Blood Rose Diablo Immortal : How to Find and Beat Blood Rose Guide and Tips

Blood Rose Diablo Immortal : How to Find and Beat Blood Rose Guide and Tips

Blood Rose is one of the bosses in Diablo Immortal, encountered during the Blood Resurrection quest in the Sanguine Ruins region’s Lair of the Blood Rose sub-zone.

This monstrous flower absorbs blood spilled in the forest and feeds it to the Countess, the last boss of the Forgotten Tower Dungeon. As long as the Blood Rose produces blood for the Countess in Diablo Immortal, she is basically immortal, allowing the corrupting of the Dark Wood to continue endlessly.

Finding the location of Blood Rose is only half the task in Diablo Immortal. The true difficulty arises when you are unable to kill it. You may be thinking this must be a difficult employer, but this is not the case. It only has one irritating move that can completely derail your progress. Check out the location of Blood Rose and how to defeat it in Diablo Immortal and its World Boss form in this guide.

Location and appearance of the Blood Rose

Location and Appearance of the Blood Rose

This boss can be encountered in the same area as during the main storyline, in an alcove northwest of the Darkwoods near the Blood Rose relay. This may be considered excellent! She is encounterable in Normal and Hell 1+.

If she is slain, she will resurrect 15 to 30 minutes later, however, the exact timing is uncertain. All players are alerted just before it respawns, allowing them time to get there.

Blood Rose Fight Pattern

Before engaging Diablo Immortal Blood Rose in combat, she will be accompanied by three rogues. These rogues can be rather bothersome due to the fact that they heal the boss before she attacks.

This tutorial aims to help players comprehend the boss’s mechanics, as they can be confusing at times.

If you do decide to travel to its location, you will discover numerous gamers struggling to defeat her. I mean, if you see the issue for yourself, you’ll wonder why it’s so challenging.

Blood Rose Fight Pattern

Blood Rose continually regenerates her lost HP, whereas players lose a great deal of health upon bringing her down.

In addition, she uses two of her smaller mouths, which are located on the left and right sides of her face. These little blooms will shower you with strong projectiles that can greatly harm you.

No matter which Diablo Immortal Class you select, you might not be able to dodge these projectiles quickly due to their high velocity. The Blood Rose’s strikes are evidently varied, and she primarily participates in mid-and close-range battles.

How To Beat Blood Rose?

According to several accounts, players can encounter the Blood Rose in two different ways (through IGN and gosunoob). As a major antagonist, she can be encountered in the Dark Wood. Alternatively, during the Purify the Corruption zone event, she acts as a world boss that players can defeat as a group, making her defeat much simpler.

The Blood Rose is not difficult to locate. She is located in the northwest part of the Dark Wood. Just beyond the Sanguine Ruins when approaching from the north. Or, if arriving from the Cursed Grove, players can continue northwest along the path.

Blood Rose has two phases you must be aware of in order to defeat her. During the initial phase, Blood Rose releases a lethal bloodstream in a straight line that follows an arc. She may also call Dark Creepers, another creature whose attacks can overwhelm you. Finally, Blood Rose uses her tentacles to unleash blood-based projectiles.

How To Beat Blood Rose?

Blood Rose will commence her second phase following Lakrii’s offering whenever you’ve caused sufficient damage to her. During this phase, it’s important to learn Blood Rose’s assault patterns correctly. When Blood Rose’s second phase begins, the all-female cult Bloodsworn will attack the players, while Blood Rose herself fires blood projectiles that, after a few seconds, land in a broad area of effect that is difficult to dodge.

To evade the attack, take the narrow safe corridor that appears between their line of sight. You can dodge their assaults by staying near the beasts if it is too difficult. Regardless, Blood Rose gets access to her first-phase strikes during her second phase. So, you shouldn’t be shocked. Keep out of the line of fire and only attack when an attack window presents itself.

Blood Rose’s employment of the Strangling Creeper over a vast area of effect contributes to her difficulty as a boss. If you are stuck, you will lose HP while the Blood Rose’s HP increases. You have two options when she executes this attack: evade the area of effect and wait until it expires, or do long-range damage. Or, if your squad has DPS units, you can absorb her assaults and deliver damage to her.

Blood Rose Defeating Tips

Blood Rose Defeating Tips

  1. In Phase 1, stand on the patch of grass to the boss’ left. Here, you are essentially immune to its strikes. It will sweep a crimson beam and conjure spikes from the ground as the blooms fire projectiles. If you’re a ranged adventurer, none of them can hit you here.
  2. In Phase 2, the Blood Rose will drop an attack on a random character, which can be avoided by continuing to move, and will summon minions to aid. Nothing complicated here.
  3. In Phase 3, it will unleash an area-of-effect assault that restores health to the boss. If you don’t dodge this, it can fully heal itself; make sure all teammates are aware of and prepared to evade the AOE HP syphon.

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