Who Won Celebrity Apprentice 2022 – Benji Marshall Beats Darren McMullen

Who Won Celebrity Apprentice 2022 - Benji Marshall Beats Darren McMullen

Celebrity Apprentice Australia has returned for its sixth season, and there will soon be a Celebrity Apprentice Vote to determine who will be fired and who will emerge victorious.

Benji competed against TV host Darren McMullen in a nail-biting finale, earning a whopping $487,105 for his charity, Souths Cares. Continue reading to learn more about the Celebrity Apprentice Vote and how to vote.

What is Celebrity Apprentice?

The Australian reality television series Celebrity Apprentice airs on Nine Network. The show is based on The Apprentice on NBC. The series premiered on October 24, 2011 and originally featured Mark Bouris. In July 2020, Nine commissioned the current owners of the franchise, Warner Brothers Australia, to produce a new season of the show. Former CEO Mark Bouris did not return, however. They then confirmed that Lord Sugar from the United Kingdom would assume the position.

Celebrity Apprentice 2022 Contestants

Celebrity Apprentice Vote

Australia’s corporate reality show has returned after a lengthy hiatus. I’m referring to Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2022, one of the most popular business reality television shows currently airing. There are very few corporate reality television series in the television industries of the world and Australia.

As a result, many people admire it and enjoy watching it. Numerous celebrities participate each year in the celebrity apprentice Australia vote for the year 2022. This year, fifteen celebrities are participating in Australia’s celebrity apprentice vote for the year 2022.+

Who Won Celebrity Apprentice 2022?

Rugby league legend Benji Marshall defeated Darren McMullen in the finale of Celebrity Apprentice Australia to win the title of Celebrity Apprentice 2022.

In an unforgettable finale, both contestants displayed their skills, wit, and network of contacts while raising record-breaking totals throughout the season.

Marshall hosted a children’s concert at Leichhardt Oval with The Wiggles and other acts to encourage children to “dream big,”. In contrast, McMullen hosted a magical extravaganza auction night on Cockatoo Island for his charity, Feel The Magic.

Darren McMullen raised a record-breaking total of over $552,000 for, the only charity in Australia that offers support and grief education programmes for children up to the age of 17 who have lost a parent, guardian, or sibling.

Benji said: “I’m so happy to have been able to raise such a great amount of money for Souths Cares. It will go a long way to supporting the youth and communities in Redfern and contributing to the outstanding work of the South Sydney Rabbitohs, which is something very close to my heart.

In the first episode, he also led a project that raised $600,000, the most in the history of Celebrity Apprentice Australia. Then, he permitted his fellow celebrity project manager, Turia Pitt, to retain her portion ($235,000) for her charity.

The winner of Celebrity Apprentice Australia was ultimately determined by who raised the most money during the final challenge. With Darren raising $152,000 and Benji raising over $300,000, Benji raised the most money and won the competition.

Benji’s overall fundraising total of $487 000 will benefit, a charity founded on the Rabbitohs’ long and proud history of aiding disadvantaged, marginalized, and indigenous youth and families, with a focus on education, training, health, and employment.

“This has been a transformative experience, and Darren was a worthy finalist. I’m glad that he and I, along with all the other celebrities, were able to do so much to support our respective charities after becoming very close friends.”

All celebrities are commended for their efforts to raise money for their respective charities throughout the season.

Celebrity Apprentice Australia, based on the format created by United Artists Media Group and distributed by MGM International Television Distribution Inc., was produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia for the 9Network.

Who Won Celebrity Apprentice 2022

Celebrity Apprentice 2022 Contestants

As the show is still airing, the winner of this season of Celebrity Apprentice has not been announced. When the winner is revealed, this article will be updated accordingly. The following is the complete list of Celebrity Apprentice 2022 contestants:

Sl. No.Contestant Name
1Turia Pitt
2Benji Marshall
3Samantha Jade
4Ronnie Cacere
6Jodi Gordon
7Will and Woody
8Bronte Campbell
9Vince Colosimo
10Beck Zemek
11Eloni Vunakece
12Jean Kittson
13Jarrod Scott
14Gamble Breaux
Darren McMullen

Celebrity Apprentice 2022

Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 premiered on Nine Network on May 22, 2022. Lord Alan Sugar is the series’ CEO, with Janine Allis and Nick Bell serving as boardroom and new advisors. There are a total of 16 contestants and 16 episodes on the show. The show has been renewed through September 2021. In October 2021, Nine announced the list of participating celebrities.

Celebrity Apprentice Vote FAQs

1. Who is the boss on Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2021?

Nine will air Celebrity Apprentice Australia with an entirely new cast in 2021. Lord Alan Sugar, British billionaire, business magnate, and executive producer of all 15 seasons of The Apprentice in the United Kingdom, will serve in the same capacity on Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

2. Who got fired Celebrity Apprentice 2022?

Bronte Campbell is the 13th star to be fired by Lord Alan Sugar on Celebrity Apprentice.

3. Who won Celebrity Apprentice 2020?

Ross Noble and Shaynna Blaze were assigned the final task of planning and hosting a VIP charity event in just two days, with the contestant who raised the most funds being declared the winner. And in the end, Shaynna won by an overwhelming margin, raising nearly $500,000 for her chosen charity.

4. Who won Celebrity Apprentice 2021?

Lord Alan Sugar, British business magnate and host of The Apprentice UK, is the series’ CEO, while Lorna Jane Clarkson and Janine Allis are the new boardroom advisors. Shaynna Blaze was declared the season’s winner on 15 June 2021, with the funds going to Voice of Change, her preferred charity.

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