sight. This means that the player should avoid jogging in front of or making any obvious noise near the key animatronics, such as Chica and Roxy. However, for the less advanced S.T.A.F.F. robots, the player only needs to avoid colliding with them or the areas illuminated by their flashlight. Because the S.T.A.F.F. bots are not as sophisticated as the main animatronics, they should be relatively easy to avoid, provided the player understands their static patrol pattern.

Additionally, S.T.A.F.F. bots in F.N.A.F.: Security Breach can merely emit a shrill alarm when they come into contact with Gregory, rather than triggering a death scene. This means that if the player is prepared to take a chance, they can theoretically set off as many alarms as they want if they believe the primary animatronics are sufficiently removed. However, suppose the player accidentally attracted the notice of an animatronic, and the stealth meter has turned blazing red. Apart from fleeing to a faraway place, the next best option for players is to conceal themselves.

Due to Gregory’s diminutive stature, there are various objects in the pizzaplex where players can conceal themselves. This category contains lockers, strollers, and laundry carts. When the player gets close to a valid hiding area, a bottom-of-the-screen prompt to enter it should display. If the animatronic is sufficiently removed, players can enter these hiding places and wait for the stealth meter to reset to yellow or blue. However, take note that animatronics are not completely unaware. Suppose they see Gregory enter a hiding area. In that case, they will almost certainly stroll up, unlock the hiding spot, and arrest Gregory immediately.

In one of the game’s initial sequences, the player is given the player’s final hiding area option. Proceed to or summon Gregory’s most powerful ally, Freddy. Freddy will always allow Gregory to burrow into his chest cavity, shielding him from any surrounding animatronics or S.T.A.F.F. bots. Even when Gregory decided to enter Freddy while the animatronic was around. The only animatronic player who needs to be cautious is Moondrop. He will continue to detect and maybe catch Gregory even while he is still in Freddy.

How to get into Roxy Raceway

After receiving the mission from Fazbear, continue to the mall’s second-floor gaming area and make your way to the far side under construction. Enter through the entrance just beneath the Sodaroni sign. You’ll know you’ve arrived in the correct location when one side has improvised red barriers and the other side has a metal grate.

Continue straight and pass the security bot. You’ll notice this is the same spot you had to jump over in order to reach Fazbear following Moondrop’s abduction and before he entered rest mode. Continue through the boxes on which Gregory jumped previously and then bear left at a fork to reach the Roxy Raceway entrance depicted.

Once inside, search for gift boxes and duffle bags. You’ll see one of them to the left when you reach the end of this trail before entering the Raceway proper.

How to get into Roxy Raceway

Loot spot locations in Roxy Raceway

After entering the Raceway, proceed below – but keep an eye out for Wolf, who is patrolling the area. She may ascend first, so it’s smart to conceal yourself and go once she passes you.

Entering Fazbear at this point would be a good decision (call him to your location with L1). Downstairs, in the first garage to your left, there is a gift box containing the Dance Pass required for the next section of the task. Additionally, a charge station in the second garage is patrolled by a security bot and is an ideal location to refuel Fazbear. Keep this location in mind for when you return.

Then proceed to the service area on the bottom floor’s top right corner. Enter the building, being mindful of the lone bot that patrols the entire structure. Circulate counterclockwise (to the right when you enter) to discover a duffel bag bearing a message. Continue counterclockwise and, when you enter the next chamber, look to the left for an ingeniously hidden gift box on the lowest shelf. You may need to wait for the bot to pass before attempting to reach the box.

There are two additional duffle bags; however, they are in close proximity to a mission-critical item, and hence will be explained below.

How to advance the mission in Roxy Raceway

Return to the main path via the exit, taking a right at the crossroads. Continue straight into a construction zone to find a visible go-kart with a saves space against the wall behind it. Keep in mind to save frequently!

After saving, interact with the go-kart to be notified by Fazbear that you are too tiny to ride the kart alone and require assistance from a bot. This bot, on the other hand, is missing its head! Fazbear urges you to locate a suitable head for the bot.

Therefore, proceed to the opposite side of the Raceway’s lowest floor. You can interact with a container labeled “Driver Assist” in a little nook adjacent to the visible duffel bag. A bot will leap forward, its head slamming onto the floor. You must now repair the head!

Before you go, circle to the right and behind the container to locate a crimson door and a little passage leading to a darker back region. Switch on your flashlight and enter the room immediately in search of a bag. After obtaining the notification, you can exit Roxy Raceway.

Where To Find The Shoes Upgrade In FNAF Security Breach

Where To Find The Shoes Upgrade In FNAF Security Breach

The Glamrock Beauty Salon is located in FNAF Security Breach in the Sodaroni hallway prior to the Roxy Raceway. On the right side of the Sodaroni hallway lies the Glamrock Beauty Salon, while on the left is the Raceway. Regrettably, this site is densely packed with security bots. While Gregory can sprint to the door, a hidden tunnel to the left allows players to avoid the security bots and enter the salon from the back.

A storage facility is located inside the salon, to the left of the stage, and beneath the neon “Hair and Makeup” sign. Bathrooms are accessed by two doors, one on either side of a row of blue and orange lockers. In the right bathroom, the shoe improvement is located beneath the sink. However, this footwear assists him in outrunning Roxy and escaping Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex.

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