Two Most Mestorious Character of Naruto – Will Zabuza and Haku Die In Naruto? Everything We Know So Far.

Everything you need to Know - Haku & Zabuza

In the manga series Naruto, Haku and Zabuza are shown as being very close. This is shown in Chapter 12 of the manga and season 1 of the anime where they are both fighting to protect each other. They also work together to fight their opponents. However, Haku’s loyalty is seen as questionable at times, which is seen in chapter 408 where Haku is fighting against Naruto. For more information read this article. And support amazfeed

Haku’s Life Story

Haku was born to two farmers in a snowy village deep within the Land of Water, where he grew up. Haku and his mother were both born with the ability to control ice. Those who lived in the country of water and possessed the kick again key of the ice release were dreaded and exploited by the local population as mercenaries. And after the conflicts were over, they were plagued by their memories. When it was discovered that Haku and his mother had the same handicap, even though his father had murdered his mother, Haku managed to protect himself and return the favor to his father and the rest of the villagers before he was slain himself.

After that night, Hawk, who had become an orphan and homeless in the period before the harsh winter, was discovered by the demon of the mist, also known as Zabuza Momochi, who had tracked him down. Zabuza was seeking someone who could assist him, and Haku was the ideal instrument for the job. Haku remained by Zabuza’s side, despite his disinterest in becoming a shinobi in the first place. Because of the swordsman, he was able to survive. Zabuza Momochi began his professional life as a recent Academy graduate with a promising future ahead of him. The settlement is shrouded in the mist on the outskirts.

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Haku’s Ninjutsu

Nature Transformation

Haku’s most notable ability was water and wind-natured chakra to generate Ice Release, which was his most visible strength.  Due to his mastery of the element of ice, he was able to develop extraordinary techniques such as Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals, which surround a target with mirrors that allow Haku to travel between and strike from, even if his opponent is in the sky. On many occasions in the anime, Haku emits massive spikes of ice when he is close to being killed by his father, which was depicted as a kind of self-defense.

In defense, he can construct an ice dome capable of blocking many explosive tags at the same time.  Furthermore, it has been suggested that Haku might affect the weather, resulting in localized snowfall in some areas.  Additionally, he may employ his two components separately, like as with his Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death, It takes use of his water nature in order to focus the surrounding water into needles, allowing him to strike adversaries from any angle possible.


As a result of Zabuza’s previous Anbu training, Haku acquired a profound understanding of human physiology. He could incapacitate an opponent with acupuncture by striking an exact location on the body with a senbon, causing immediate death or the appearance of death for a short period. He also appears to be familiar with some animals since he was able to identify the Allied Shinobi Forces’ Surprise Attack Division based on the peculiar flying pattern of the birds that Sai had produced, which led him to believe that he knew something about them.

Zabuza Life Story

Preceding Yagura Karatachi’s tenure as Fourth Mizukage, Kirigakure instituted a tradition of putting Kirigakure Academy graduates against one another in death bouts as a final test, with The students who have demonstrated exceptional ability have been identified as potential prospects for the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Mist. It was only until Zabuza, who was still a student at the time, killed more than one hundred Academy pupils that the practice was terminated, and he became known as “The Demon of the Hidden Mist.”

After becoming an Anbu, he  assassinated the Konohagakure ninja Kumade Toriichi before eventually joining the Seven Swordsmen. His popularity rose as he progressed through the ranks. At some time, he came upon Haku, a little boy who possessed a rare kekkei Genkai, and began training him to become the world’s most lethal weapon.

In the anime, he and Haku were present when the Kaguya clan launched an attack on Kirigakure. Still, they opted not to assist his village. Soon after, they came upon Kimimaro, who became the Kaguya’s lone survivor in the future. Despite Haku’s desire to speak with the youngster, Zabuza compelled him to leave Kimimaro alone and continue on his journey.


Zabuza’s Ninjutsu


During his tenure as a Kiri-nin, Zabuza was a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and a group of the village’s best swordsmen who worked together to protect the town. His favorite weapon was the Kubikiribich, an oversized wide blade that was said to be capable of decapitating opponents. To repair or rebuild itself if it is injured or broken, it has the unique capacity to absorb and use the iron from all of the blood it spills, from anyone it cuts, to regenerate itself.

