Genshin Impact Albedo Guide: Best Build & Team – December 2022

Genshin Impact Albedo Guide Best Build & Team

If you’re looking for the greatest Genshin Impact Albedo build, you’ve come to the right place. Albedo is a lovely young scholar and ‘alchemical genius’ who uses his talents as Chief Alchemist and Captain of the Investigation Team to manufacture beautiful yet destructive Geo flowers that explode with area-of-effect damage.

Although he may be built as a DPS, we believe his strengths lie in the sub-DPS category, as his Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill abilities deal massive area-of-effect damage that scales with his defence stat. In order to maximise Albedo’s damage, his Elemental Skill, Solar Isotoma, should be cast in each encounter, as it gives AoE Geo damage to foes in the area through its Transient Blossoms. When Albedo casts his Elemental Burst while there is a Solar Isotoma on the field, it will spawn seven Fatal Blossoms, each of which explodes and deals a tonne of damage.

Gathering foes into a small area will maximise the burst damage from Fatal Blossom, as each adversary will be tracked by one blossom, leading to tremendous damage if they’re packed together. As a result, Venti or Sucrose are good Albedo teammates because they can group foes with their ults. Albedo also works nicely with Klee – and because they’re virtually brothers, having them on the same team is extra cute. In case you have either of these characters, here are our Genshin Impact Klee and Genshin Impact Venti builds — but rest assured, Albedo is a tremendous asset to any squad. What you’ll need for the greatest Genshin Impact Albedo build is as follows.

Albedo’s Attack

Normal Attack

Perform up to five rapid strikes.

Charged Attack

It takes a specific amount of stamina to launch two quick sword attacks.

Plunging Attack

Plunges from mid-air to the ground below, inflicting damage on opponents in its route and dealing area-of-effect damage on impact.

albedo 2

Albedo’s Abilities

In addition to the build and weapon of Albedo Genshin Impact, you also need to grasp Albedo’s talent talents in order to further master this character. As of now, this example Albedo has not been significantly updated, however it would be beneficial to enhance Solar Isotoma to Level 8 at the very least for greater Sub DPS damage. However, you should utilise the Solar Isotoma before Albedo’s ultimate, as your ultimate will deal more damage. Here are all of Albedo’s unique and powerful talent abilities:

Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma (Elemental Skill)

Albedo summons a Solar Isotoma, which does Geo damage as it appears. Solar Isotoma can then be directed, and as it lands, forms Transient Blossoms as they land. These can only be made every two seconds, and will cause additional Geo damage when they hit foes. If either Albedo or another party member is hit by Solar Isotoma, they will gain a crystalized pedestal to stand on.

Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide (Elemental Burst)

Geo crystals burst out of Albedo delivering Geo Damage. If paired with Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma, the Elemental Burst will summon seven Fatal Blossoms, which explode and cause more—you guessed it—Geo damage.

Ascension 1 – Calcite Might (Passive 1)

Transient Blossoms generated by Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma deal 25 % greater DMG to enemies whose HP is below 50 % .

Ascension 4 – Sanguine Rouge (Passive 2)

Transient Blossoms generated by Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma deal 25 % greater DMG to enemies whose HP is below 50 % .

Unlocked Flash of Genius (Albedo) (Passive 3)

When Albedo crafts Weapon Ascension Materials, he has a 10 percent chance to receive double the product.


Best Albedo Build

Weapon Options

Constellations are buffs that improve a character’s battle performance. When you receive Albedo as a duplicate when making a wish, you can level up his constellations.

Flower Of Eden: Transient Blossoms Regeneration of 1.2 Energy for Albedo

Opening Of Phanerozoic: Transient Blossoms grant Albedo Fatal Reckoning for 30 seconds at the start of the Phanerozoic. Each stack adds 35 percent of Albedo’s DEF to damage and stacks up to four times.

Grace Of Helios: Increases Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma by thrice.

Descent Of Divinity: Solar Isotoma increases Plunging Attack damage by 30% for all party members within the AoE in Descent Of Divinity: Abiogenesis.

Tides of Hadean: Increases Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide by 3.

Domain Of Purification: Solar Isotama enhances party members’ damage by 15% if they are shielded by a shield generated by Crystallize.

Albedo Tao Artifacts

The best artifact sets to use would be 2-set Archaic Petra and 2-set Noblesse Oblige. You can use a 4-set Archaic Petra for a sub DPS Albedo as well if you like and this is better if you also have Ningguang in your team. Ningguang allows you to get greater damage due to the “Elemental Shards” generated from her skills and Albedo’s skills in the 4-set. However, the 2/2 set is preferred due to the greater elemental burst damage from Noblesse Oblige set.

  • Flower sub-stats: Crit DMG and Crit Rate
  • Feather stat: ATK; sub-stat: Crit DMG, Elemental Mastery 
  • Watch stat: ATK Percentage 
  • Goblet stat: Geo DMG Bonus (can be any artifact set, as long as the main stat is Geo DMG)
  • Mask stat: Crit DMG or Crit Rate

Best Team for Albedo

Bringing foes together in a small area will enhance Fatal Blossom’s burst damage. While one flower will track each foe, if they are all gathered together, they will deal massive damage.

As a result, Sucrose or Venti will be the best Albedo companions because they can use their ults to bring opponents together. Kreideprinz works well with Klee because they are siblings. Having both of them on a team is not only charming, but also quite powerful.

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