Diablo Immortal combat rating and stats explained

Diablo Immortal combat rating and stats explained

The most recent Diablo game produced and published by Blizzard Entertainment is Diablo Immortal. This game is the best action role-playing game, and it takes place between Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III in time.

Combat rating in Diablo Immortal is one of the game’s more complex systems, and it may take players some time to grasp its subtleties. It can be seen in the characteristics section under “Secondary Attributes.”

Combat rating greatly depends on your starting class; therefore, choosing the ideal class for your playthrough in Diablo Immortal is crucial to creating the optimal build. Each class has a unique base construct that can be improved upon. Our Diablo Immortal Necromancer, Barbarian, and Demon Hunter Build instructions should be read. Consider reviewing the list of Diablo Immortal class tiers.

One of the most significant objectives in Diablo Immortal, or any other action role-playing game, is to become powerful enough to defeat every foe in your way. Diablo Immortal’s in-game tooltips do not describe exactly how damage is computed, how the game’s mechanics function, or how everything fits together in the end.

What Is Combat Rating?

The Combat Rating is the total score of all the equipment equipped on your character. Each piece of equipment has a score. This score represents the “level” of the item; the more significant the score, the better the equipment. Equip equipment with a better score to improve your overall Combat Rating.

Your Fighting Rating determines your character’s effectiveness in combat. Certain activities have a recommended combat rating: the Helliquary and Challenge Rifts each have a recommended Combat Rating you should strive to achieve; raids, dungeons, and all endgame content beyond level 60 have Combat Rating requirements.

Combat Rating in Diablo Immortal explained

Combat Rating in Diablo Immortal explained

In Diablo Immortal, your fighting rating is influenced by the following factors:

  • Gear Rarity
  • Gear Score
  • Equipped Gems
  • The State Of The Helliquary

By enhancing any of these, a player can increase their fighting rating. Combat rating is a stat that indicates your total combat power and determines your combat performance. If your combat level is higher than an enemy’s combat level, it boosts the damage you do and decreases the damage you take, a clear advantage that enables players to dispatch minions “below” them quickly. Depending on the disparity between the two levels, the actual numbers involved in each case vary.

However, this benefit also works in reverse: foes with a better fighting rating than you will take less damage and deal more, placing you at a disadvantage. It is still possible to defeat foes with a higher battle rating than you, but do not expect it to be straightforward.

In Diablo Immortal, your character’s level appears to have no immediate effect on your battle rating. We repeatedly levelled up without altering any other aspects of our character, and their combat rating remained the same. Therefore, either it has no effect, or if it does, the effect is so slow and tiny as to be inconsequential. Leveling up allows you to defeat stronger adversaries and obtain more fabulous treasure, which increases your battle rating, but the connection between the two is indirect.

Certain raids and missions have a minimum combat rating requirement; therefore, players must increase their combat rating before participating. This is the most important reason to raise your combat rating; it will provide players with additional late-game options.

How to Check Combat Rating

To access your inventory tab, click the small chest icon in the screen’s upper-right corner. Once opened, locate the small armor icon in the lower-left corner of your character’s torso.

Tap the symbol to access your attributes. These will display your primary attributes, while “More Attributes” will display your secondary attributes. Under these secondary qualities, your current fighting rating will be displayed.

Changing your attributes or equipment will affect your fighting rating on this page.

Combat rating too low – what to do?

When you open the Helliquary and the Portal, you will also unlock your very first raid. To join a party or even discover one, you must have a combat rating of 420 (excellent).

Depending on your luck, you will attain a combat rating of 420 between levels 44 and 48. There are numerous ways you can take to improve your fighting rating if you are still encountering difficulties.

How to Increase Combat Rating in Diablo Immortal

How to Increase Combat Rating in Diablo Immortal

Raising a character’s fighting rating is not as straightforward as it seems and needs considerable grinding. Diablo Immortal calculates your battle rating by combining your equipped jewels, equipment rarity, and gear score with the Helliquary’s rating.

The easiest way to increase your battle rating is, in theory, to locate better equipment, though this becomes increasingly difficult as you progress through the game. Obtaining Legendary Gems is a vital component of this process, so be sure to seek some of them as you go about your normal activities. We also have a list of helpful recommendations for locating Legendary Gems.

Upgrading the Helliquary has its grind, requiring the collection of Scoria and Demonic Remains. It provides one of the largest battle rating increases in the game.