He used the weapon in combat for lengthy periods without feeling any strain on his body because of the weapon’s weight, which was surprising considering how heavy it was. Apart from manipulating it with great skill, Zabuza was also capable of throwing it spinning towards numerous foes with enough force to embed itself into a strong tree trunk. In addition, he brandished a kunai having a projection on one side that is rather sharp that was built for thrusting and stabbing rather than slicing, which was an excellent match for his sneaky demeanor.

Nature Transformation

When it came to large-scale, very destructive water assaults, Zabuza demonstrated mastery in Water Release methods by unleashing torrents of water in the form of dragon bullets and massive waterfalls on his opponents. He also possesses Water Prison Technique, a water clone, gigantic waterfalls, and other similar abilities. He was very skilled at the Hiding in Mist Technique, which made his Silent Killing much more straightforward to execute. With this technique, he had mastered it to the point that he could make an impenetrable mist without the need for a nearby supply of water.

Relationship between Haku and Zabuza in Naruto?

Haku’s story of rejection, the “same look in their eyes” , and Haku tearing up when he learns Zabuza acknowledged his sacrifice. Even though it was mostly one-sided up until the very end, it was undoubtedly a romantic love connection. This is the way almost all Japanese anime and manga depict Gay relationships, as dishonest as those roles are. Naruto’s relationship with Zabuza is Grade A Japanese Gay romance storytelling outside yaoi. It’s not a father and son relationship, or big brother to little brother.

This could have easily been depicted the way other adoptive father-son brother-brother flashback relationships on the show were depicted. I’ll be getting confirmation about their relationship from Masashi Kishimoto or other Naruto officials, and update.

In this anime we can see that Naruto yelled at Zabuza about how Haku loved him but never mentioned he loved him like a father or brother is Grade A Japanese Gay romance storytelling outside yaoi. Haku only ever expressed his devotion to this man, but never said it was because he saw Zabuza as a father or brother.

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Will zabuza and haku Die In Naruto?

Season 1 Episode 19 was the most heart touching episode. In this episode we can see To protect Zabuza from Kakashi Lightning Cutter, Haku made the ultimate sacrifice by serving as a human shield. Even though Haku was seriously damaged during his battle with Naruto, he desired to give his life for the sake of his dedication and love for Zabuza.

After being severely damaged during his second bout with Kakashi, Zabuza was once more saved by Haku. When Zabuza finished Gato, he collapsed near Haku’s body, expecting to be reunited with him in the afterlife.

zabuza haku death

Importance of Haku and Zabuza in Naruto?

In NARUTO anime Haku and Zabuza are actually appear in season 1, episode 8. This is one of the best parts of Naruto. Here we first see Kakashi and Zabuza fight. This is an epic fight. After the entry of Haku whole episode is very motivational. Haku is a very power full boy, yes he is a boy. When naruto frist see haku. He had a crush on her. But during the bridge, naruto understands that Haku is a boy. In the bridge, Naruto and Sasuke fight with Haku while Kakashi fights with Zabuza. This is one of the epic seen.

During the fight when naruto hard hakus life story. Naruto’s motivation was rekindled by this ark, which formed his character and the sort of person he wished to become. He’d be the type of guy that represents compassion and empathy while yet being the strongest person on the face of the planet. A person who will never take advantage of others and will never be used himself, he was someone who would never use others. Because he was convinced that Haku was not evil, it was Naruto’s words and the warmth of Haku that we’re able to thaw the frigid heart of the demon of the hidden mist and even cause him to cry.

Haku is really helped naruto to boost his chakra. This is the naruto first A Grade mission. So it’s a vital lesson that naruto will never forget. So Haku and Zabuza played a massive role in making this show great. Although Haku and Zabuza are villains, some fans still love them.


When it came to Naruto’s mind of never abandoning his allies, the effect of both Haku and Zabuza couldn’t be overstated. While he and Zabuza were reincarnated during the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kakashi acknowledged that he and Zabuza were responsible for Naruto’s ascent to the status of ninja and hero that he holds today. He believes in the importance of both Haku and Zabuza in shaping the man Naruto is today.

Frequently Ask Questions About Haku and Zabuza

1) Will zabuza and haku Die In Naruto?

Yes, they will both die in Season 1 Episode 19

2) Importance of Haku and Zabuza in Naruto?

The importance of both Haku and Zabuza in shaping the man Naruto is today.

3) Relationship between Haku and Zabuza in Naruto?

It is a one-sided relationship from the hakus side. Haku secretly loves Zabuza.

4 ) Is Haku boy or girl?

Yes, Haku is a boy. Also he is a gay. Although he look like a girl but still he is a boy.

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