Jewelry or fashion accessories can enhance any look great, especially if it is Indian jewelry. An Indian woman can never have enough jewel. There are so many varieties and designs of fashion jewelry that you wear on your head, ears, nose, neck, wrist, arms, waist, ankles, and where not!

You can slay in a simple outfit with some statement pieces and make it festive wear. Being an Indian, we know how to be “jugadu” very well.  We always find a quick fix to everything. So this year on Diwali, when I was looking for an outfit to wear, I could not think of anything, because of course, I will not be going out in this pandemic. There were no Diwali “tash parties” or family get together. Yeah, I was kind of sad at first, was not really in the mood to get ready in all blingy attires. But anyway, I found a perfect way to get that festive look with minimal effort without even wearing those heavily embellished Lehengas. Yes, with perfectly matched jewelry paired with a simple long kurta and embroidered ‘dupatta’ got me the easy, lightweight, yet stunning look for this festive season.

Even the wedding season is right in front of us. So if you do not know how to pick the perfect pieces according to your outfit, or you don’t know what to pair up with what then it article is for you. Here, I have shared the favorites that I think are must-haves for every girl. Also, about such a piece that you can wear in a versatile way, and will go with most of the ethnic, indo-western, or western wears. But before I begin, I would like to layout briefly about the recent trends of fashion jewelry:


1. Colors are back

We all have some family heirloom that had ‘meenakari’ work in it. It is a Persian art of coloring the surface of the metal with vibrant colors. Originally its purpose was to hold the ‘polki’ works in jewelry. But the colors are so bright and shiny that it not only complements the jewel but also your outfit. So if you wanted to wear that ‘meenakari’ heirloom piece, but you could not just because it is outdated, then this is the time to get that piece out and flaunt it with your favorite outfit. The ‘meenakari’ work that use to always be in the backdrop has now come up to the front. The new jewelry trend is rediscovering this age-old (almost 500 years!) art of making jewelry. Not only in the Indian market but in the global market of fashion, the trend of color is back, according to Harper Bazaar. 

2. Antique temple jewelry

Talking of jewelry and not talking about the heritage of South Indian jewelry would be so unfair. South India is more likely a gold mine of India. You will find mesmerizing gold jewelry here, even at a lower rate from north India sometime. These might be an ornament for us, but they are an exclusive display of their sheer connection with tradition, religion, rituals, and ceremonies. Their connection with gold is probably there from centuries ago. Just like most of us, jewelry for them is not a show for festivals or weddings. But they inculcate the culture of wearing gold jewelry in their day to day life.

3. Layer it up

Now, layering up the ornaments might seem a difficult task for a lot of us. It could be a hit or miss. In my school days, I used to overdo it, and then I would end up looking like a Christmas tree. The mantra to layering ornaments is to keep it restricted to a single part. Like if you are thinking of layering neckpieces, then go easy on your earrings and bangle and vice versa. The most relatable and favorite trend of mine is to layering up with rings in my fingers. It is something I would do any day with any outfit, Indian or western. My love for the rings is eternal. Also, I think it will not look super bad even if you go a little bit overboard. Silver and golden both do a great job in the case of unique jewelry. But you can always choose from numerous options from different metal and material rings. In the case of the necklace, we have been seeing our mother and grandmother do it at weddings and festivals. They would wear a choker with a long neckpiece that would reach their midriff. Or with the bangles, they would mix and match them to make a beautiful set of bangles comprising of contrasting colors and different thickness bangles.

4. Silver junk jewelry

To be honest silver junk jewelry is every Indian college going girls’ or teen’s best friend. They are so affordable and so versatile that you can pair it up with anything, even with a suit pant. You don’t believe it? have a look at @komalpandeyofficial or @thatbohogirl’s Instagram accounts. I think they do it so effortlessly, and both of the influencers surprise me every time with their junk jewelry library.

From neckpieces to earrings to rings everything in silver looks so urban and edgy that we should at least have one or two items of these. But in my personal opinion, you should get as many as possible because they are so trendy and affordable at the same time, also very easily available that they worth giving a shot. I assume most of us have already stocked up a lot of it that we lose track of what we have and whatnot (they are called junk jewelry for a reason!)

5. Chunky bangles

A nice big chunky bangle always elevates the look of any ethnic or western outfit. You can wear them single, or you can mix and match them with some slender ones, wear them on one hand, and you are good to go. Other than going for those with stone-work, go for a metallic one, it can be more versatile. With a simple Kurti or knee-length dress, these bangles are bang-on!