Upgrading your Gear Rarity

In Diablo Immortal, there are three rarities of upgradable equipment: Legendary, Rare, and Set. Each of these rarities can be improved to increase their rank. Due to the upgrades, your existing Combat Rating has increased.

To enhance your Gear Rank, you must acquire multiple Materials and Gold, then travel to the Blacksmith in Westmarch.

The Legendary Equipment will improve your Intelligence, Strength, Willpower, and Vitality, which will boost your Combat Rating over time.

Acquire Superior Gear

Note the regions in the game where Legendary, Rare, and Set items are dropped most frequently. By gaining superior equipment, your Combat Rating can be immediately increased.

The legendary gear may be obtained by beating the bosses, opening the treasure chest, and collecting the Challenger rift prize. Select Hell 2 as your difficulty while gear farming.

Upgrade the Helliquary’s ability

The simplest and most obvious method for boosting your Combat Rating is to play the game and advance through it. Defeating multiple bosses will net you Helliquary Trophies and the Helliquary itself.

Upgrades to the Helliquary provide a permanent increase to your Combat Rating. Using the Hellfire Scoria to get and complete new missions will result in a high Combat Rating.

Upgrade the Gems

Each class in Diablo Immortal has twelve Equipment Slots, and Legendary Equipment can be placed in any Primary Equipment Slot. Chest, Shoulder, Weapon, Leg, Offhand, and Helmet are your Primary equipment slots.

The Legendary Gem defines your equipped item’s Damage and grants you a Combat Rating.

To obtain the greatest Combat Rating from Legendary Gems, equip them in all available slots and upgrade them more frequently.

What do Diablo Immortal’s stats mean?

Diablo Immortal categorizes its qualities into primary, secondary, and other categories. Here is the meaning of each.

Primary Attributes

Linked to magic, Intelligence enhances Necromancer, and Wizard damage Increases the amount of physical damage dealt, particularly for Barbarians, Monks, Crusaders, and Demon Hunters. Increases both armor and armor penetrability Increases resistance and effectiveness Vitality: Boosts HP

Secondary Attributes

  • Armor Penetration: Increases the damage of critical hits and causes more damage to foes.
  • Armor: Reduces damage taken and raises the probability of blocking strikes.
  • Resistance: Determines the duration of status illnesses and debuffs on foes.
  • Potency: Determines the duration of status illnesses and debuffs on foes.

Additional attributes

All of these are related to the equipment you wear and are simple. For instance, attack speed boosts your attack speed; accuracy rating influences your accuracy, etc.

If you’re seeking ways to test your freshly improved combat rating in Diablo Immortal, join the Shadows or Immortals in the Cycle of Strife for some of the game’s most challenging multiplayer activities.

Diablo Immortal - Difficulty Levels

Diablo Immortal – Difficulty Levels

Diablo Immortal has multiple settings for difficulty. For character levels 1-55, Normal Difficulty is the starting difficulty. When you reach level 60, Hell Difficulties become available. As you progress through Hell Difficulties, your Monster Combat Rating improves with each level.

Hell Difficulties range between levels 1 and 4. Each level offers unique prize payouts. The higher the Hell Difficulty, the more valuable the loot is in terms of attributes. Note that you can only adjust the level of difficulty when in Westmarch.

Each Difficulty Level drops items for a certain Paragon Level range. Your character can only equip things of the same level, not higher Paragon levels.

Here is a list of the various Difficulty Levels with their appropriate Equipment Level and Monster Combat Rating.

  • Game Difficulty: Normal; Equipment Level – Character Lvl 1 – 60; Monster Combat Rating – N/A
  • Game Difficulty: Hell 1; Equipment Level – Paragon 1 – 60; Monster Combat Rating – 390
  • Game Difficulty: Hell 2; Equipment Level – Paragon 30 – 130; Monster Combat Rating – 1190
  • Game Difficulty: Hell 3; Equipment Level – Paragon 90 – 210; Monster Combat Rating – 2150
  • Game Difficulty: Hell 4; Equipment Level – Paragon 160 – 300; Monster Combat Rating – 3270

Diablo Immortal Combat Rating Too Low

In order to avoid the notification “your combat rating is too low” when attempting to join a raid, the game has established a minimum Combat Rating of 420.

To engage in a raid, you must have a Combat Rating of 420 or above, which is typically reached between levels 44 and 48.

If you are having difficulty increasing your Combat Rating, the upper section of this tutorial discusses the steps you must take.

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