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There are so many Gods and Goddesses in Hindu mythology 33 crores to be exact. Yes, it is tough to remember all of them but there are some major Gods and Goddesses that are favourite of Indian netizens. But they do not keep their mythology and devotion to their coats only two temples. But to make people aware of Hindu culture and mythology the create devotional TV shows. These devotional TV shows are so popular in India that many of them break the records of any commercial TV shows. Devotional TV shows like Ramayan and Mahabharat has set such milestones that till now any other TV show could not break it.

India has always been a place of great culture and religion. Mythology is an inseparable part of the folk of India. Their lives are so immensely influenced by religion and devotional ideologies that you will rarely see in any other culture. Their mythology is so vast and diverse that it is never enough how much you study or gain knowledge about it.

Here is the list Best Devotional TV Shows of Hindi Television

Ramayan (1987 – 1988)

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Ramayan is an adaptation of ancient Epic Ramayan created directed and written by Ramanand Sagar. It is about the prince of Ayodhya Ram who is the main character of the show. Additionally, the devotional TV show is about the life journey of Ram from childhood to his old age. How in childhood he studied in Ashram along with his 3 brothers. Later he got married to Sita but because of his stepmother’s conspiracy, he had to leave for vanvas for 14 years. However, seeta and his younger brother Lakshman accompanied him to the jungle. The Evil character of the Epic is Ravan who kidnapped Sita. The show tells us how ram rescued Ishita by defeating Ravan and his use Army e only with an army of monkeys. Then they returned back to Ayodhya and the story continues.

Impact and ratings

IMDB rating: 9.1

The devotional TV show Ramayan left a huge impact not only on the Indian audience but on the whole world. It broke all the records of all other tv shows when it was released in 1987. It reached 40 million viewership in India which it brought during the 2020 lockdown when DD National decided to rerun the show. Which again broke all the records and DD National became the most watch Indian channel since its premiere. Moreover, its first-day episode on 16th April 2020, broke the record set by the American TV series Game of Thrones with 77 million viewership.

Mahabharat (1988 – 1990)

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You would forget Game of Thrones if you watch Mahabharat. The dynastic struggle for the Throne of Hastinapur. The war is in between the Kuru clan’s Pandavas and the Kauravas. Belonging from the same Clan the two groups are basically brothers to each other by relation. But to bring back Dharma the Pandavas rebelled against the Kauravas causing the Kurukshetra war. It’s a great devotional TV show which reflected political warfare and diplomatic moves in that.

Impact and rating

IMDB rating 8.9

Mahabharat is another great devotional TV shows that what’s going on along with Ramayan. So was a superhit and it had a total of 94 episodes. Moreover, at the time on DD National Mahabharat was a top-grossing devotional TV show. Lastly, both Ramayan and Mahabharat left a huge impact on us.

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev (2011 – 2014)



Impact and rating

IMDB rating 9.1

The show was a complete hit as a mythological divisional TV show. It has a total of 820 episodes. With a total of 36 seasons the show was telecasted on Life OK a channel.

Shri Krishna (1993 – 1996)

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Evident from the name Shri Krishna is the biography of Lord Krishna. Lord Vishnu reincarnate on earth as Lord Krishna to protect the Earth from Evil thus establishing Dharma. The story begins with his birth in the jail of his uncle Kangsa followed by his escape with the help of his father. Additionally, it shows Krishna’s childhood and his playful characteristics having lots of friends. He always helped the villagers and his friends from Demons and evil entities from his childhood only. Growing up he destroyed the evil from the earth along with his uncle Kangsa.

Impact and ratings

IMDB rating 8.6

Shri Krishna was so popular back then that during the coronavirus lockdown in 2020 they rerun on DD National. Also, it has 1 season consisting of 221 episodes. Shri Krishna is one of the greatest devotional characters in Indian Mythology. Moreover, his biography is very popular among the folks. Several shows based on his life story came out later on. including some cartoons and movies too.

Om Namah Shivay (1997 – 1999)

om namah shivay


The divisional TV show Om Namah Shivay is a mythological Saga of Lord Shiva. However, the Story consists of several stories taken from ancient texts and Puranas. The story portrayed is the power of Lord Shiva that governs this entire universe. The journey of Lord Shiva starts with creating this universe and then the story follows with she was marriage with Sati. After Sati’s death how Shiva finds Parvati who was the reincarnation of Sati. Stories are an adaptation from Vayu Puran Shiv Mahapuran skand Puran Ling Puran Valmiki Ramayan etc.

Impact and rating

IMDB rating 7.8

The devotional TV series has season 1 consisting 208 episodes .

Vikram Aur Betaal (1985)

vikram aur betal


Vikram Aur Betal is one of the most popular devotional TV show in Indian Mythology. It is an adaptation of Betaal Pachisi. Kashmiri poet Somdev in the 11th century wrote Betaal Pachisi. Stories are so astonishing and quirky. he main character is king Vikramaditya who is the great king of Ujjain. Was immensely intelligent and an adventure lover. The king was very brave, Fearless and had a strong will to learn new things.

