Best TV Shows To Catch On Amazon Prime

Best TV Shows To Catch On Amazon Prime

We are living in a golden age of television without a doubt. Be it us switching through the extensive library of Mediacom canales, or just streaming on any service, there are just tons of downright commendable series and episodes to watch that often get overwhelming. Seriously, how are we supposed to find time to do something else when we can just stick to the TV? Amazon has been building up its library in and out on Prime Video and we are here all for it. They may not have many original series but they have added some really good shows in their catalog. You could stream all day long and still have good TV to catch up on. Following is the list of some must-watch shows on Amazon Prime that you can’t miss.

1.       Outer Range

Outer Range stars our ultimate purple villain Thanos Aka Josh Brolin, Tamara Podemski, Lili Taylor, and Tom Pelphrey. Outer Range is directed by Brian Watkins. The show is for those who love the west and want shows with a dash of sci-fi in it.

Josh Brolin as a rancher in Wyoming, attempts to keep his family together after suffering a significant loss, who later on undercovers a supernatural mystery while checking out the outskirts of his land. The mysterious hole appears to be unending and leads to a different place in time. The Abbots may just have more than they could comprehend at the moment. The show is almost a mixture of Yellowstone and Stranger Things, nevertheless, this mystery thriller is to excite the viewers of all sorts and especially those who grew up watching Brolin in the Goonies. Outer Range is surely a treat to watch and worth binging on too.

2.      The Boys Presents: Diabolical

Created by Simon Racioppa this show is based on ‘The Boys’ by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. This animated adventure stars Grey Griffen, Ben Schwartz Anthony Starr, Chris Diamantopoulos and Awkwafina

 Very much like ‘The Boys’, this show has just as many shallow egotistical Vought-owned superheroes. Seasons 3 of The Boys are set to release this June until then we could binge selves to this animated anthology spinoff series. Diabolical focuses on the “unseen stories within the boys’ Universe”. One could expect tons of hilarious bits from this show considering Seth Rogan’s presence. This ‘not safe for kids’ series consist of eight shorts worth watching episodes. The show is filled with creativity and shows the darker aspects of the superhero genre that probably the big screens don’t cover. This is a one go watch show and would make you more intrigued by the upcoming season of ‘THE BOYS”

3.      As we see it

Created by Jason Katims, As We See It is his take on the struggles of being twenty and autistic. The series stars Albert Rutecki, Rick Glassman and Sue Ann Pien.

After NBC Rise, this show is Katims way back to the television, however, this shows tends to have more of a personal angle for him. The show is based on kids with autism, and as it turns out Jason’s kids are on the autism spectrum as well.

As We See It offers viewers a heartfelt narrative of the lives of people suffering from autism and what happens as they start “adulating”. All the actors in the show are actually on the autism spectrum themselves which gives the show a very meaningful perspective. The show surrounds three friends and their many similar issues of finding friends, a job, and a partner. Dipped in comedy-drama these eight episodes would be a very satisfying watch for those on the spectrum and a learning point for those who are not.

4.      The Boys

Based on Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comic book “The Boys”, the show goes by the same name and is created by Eric Kripke. The Boys’ stars are Elisabeth Shue, Jessie T.Usher., Jack Quaid, Karl Urban, Ern Moriarty, and Anthony Starr.

Now there are many superhero movies and shows that are easily comparable to one another but The Boys stays incomparable. This dark deconstruction of the superhero world is unprecedented and never seen before.  The season is set in a world filled with superpower cooperative greed, where super-powered heroes abuse their abilities and take advantage of the trust they have from the public. A group of vigilantes takes it upon themselves to police and stop this frightening corruption of superheroes, media, and the cooperative world. As season 3 is around the corner catching up on the action-filled first two seasons is highly recommended.

Wrapping Up

So log in to your Prime Video account right now and get watching these not-to-miss shows that we assure you will not regret committing to.

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