While choosing your bangles, make sure you are doing it correctly. So here are some pro-tips: consider your sleeve length, check the color of the bangle with your skin tone, and if your wrists are slim, wear the stretchable ones or the adjustable ones.

6. Studs

Studs are so in trend now. A big chunky pair of studs that uplifts your face cutting and also elevates your look is unbeatable with any other earring. There are several types of studs in the market. I would say pick the coloring ones and the metallic ones too, because there are never enough earrings we could have. While picking up studs, make sure that it goes with your face cutting. If you have a slimmer face, you can go for something lightweight if you have chubby cheeks or a round face, go for the bigger ones. A good pair of elegant studs goes very well with workwear. 

7. Nose studs

If you are one of those persons who does not have a nose piercing like me, then these nose pins are here to rescue you. On a big event, especially when you are wearing a Lehenga or heavy Indian wear, nose pins are a must. These nose studs come in different designs but mostly of gold or silver metal. Even if you keep your makeup minimal or no makeup adding these nose studs to your look will completely change the whole look. The silver studs give you an edgy look and are best for creating Boho looks.

8. Cocktail rings

Cocktail rings are this big blingy ring that will catch everyone’s eyes. They were not even there a few years ago, but now from wedding to clubbing, every girl loves to pop up some cocktail ring. One ring is enough for one hand; you do not need to wear anything else on other fingers. Generally worn on the index finger or the middle finger, these rings sometimes come in stone or pearl work or simple metal studs. The different colored stone ones go very well with little western dresses like body cone or A-line. Cocktail rings also go so well with sarees. They elevate the whole look elegantly.

9. Chocker

So talking of Chokers I am not talking about those black chokers that look like a wire twisted in different directions. To select the perfect Choker keep in mind some pro tips: depending on the length of your neck, select the Choker. If you have a model with a tall neck, then choose a thick width choker, but if your neck is not so tall, keep the width of your Choker thin. The Indian chokers made of gold is always there in the bride’s jewelry box it defines the neck and collar bone so perfectly that chokers are the must-have for this festive season.

10. Kada

Kada is again a type of bangle that originates from Rajasthan. Kadas are adjustable as they are not a full circle. There is a gap in between that helps to adjust them according to your wrist size. You can also wear them solo. Just one Kada or a pair of Kada on both your hands with a heavy ethnic outfit and you are good to go.

11. Hansuli

Hansuli is also Indian Rajasthani jewelry that is a neckpiece. They loop around the neck tightly, almost like a choker. These Hansulis also do make a complete look. There is a small gap on the back that makes it easy to adjust around your neck. Also, there is a trendy Hansuli that very recently came to my knowledge. These Hansulis are open from the front. They hang around your neck, and in the front, there are ‘latkans’ or small ‘jhanjhars.’ These tiny details are making them so different and giving us a fresh taste of jewelry.

12. Mangtika

Mangtika is there for so long that it tough to trail back to their origins. Traditionally it was to be in the bride’s jewelry collection. But now they are so versatile and come in so many different patterns and colors. From the bridesmaid to the relatives of the bride and groom, add this statement piece to their attire. A big chunky mangtika changes your face, and with that, you do not need any big earrings. Keep the rest of the jewelry a bit sober.

13. Kundan earrings

As I mentioned earlier, there are never enough earrings that a girl could have. Kundan is traditionally a form of art that is there in jewelry and on sarees or lehengas too. Originally Kundan is from Bikaner or Jaipuri origin. There are gemstones embellished on gold plated patterns. Kundan is widely in trend for brides. The gorgeous sets of Kundans complement the best of a bride. But there is no restriction that only brides will wear Kundan. You can always pair a heavy Kundan earring with your ethnic kurta.

14. Matha Patti

We rediscovered matha Patti from the last two or three years with celebrity weddings. It all started with Anushka Sharma’s look, where she wore an eye-catching pink and gold Mathapatti that complemented her face and whole look so perfectly. Traditionally matha Patti was more in trend in south India. Their brides wear golden temple-designed Matha Patti, but from the last few years, we can also see them in north Indian weddings. Moreover, if you are going to a wedding of your best friend or a very close family member, you should not feel hesitant to go a bit loud with your attire. So for wedding guests also this piece or ornament will match.

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