Who Is The Top Chef 2022 Winner – Contestants on Top Chef 2022

Who Is The Top Chef 2022 Winner - Contestants on Top Chef 2022

The twentieth season of the American reality television series Top Chef is titled Top Chef: Houston. On September 21, 2021, Bravo and NBC Universal made the announcement. The competition was recorded in Houston, Texas, which was not featured in the prior Texas-themed season of the series, as well as Galveston Island. The conclusion of the season was held in Tucson, Arizona. The winner was awarded $250,000.

Production in Houston lasted around five weeks, from late September 2021 through the end of October 2021. The same COVID-19 protocols that were in place for Top Chef: Portland remained in effect, including frequent coronavirus testing and mask wear by production employees.

Houston First led the campaign to pitch Houston as the next venue for Top Chef by showcasing the city to Magical Elves Productions and scouting possible sites to feature during the season. At the NRG Arena, the stage was erected for the performance. In November 2021, the final two episodes were filmed in Tucson, with Visit Tucson providing $750,000 to cover production and relocation costs.

Who Won Top Chef 2022?

Buddha Lo was voted Top Chef season 19 champion on Thursday evening’s Bravo cooking competition series finale. Buddha Lo was crowned this season’s Top Chef champion. Lo’s four-course dinner inspired by his family members astounded the judges.

Lo inherited his passion for cooking from his father, who operates a family restaurant in Port Douglas, Australia. According to his website, he attended the William Angliss Institute in Melbourne after completing high school. At the age of 19, Lo became the chief cook for one of Australia’s finest chefs, Raymond Capaldi.

Buddha Lo Top Chef 2022 champion

Who are the Contestants on Top Chef 19?

Sl. No.NameResidence
01Ashleigh ShantiAsheville, NC
02Buddha LoBrooklyn, NY
03Damarr BrownChicago, IL
04Evelyn GarciaHouston, TX
05Jackson KalbLos Angeles, CA
06Jae JungNew York, NY
07Jo ChanAustin, TX
08Leia GaccioneMorristown, NJ
09Luke KolpinSeattle, WA
10Monique FeybesseVallejo, CA
11Nick WallaceJackson, MS
12Robert HernandezSan Francisco, CA
13Sam KangBrooklyn, NY
14Sarah WelchDetroit, MI
15Stephanie MillerBismarck, ND

Top Chef 2022 Winner

Lo finally produced hamachi with caviar in memory of his brother, lobster laksa in memory of his mother, and Mongolian lamb in memory of his cancer-stricken father. His final supper, a pumpkin mille-feuille, represented his new home in the United States. Lo told PEOPLE magazine, “I was not born in this country. I was not reared in this location. And within four years, I was able to travel from Australia to the United States and qualify for the tournament, so I am quite grateful for the opportunity to be here.”

Which Alumni are Involved in Top Chef Season 19?

Sl. No.NameSeason
01Hung HuynhSeason 3 Winner
02Stephanie IzardSeason 4 Winner
03Tiffany DerrySeason 7, Season 8 Finalist
04Edward LeeSeason 9
05Nyesha ArringtonSeason 9
06Kristen KishSeason 10 Winner
07Brooke WilliamsonSeason 10 Eunner-up, Season 14 Winner
08Sheldon SimeonSeason 10 Finalist, Season 14 Finalist
09Melissa KingSeason 12 Finalist, Season 17 Winner
10Joe FlammSeason 15 Winner
11Gregory GourdetSeason 12 Runner-up, Season 17 Finalist
12Kwame OnwuachiSeason 13, Season 15 Last Chance Kitchen Competitor
13Adrienne CheathamSeason 15 Runner-up
14Claudette ZepedaSeason 15
15Nini NguyenSeasons 15 and 16
15Kelsey Barnard ClarkSeason 16 Winner
15Shota NakajimaSeason 18 Runner-up
15Maria MazonSeason 18
15Dawn BurrellSeason 18 Runner-up

What is the ‘Top Chef’ fan favorite prize?

Fans can have their voices heard by voting for their favourite cheftestant each year, despite the judges making all elimination decisions throughout each season of Top Chef.

San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water provides the prize money of $10,000 to the chef who wins the coveted title of Fan Favorite. The beverage corporation is also responsible for funding the $250,000 grand prize for Top Chef.

Top Chef: Houston guest judges Tiffany Derry, Kelsey Barnard Clark, and Stephanie Izard have been fan favorites in the past (the latter two chefs also won their respective seasons as well).