According to the story, a medicant gave the king fruits every week will stop one day while handing out the food to the storekeeper the fruit slipped off and it broke. Surprisingly he found a Rubi inside the fruit. Then the king asked the storekeeper to check every fruit the medicant brought for him. All the other fruits also had Ruby inside them. The king wanted to know why the medicant did so, so he went to meet him. The medicant said that there is a secret task that only a king like Vikramaditya can do. He said there is an old tree where he will find a corpse and he had to bring it to the medicant. After that, he will perform some mutuals from which he can gain many powers for the king.

Following the story, Vikramaditya searched the tree and found the corpse hanging from it. He had to carry the corpse on his shoulders. It was Betal a witty ghost. Every time the king tried to carry him to the medicant Betal would tell him a story. And after that, he would ask the king a question. To which the king had to answer if he knew it. But Betal also had another condition that to carry Betal the king had to remain silent for the entire time.

Every time Betal would ask a question to the king. the king would always speak up because he knew the answers. Resulting in Betal leaving him and going back to the treetop. Like this Betal told him 25 stories. At last, Betal impressed by the king’s efforts told him the real motive of the medicant. He said that the medicant is trying to kill Vikramaditya after gaining the powers from his corpse. However, Vikramaditya took Vetal to the Medicant and with no Surprise the medicant and tried to kill him. The king outwitted him and killed the medicant.

Impact and ratings

IMDB rating 8.2

Vikram Aur Betaal is a very popular TV series among the kids and Grown-Ups also. The series was very popular that they did telecast it in 1988 after Ramayan. There are total 26 episodes and one season.

Jai Hanuman (1997 – 2000)

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jai hanuman


Jai Hanuman is another very popular devotional TV show in India. The show is about Lord Hanuman. Hanuman is a devotee of Ram from Ramayan. Also, he is the god of power. Hindu deity Hanuman is a form of Lord Shiva. The TV series covers life story of Hanuman. starting from his birth to meeting Ram and serving him. and then extends till the time of Tulsidas.

Impact and ratings

IMDB rating 7.9

Devotional TV series Jay Hanuman has 178 episodes in total and one Seasons. It ran for 3 years featuring fascinating tales of the Hindu deity Hanuman.

Mahima Shani Dev ki (2008-2009)

shani dev


Shani or Saturn is a Hindu God. According to Hindu astrology, there are 9 Grah are Navagraha. Among which Shani or Saturn is the most powerful one. People say that if you are under the influence of Saturn or Shani ki Dasha is going on in your life then you may face hurdles or problems. Contrary to this popular belief Shani a Saturn is actually the god of Karma. He gives you what you deserve due to your actions. This TV series shows and breaks all the myths and misunderstandings about Saturn. How he treats people having good Karmic account and how he treats people having bad Karmic account.

Impact and rating

IMDb rating 7.7

Divisional TV show Mahima Shani Dev ki portrays how Saturn give justice to everyone. To him, none is above the Karma Chakra. No matter you are educated or educated your actions will have results and Lord Shani will give you those results. This serial broke many myths regarding Saturn. That he is not liable for your life’s hurdles or problems.

Vishnu Puran (2000 – 2002)

vishnu puran


Evident from the title the devotional TV series is about the Hindu deity Vishnu. The series is an adaptation of the Hindu ancient text Vishnu Puran. The series shows us how Lord Vishnu fights against evil. Alsa source how his reincarnation happens on earth to destroy Evil entities from the earth and bring Dharma on earth. Maintaining the balance between good and bad.

Impact and ratings

IMDB rating 8.5

There is a total of 126 episodes and one season. The series was a great hit at that time. And during the 2020 coronavirus lockdown the devotional TV show was rerun by DD National.

Siya ke Ram (2015 to 2016)

Available on Disney Plus Hotstar

siya ram


Hindi devotional TV series Siya ke RAM is a very unique concept and an adaptation of the character Sita from Ramayan. The Hindu ancient Epic Ramayan is very popular in India. The wife of Ram – Sita has never been featured in a TV series separately. The TV series shows a very unique and different perspective of Sita. The total series is divided in 7 parts Bal Kand, Ayodhya Kand, Aranya Kand, kishkindha Kand, Sunder kand, Yuddh Kand, and Uttar kand. The series has detailed description of Sita’s life. Her sacrifices and her pain in several occasions of Ramayan is shown in this TV series that mainly revolves around Sita.

Impact and ratings

IMDb rating 7.5

The show was being telecast on Star Plus. It was a great hit and people loved the show. For its unique concept and representing the life of Sita was a big deal. Where we can see that even the wife of a God is not always leading a luxurious satisfying life, instead her life is full of hurdles and sacrifices. That also somehow helps us to understad the potentiality of Indian women and their hurdles in daily life. The devotional TV show has a total of 326 episodes and one season.

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