Evergreen Bollywood movies from 1950 to 1960: The golden era of Bollywood

    The 1950 is are the golden era of Bollywood. Indian cinema was discovering its potentiality from every aspect. With some extraordinary plots, two great directors and evergreen Bollywood actors and actresses the industry was booming like never before. Post-independence people were more enthusiastic about social and economical concepts. The movies were optimistic and they mostly portrait the reality of life. There were no big-budget movies with lavish sets and equipment but the efforts put behind each movie were extraordinary. Some of the Immortal gems and best Bollywood movies from 1950 to 1960 are still cherished for their Excellency.

    Movies like Shree 420, Do Bigha Zamin, and Mother India put across the stories of people from poor backgrounds. Moreover, portraying the everlasting conflict between tradition and modern culture, social injustice and discrimination towards the poor were predominantly in the storylines of the movies. The pain and anguish among the folks did not only came from 200 years of rule of the British but there were also some romantic Dramas that Shodh the pain love gives us. Movies like Devdas Kagaj Ke Phool and Pyasa will be the evergreen romantic Dramas of the Hindi film industry.

    Firstly, talking of the 1950 is and not mentioning the the legends of of Bollywood is not possible. That was a time when evergreen stars like Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Dilip kumar and Guru dutt became the heartthrob of the golden era. While talking about the actors how could we forget the actress such as Nargis Dutt Madhubala Waheeda Rehman became the sensation of that era. However, they ruled the Hindi film industry with Grace Elegance and reflecting pure emotions through their acting.

    But what is an actor or actress without the perfect filmmakers? From 1950 Guru Dutt Mehboob Khan Bimal Roy and B R Chopra blessed the Hindi film industry with their exceptional skills that engaged the audience like never before. Moreover, Indian cinema became the pivotal point for the audience to erase every boundary and cherish a piece of pure art in the cinema halls.

    In this series of “evergreen Hindi Cinemas that defined the decade” we will talk about each decade starting from 1950 to 2020 and the movies that made those decades memorable. In this article, we will talk about the golden era of Bollywood from 1950 to 1960. The era that paved the path for the Hindi film industry and became the stepping stone of the biggest film industry in the world – “Bollywood”.

    Here is the list of evergreen Bollywood movies from 1950 to 1960 the golden era of Bollywood

    1. Pyaasa (1957)

    Genre: drama musical Romance

    Director: Guru Dutt

    Cast: Guru Datt Waheeda Rehman Mala Sinha

    IMDb rating: 8.5



    The movie is about this and successful poet listen Calcutta. None of the publishers finds his work good enough to publish. Is life is measurable because of the taunting of society and calling him a person who is good for nothing. He distances himself from his family and mostly wanders around the streets of Calcutta. However, isolating himself from society and his friends he finds Gulabo in a red light area. Moreover, Gulabo was the only one to fall for his poetry and works a good-hearted woman who to behold the hands of a broken man.

    However, the story takes a turn when Vijay our protagonist comes across his EX and starts working for her husband Mr. Ghosh. Also, Mr. Gosh takes every chance to destroy Vijays’s life and career. He sends him to a mental Asylum proving his mad and trying to steal the identity of the real poet Vijay. However in the end the truth reveals. Although Vijay gets the recognition he denounces the hypocrisy of the materialistic world and starts his new Tu journey with Gulabo.


    The movie was a box office hit back then. Originally Dilip Kumar was to do the lead role of the movie as Vijay. But for some unknown reason Dilip Kumar did not turn off on the first day of the shooting was tough so the guru decided to do the role of the lead character on his own. About the actresses of the movie, the story is kind of similar. Previously the roles of two actresses were to be done by Nargis and Madhubala. But according to the reports, the field decides what role they wanted to do. So in the end Guru Dutt selected Mala Sinha and Waheeda Rehman as the actresses in the movie.

    2. Do Bigha Zamin (1953)

    Genre: Drama

    Director: Bimal Roy

    Cast: Balraj Sahni, Nirupa Roy, Rattan Kumar, Murad

    IMDb rating: 8.4

    do bigha zamin


    Do Bigha Zamin is a legendary movie of Bollywood in the 1950s. An emotional and tragic storyline that keeps the audience in awe. The cast of the movie Balraj Sahani Nirupa Roy Ratan Kumar and Mujahid did such amazing work in the movie that it still is one of the best movies from the golden era of Bollywood. The plot of the movie shows us the post-independence cruel zamindari culture of India.

    The poor remain poor and the rich are getting rich day by day. The protagonist of the story Shambhu Mahato acted by Balraj Sahani is A4 Parma. The only means of is earning is his land. But the Zamindar Thakur Harnam Singh collaborates with some businessman and let them build a factory at their village. But the only problem is shampoos land coming in between. Anyhow by hook or crook Zamindar Harnam Singh snatches the only e e asset of Shambhu and sells it to the businessman.

