Boruto Chapter 64 Release Date, Raw Scan, Spoilers

Boruto Chapter 64 Release Date, Raw Scan, Spoilers

Boruto Naruto Next Generations has just concluded, and fans are anxiously anticipating the next chapter. We’ll provide all you need to know about Boruto Chapter 64 in this article, including raw scans, the plot, the publication date, and any spoilers.

Recent developments in the series have piqued the audience’s interest. Naruto and the majority of his clones are depicted in the manga using the Six Paths Sage Mode, which matches Naruto Gaiden’s design in the film adaptation of the events. However, a quick glimpse of one of Naruto’s clones with the design of Naruto Gaiden is shown.

Boruto Chapter 63 Recap

Chapter 63 of Boruto Naruto Next Generations introduces Kawaki, followed by its next generation, which was surprised with Boruto’s unexpected arrival. Code wondered how did he track him. Momoshiki creates his final attack, a black sphere already creating it for the second time despite its appearance during the beginning of the assault. Boruto started to fight with Code, but Code was able to neutralize all of Boruto’s attacks despite his efforts. Boruto controlled Karma’s power. Afterward, in the manga, Boruto released his chakra after a while.

When Boruto Chapter 64 Will Be Released

When Boruto Chapter 64 Will Be Released?

The official Japanese edition of Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 64 is scheduled for release on November 18, 2021. The English edition of Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 64 will be released as follows:

  • British Time: November 20th, 5 PM on Friday
  • Central Time: November 20th, 11 AM on Friday
  • Pacific Time: November 20th, 9 AM on Friday
  • Eastern Time: November 20th, 12 noon on Friday

Boruto Chapter 64 Raw Scans

The raw scan of Boruto Chapter 64 has not been released yet. The unfiltered scans for Boruto’s Chapter 64 have not been made available to the public yet. After getting the raw scans, we will fill out an amended copy of the text of this article.

Boruto Chapter 64 Spoilers

As you are probably aware, this is a monthly manga. We now have certified early spoilers accessible for everyone to read.

Boruto Chapter 64 is titled “Control.” Shikamaru is depicted in the color position in a relaxed pose while dressed in black and dark orange.

Boruto has embraced the Momoshiki, but he now possesses some control over his body, unlike in the past. Code is pleased by Boruto’s command of Momoshiki powers.

Ada is still keeping an eye on the struggle from afar and occasionally offers intelligence to Code. Ada informs Code that Boruto is under the influence of Amado’s medication.

As with the previous chapter, Daemon remains sleeping throughout Boruto Chapter 64.

While Boruto is in the Momoshiki condition, he retains control of himself, which may be due to Amado’s medications.

Boruto then creates four clones of himself and uses Taijutsu to assault Code. Boruto’s clones do not have the karma mark on their palms; they are completely normal.

The conflict between Code and Boruto continues. Kawaki witnesses Boruto’s altered movement, and Ada warns Code that he may be killed before attaining his actual powers if he does not take action immediately.

Boruto Chapter 64 Raw Scans

Meanwhile, Naruto constructs two clones of himself in Konoha village in order to manifest chakra. Naruto’s only option now that Kurama is dead is to use Senin mode.

Nishi apologizes for missing Kawaki’s departure from the village. Sasuke has not returned from his Code-hunting expedition. Shikamaru is prepared to fight Naruto.

Hinata offers to accompany Naruto, but Naruto requests that she remain behind to protect Himawari.

Then we resume the fight. Code reveals how he intends to feed Boruto to the ten tails and how he will serve as a premium sacrifice.

Shikamaru is concerned that Naruto is not as strong as he used to be, but Naruto assures him that he can maintain the sennin mode for a longer period of time now that he is older and wiser.

Boruto collapses to the ground, his chest clenched and unable to move.

Ada and Code are merely observing from afar. Boruto grunts before collapsing and clutching his chest. There will be no break next week!

Boruto’s animation has been lacking in quality over the last several weeks as the anime’s original episodes have been aired, which is why fans are clamoring for the release of the Boruto English Chapter.

We are making every effort to send you the spoilers and raw scans. Therefore, please be patient and return to Recent Highlights for the most recent information in a few days.

Where to Read Boruto 64

You can get the official Boruto manga through Viz Media, Manga Plus, or the Shonen Jump app, or you can read it online.

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