Which Season 19 contestant joined the ranks and may have earned a spot as a guest judge on the forthcoming 20th season?

The Final Challenge Episode

In preparation for serving judges such as chefs Gail Simmons; Tom Colicchio; Stephanie Izard, winner of Top Chef: Season 4; renowned French chef Eric Ripert; Bricia Lopez, restaurateur and co-owner of Guelaguetza; Gregory Gourdet, an alumnus of Top Chef: Boston; Tucson chef Janos Wilder; and award-winning chef Alexander Smalls, the finalists begin to consider who would make the best partner for the final challenge.

Welch instantly video contacts her ousted partner from the fourth episode, Robert Hernandez. Viewers who adored the Texas duo will likely be ecstatic when Garca calls on Austin’s Jo Chan, reasoning that the two share a similar understanding of food and a special affinity. A competitive Jackson Kalb was renowned for creating unique and delectable foods despite having lost his sense of taste and smell owing to a previous COVID-19 infection. “All I want is the advantage,” says Lo. If I am not beating him, I want him by my side.

After a break during which the judges Izard, Simmons, Ripert, Wilder, Collicohmi, and Lakshmi prepare meals for the contestants in the middle of the desert, the competition resumes.

Welch decides on a waste-conscious hunter-gatherer cuisine with the intention of utilizing Arizona-native products while drawing parallels to her origins in Michigan.

Who are the Contestants on Top Chef 19

Welch prepares a deer and beer heart tartare with sourdough miso and smoked butter with the assistance of Hernandez. While the judges appreciate its desert-appropriateness, the tartare lacks spice and requires a miso kick. For the second course, Welch employs Hernandez’s pasta expertise to make a squash dumpling in corn husk broth, with miso, huitlacoche puree, and three sisters salad — an idea that Simmons deemed puzzling and “too huge for the bowl.” The main course is a rabbit ballotine with apricot, chestnut, and herb salad with grains that reportedly has “personality” but is unfortunately unevenly cooked, followed by a warm and comforting acorn cake with smoked buttermilk ice cream and a calypso bean miso caramel that thrills Ripert and brings back childhood memories for Lakshmi.

Kalb is pleased — and a little bit envious — of Lo’s concept for his last supper, but he assists him nonetheless. Kalb was concerned that Lo would take a traditional, uninspired approach to his final meals. In a lovely ode to his family, Lo prepares hamachi with vin jaune sauce, caviar, apple, and sweet potato bees as a memorial to his brother; Simmons and Colicchio deem the dish “quite flawless” for three Michelin stars. Lo employs his mother’s panang laksa recipe, combining it with cannelloni, king crab, and a carrot butterfly tuile — a technique that Ripert believes is outmoded, but Colicchio considers to be ostentatious. For the main course, Lo prepares “perfectly cooked” Mongolian lamb as a tribute to his father, who passed away prior to the contest and mixes it with eggplant puree, asparagus, miso, squash blossom, and eggplant tuile leaves that impress the judges. Lo’s last dish, a pumpkin pie mille-feulle with pumpkin custard, chantilly cream, maple caramel, pumpkin spice cake, and pumpkin leaves, is his tribute to the United States for receiving him as an immigrant and inspires Simmons to eagerly reevaluate her conception of pumpkin pie.

Garca, who is “thrilled that we could cook anything the f*** we wanted,” uses her memory, the flavours of Tucson, and everything she has learnt from Top Chef thus far. She prepares a scallop crudo with pickled radish, prickly pear, citrus broth, sweet potato, crispy quinoa, and chiltepin chile oil that impresses Wilder and Lopez, despite Colicchio’s opinion that it required more seasoning.

Simmons compared the crystal shrimp and corn dumplings in Garca’s second course as little jewels. Even though Garcia’s creative third course, goat neck “currymole” with nopales and seasoned squash seeds, blends unusual flavours, the judges observe that it need additional seasoning and would have benefited from Garcia cooking the goat directly in the currymole sauce. Garcia’s dessert, a bunuelo with cajeta panna cotta with cardamom cream, pitaya, and persimmon, is deemed her best dish by Colicchio, Welch, and Lo. However, Colicchio once again criticises that the panna cotta is too stiff.

Once judges meet for their private discussion, it is evident that “wild card” Welch will not win.

It is between Lo and Garca in the final.

Wherer to Watch Top Chef Season 19?

You can watch the recaps of Top Chef Season 19 Episodes on Barvo TV.

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