    Shambhu being just a farmer could do nothing against the Zamindar. However, disappointed he comes to Kolkata in hope of earning and does some settings. But there also his luck does not favor him. He almost loses his wife and his son starts pickpocketing. When the big city could not bring any good to Shambhu, he returns to his village only to find out that the Zamindar has sold his land to the factory and when he reaches out for a handful of Dirt from his Zameen the security guard does not even let him get that.


    Do Bigha Zameen was the first film to win the Filmfare Award for Best picture. The film was also the first Indian film to win international prizes at Cannes Film Festival. Other than that the film also won the all-India certificate of merit at the 1st National Film Awards in the same year. “Do Bigha Zamin” shows how tragic earlier days were. And the connection of today’s hierarchy in society has deep roots existing for ages.

    3. Shree 420 (1955)

    Genre: comedy, crime, drama

    Director:Raj Kapoor

    Cast:Raj Kapoor Nargis Nadira

    IMDb rating: 8.0

    shree 420


    Firstly, Shree 420 is Bollywood’s top-grossing movie ever. The movie e became so popular and its song Mera Joota Hai Japani is still a patriotic symbol in India. The protagonist Raj played by Raj Kapoor has big dreams. He is a simple man from the small city Allahabad. However, he comes to Bombay to fulfill his dream to live in a big city E with all the luxuries. Anyhow he falls in love with their played by Nargis. But he gets distracted by Seth Sonachand Dharmanand’s ideas of gambling. Raj becomes a confidence trickster or a 420. He cheats people in card gambling and earns money. However, Vidya tries to make Raj a good person again but fails.

    Aiwa Raj finally understands all the wrongdoings he has been doing for a long. And he tries to expose Seth Sonachand. While escaping from his house Seth caught Raj and shot him. But surprisingly Raj Aaj is back to life again and he proves Sonar Chand is guilty of conning hundreds of poon people. Vidya per gift Raj And Raj are back to their good old self.


    In the movie, Raj Kapoor’s character was an adaptation of Charlie Chaplin’s role in Little Champ. Please 1955 comedy-drama is still so popular among netizens. Talking about Shree 420 and not talking about its music will B A sem. The music was by Shankar Jaikishan the legendary duo. Each song of that movie broke records. Starting from Mera Juta Hai Japani to Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh, Pyar Hua Iqrar Hua, Ichak dana Bichak Dana, are the legendary creation of Lata Mangeshkar, Mukesh, Asha Bhosle, and Manna Dey.

    4. Do Aankhen Barah Haath (1957)

    Genre: Comedy, Drama, Crime

    Director: Shantaram Rajaram Vankudre

    Cast: Shantaram Rajaram Vankudre, Sandhya, Ulhas

    IMDb rating: 8.4

    do ankhen barah haath


    the story revolves around a young Jail Warden Aadinath. Who believes it’s that through hard work and dedication one can achieve anything. The film is built on strong moral grounds. Jail warden Aadinath takes 6 dangerous murders on petrol to a Farm to rehabilitation serves. These notorious prisoners work hard in a country to rehabilitate themselves. In several scenes, the film accomplishes that focused energy and power the cause is enough to bring you success will stop the flame and with Adinath being killed by a corrupt enemy who wants no competition in the profitable market he controls. The six prisoners rehabilitation themselves in the end and the belief that the positive energy of 18 motivated them to stay focused on their goal.


    The movie is an adaptation of a true story that happened in British India in Swatantra Pul Maharashtra. Do Aankhen Barah Haath was the first Indian film to win the Golden Globe award under Samuel’s gold way category. In addition to that, a Malik Tere Bande hum Sung by Lata Mangeshkar agitated by a school in Pakistan as an anthem.

    5. Mother India (1957)

    Genre: Drama, Musical, Family

    Director: Mehboob Khan

    Cast: Nargis, Sunil Dutt, Rajendra Kumar

    IMDb rating: 8.1

    mother india


    It is one of the few early age movies where a female character was the protagonist. Mother India is an emotional melodrama based on the struggle of Indian women in a village trying to raise their sons and earn money. The lead character Radha played by Nargis is the mother of the village. She entered the village with Shamu her husband. Shamu’s mother borrowed money from money lender Sukhilala. Shyamu and Radha had to pay a loan of Rs 500 Tu Sukhi Lala. In an accident, Shyamu loses her hands, and in humiliation Hindi his wife his home, and his four children. Radha then takes command of the house and struggles to raise her sons.

