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What is Sussy Baka?


As of late, “Sussy Baka,” a TikTok craze that blurs the lines between anime and Among Us, has started to make its way throughout the platform and other social media sites. Here is a recap for individuals who are, quite rightly, bewildered about it all.

If you’ve played or watched any Among Us this year, you’re aware that the term “sus” refers to many different people. If you’ve ever watched any anime, you’re probably aware that the term “Baka” can be translated to imply something like “idiot.” And finally, if you’ve ever used TikTok, you know that new trends can appear out of nowhere with no prior precedent or logic.

TikTok trends are perplexing, and it might be challenging to trace their antecedents in most cases. But not “Sussy Baka,” because internet sleuths have deciphered that one and are fascinated about its expanding potency. People are coming to the realization that they are not only bakas but also sussies as a result of a random, odd TikTok video or an abundance of videos on YouTube.

And the ball really got rolling when a user by the name of akeamfrancis2 on TikTok responded to another user by developing an iconic sound that combines Japanese with the word “sussy.”

What does it exactly mean to say “Sussy Baka,” and where did that phrase originate?

Sussy is the first of the two terms, so let’s focus on that one first. The word was taken from the internet slang “sus,” which can be translated as “suspicious.” The term “sus” first appeared in the popular video game “Among Us” in the year 2020. Since then, it has spread like wildfire among millions of individuals, the majority of whom are members of Generation Z, as a way to refer to someone or anything that is suspicious.

Regarding the term “Baka,” any viewer of the television show My Hero Academia will likely recall hearing it directed at Deku, one of the main characters on the show. “Deku!! Why are you behaving in such a Baka-like manner?! Deku!! Why are you behaving in such a Baka-like manner? The word “Baka” translates to “crazy” or “foolish” in Japanese. It can be interpreted as saying that Deku is a fool.

What does it exactly mean to say "Sussy Baka,

When TikTok user @akeamfrancis2 combined the two terms in his Livestream, turning “sus” into “sussy,” the phrase virtually exploded all over the platform, accumulating millions of views in the process. Now, in addition to being a fool, Deku may be described as a “suspicious fool.”

The term “Sussy Baka” isn’t just gaining popularity among members of Generation Z. Dean Norris, who plays Walt on Breaking Bad, even referred to one of the show’s fans as a “Sussy Baka” in a video message to them.

The word “Sussy Baka” is the most recent in a long line of catchphrases that have quickly spread over the internet. These catchphrases, such as “I can’t even” and “YOLO,” reflect the ethos of our day and have become an instant hit with internet users.

It is impossible to predict the next big thing, but one thing can be said with absolute certainty: catchphrases will continue to be popular. If you want to make fun of your friend in the future, you must refer to them as a “Sussy Baka!”


A “suspicious idiot” is referred to as a “sussy baka.”

These two words, sus and baka have been combined to form this slang phrase. The people who play the video game Among Us are the most likely to be familiar with sus and sussy baka.

What does it exactly mean to say "Sussy Baka," and where did that phrase originate?

In the game Among Us, players have the option of taking on the role of a Crewmate or an Imposter who is masquerading as a Crewmate. While the Imposters are actively trying to eliminate the Crewmates one by one, the Crewmates have to work together to fulfill the missions and eliminate them.

In the game Among Us, players that act suspiciously are frequently accused of being imposters. It is also possible for people to accuse them of being sussy bakas, particularly if they engage in telling actions that give away the fact that they are imposters.

Sussy Baka

Sussy = Sus (Shorted) = Suspicious (Originally)
Baka (Japanese) = Fool (English)
Sussy Baka = Suspicious Fool (Combined)

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