    However, in the time span, Radha loses her mother-in-law’s youngest son and the Infant. Sukhi Lala office Radha food in exchange for her body. No matter how tough days were for the amount of struggle she had to do she always stuck to the grounds. Her other two surviving sons Birju and Ramu are now grown-ups. But Birju turns out to be a notorious person while Ramu is a good man. Out of Revenge Birju tries to kidnap Rupa and killed Sukhilala. The ending of the movie is so traumatic when we see Radha kills his own son Birju because he was wrong and she still sticks to her virtues.


    Mother India was the first film to get an Oscar nomination. They nominated it for an Academy Award in the category Best Foreign-Language Film. Steven Schneider added the movie to his list of “1001 movies you must see before you die”. It still is the most expensive film made in India. Even if you adjust the budget for inflation it will still be among the all-time Indian box office hits. The title of the film Mother India was adapted from Katherine Mayo’s book where she attacked Indian culture religion and Society. She put across the discrimination women of that era faced in India. But Mehboob Khan opted for this title to show the power of Indian women.

    6. Baiju Bawra 1952

    Genre: Drama, Musical, Romance

    Director: Vijay Bhatt

    Cast: Meena Kumari, Bharat Bhushan, Surendra

    IMDb rating: 7.4

    bauji bawra


    Baiju Bawra is a musical drama film directed by Vijay award and written by Aadesh Chaudhari the film is significant for its musical Excellency. To date, you would not find a Bollywood movie with soundtracks at its finest. The protagonist of the movie by you is a musician at Abbas Kot. Young musician Baiju challenges and sends the Epic musician in order to defeat him and take revenge for the death of his father. Baiju holds Tansen responsible for his father’s death. Each and every soundtrack from the movie is so overwhelmingly melody that even when by you is Furious to take revenge for his father’s death it seems melodic revenge. You could not find any other movie holding names such as Naushad Shakeel Badayuni Mohammad Rafi Ustad Amir Khan and Pandit D. V. Paluskar together in the music credit.


    It is the only film where two of the musical industry legend Ustad Amir Khan and Pandit D. V. Paluskar work together. Earlier director Vijay but wanted to feature Dilip Kumar in the movie but later he approached Bharat Bhushan because of budget and date issues with Dilip Kumar. Because of Baiju Bawra, Meena Kumari became the first actress to win a Filmfare award in 1954. Also, it was the film that brought Naushad his only Filmfare Award. The movie ran for 100 weeks and it was a musical hit.

    7. Madhumati (1958)

    Genre: Musical, Fantasy, Mystry

    Director: Bimal Roy

    Cast: Dilip Kumar, Vaijayanthimala, Johnny Walker

    IMDb rating: 8.0



    it was one of the early age Prince that shows the concept of incarnation. Team condition is a popular plot in Bollywood movies. But in 1958 it became very popular for its Gothic and noir feel to it. Under the direction of Bimal Roy and the story by Ritwik Ghatak, the movie became the top-grossing movie of the year. The storyline is based on the protagonist Ravinder who is an engineer. However, due to landslide his journey tops and he takes shelter in Mansion nearby. Where he finds out the truth of his previous life. He gets to know about how love is life Madhumati was attacked by Ugra Narain and she jumps off the terrace. Moreover, Devinder in his previous life had also jumped off the terrace to save Madhumati. Anyhow in the end the justice is served. The Ghost of Madhumati helped them to expose the culprit.


    Madhumati broke records and won 9 Filmfare Awards. They won the Filmfare in categories including best film best director best music director best female playback singer best dialogue best art direction and best cinematographer. Other than that it also won the National Film awards for the best feature film in Hindi.

    8. Devdas (1955)

    Genre: Drama, Musical, Romance

    Director: Bimal Roy

    Cast: Dilip Kumar, Suchitra Sen, Vyjayanthimala

    IMDb rating: 7.9



    Why do Indian audiences still connect to this tragic story of a self-destructing alcoholic personality Devdas? Probably because Bimal Roy directed the movie featuring Dilip Kumar as Devdas alongside Suchitra Sen and Vaijanti Mala. Yes, we know Dilip Kumar is the best Devdas ever. Son of a wealthy Zamindar Devdas who went abroad to study comes back to his home town Calcutta. Parvati (played by Suchitra Sen) his childhood love still looks forward to converting airtel to love into marriage. But the Zamindar family will not accept daughter-in-law from a lower caste family. Devdas at first I did not do anything in protest of his family’s decision but later he realizes his mistake and confronts Parvati about his mistakes. But it’s already late marriage is fixed and she declines His proposal.

    Disappointed and heartbroken Devdas becomes an alcoholic and he meets with Chandramukhi a courtesan. Happy Birthday his health degrades and in spite of that they 10 keep on drinking frequently. On sensing his death there do return back to Parvati for one last glance of her. He lies down outside her house longing for her. But when Parvati tries to see Devdas for one last time her family members do not let her step out of the door. There is no happy ending in the movie. True love could not see its success because of the dark social customs and boundaries in Bengal in the early 1900s.


    India Times movies rank Devdas among the top 25 must-see Bollywood films in 2005. it was ranked number two on the University of IOWA’S list of top 10 Bollywood films by Corey k Creekmur. The novel is an adaptation of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novel Devdas. The movie is an evergreen creation of Bollywood. Still, now we remember the character of Devdas for the amount of pain and anguish he had to go through.

    9. Naya Daur (1957)

    Genre: Drama, Musical, Romance

    Director: B. R. Chopra

    Cast: Vyjayanthimala, Dilip Kumar, Ajit

    IMDb rating: 8.0

    naya daur


    The film Naya Daur is quite different from its title. Will be to know about at mode if you see the movie. Highway the storyline revolves around the Tongawala Shankar and woodcutter friend Krishna. They live in a village happily. But until the zamindar’s son Kundan arrives from City with modernized tools and business ideas.

    At first, he replaces all the workers with Electronics or making the workers lose their jobs to stop later he convinces his father that buses are more travel friendly than tongas. Thus making the Tongawala was unemployed. Netaon overlord Revolt against it along with Shankar. Shankar takes on a challenge today with a bus. For a 3 month time to prepare. Meanwhile, he thought to make a shorter path till the temple. And he succeeds in making a shorter path but Kundan breaks a part of the road. In spite of all these conspiracies Shankar at last win, the race. And all the buses were probably taken off the road and Tongawalas came back to business.


    Ironically the title of the movie is in contrast with the storyline. The name Naya Daur means new aged. However, in the movie people stick to the old transportation system – the tonga. Anyway, the movie was a box office hit and Dilip Kumar won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor for the third time in a row. Per matter-of-fact Aamir Khan Lagaan was an inspiration from Naya Daur.

    10. Kagaj Ke Phool (1959)

    Genre: Romance

    Director: Guru Dutt

    Cast: Waheeda Rehman, Guru Dutt, Kumari Naaz

    IMDb rating: 8.0

    kagaz ke phool


    Kagaj Ke Phool is a romantic drama film. The movie tells the story of a movie director Suresh Sinha to stop his marriage is on the age of breaking. his in-laws do not consider his job of film directing as a high-status job. On a rainy night coincidently she meets Shanti played by Waheeda Rehman and recognizes is her potential as an actress. Hence the approaches her for the role of Paro in Devdas. Shanti agrees and her journey as an actress starts. But due to the rumors spreading about her hand Suresh Sinha stepped down from her acting career. After leaving the film industry started teaching in a school.

    However, from this point iteration of Mr. Sinha started his stuff he became an alcoholic. Is Korea to turn and hi he lost his job-related bus stop moreover Shanti comes back to the film industry because of her contract with the studio but Suresh does not come back for his self-respect.


    “Kagaj Ke Phool” is India’s second widescreen film that was shot using the cinemascope process stop it was also Guru that last directed film. It is one of the best movies of Guru creation as well as the Indian cinema. Open is an inspiration from the life of Gyan Mukherjee who was a director of 1940. Guru was in close association with him. 2002 Kaagaz Ke Phool was ranked at 160 among the greatest films of all time stop

    11. Awaara (1951)

    Genre: Drama, Musical, Romance

    Director: Raj Kapoor

    Cast: Raj Kapoor, Nargis, Prithiviraj Kapoor

    IMDb rating: 7.9



    Aawara which means Vagabond is a 1951 Hindi crime drama movie. Under the direction and production of Raj Kapoor was a quite successful movie. The protagonist of the movie Raj played by Raj Kapoor is a thief. He had a troubled childhood due to his father leaving his mother and him doubting that Raj is not his son. Raj grows up to be a thief. He and his partners plan for a bank robbery. in the process, he meets Rita and falls in love with her.

    In the meantime, he finds out that Rita is his childhood love. And Rita finds out that Raj is a thief. She gets to know about his past life and understands that he is just a victim of circumstances. However, Raj is a good man by heart. Later Reeta defense Raj in his trial for murder that he committed in self-defense. The movie is about a man trying to rectify his mistakes he has done in life. And reforming himself for her.


    The film becomes an everlasting sensation in India. Moreover, not only in India the film saw success in Soviet Union East Asia Africa the Middle East, and Eastern European countries also. The song Awara Hoon song sung by Mukesh became so popular across Pan India. Even the countries that did not understand Hindi like China Bulgaria Turkey Afghanistan and Romania love the movie. They nominated the film for the Grand prize at Cannes Film Festival in 1953. Early in those days, the film is estimated to sell over 200 million tickets overseas. In 2012 time included Aawara in the 20 new entries to all-time 100 greatest films. Indeed power is one of those movies that saw popularity at its peak.

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