Is Lavania a Real Place? Where is Lavania from Netflix ‘The Royal Treatment’ movie?

Is Lavania a Real Place? Where is Lavania from Netflix ‘The Royal Treatment’ movie?

The phrase “Where Is Lavania During The Royal Treatment?” is trending on Google. Netflix has released The Royal Treatment, a film set in Lavania. The Royal Treatment, a Netflix original film directed by Rick Jacobson, is a romantic comedy about the lovely love tale of Prince Thomas and Isabella AKA Izzy.

Izzy is a hairstylist in New York, and Thomas pays her a visit while he is in town. He is so taken with Izzy’s unflinching candour that he hires her for his impending wedding as the hair and cosmetics artist. Izzy travels to Thomas’ realm Lavania, where she learns about the people and culture there. As Thomas spends time with Izzy, he discovers that she brings the best out of him and ignites the two.

Netflix The Royal Treatment

The Royal Treatment is a 2022 American romantic comedy film directed by Rick Jacobson and starring Laura Marano as Manhattan hairdresser Izzy, who is hired to work at the wedding of co-star Mena Massoud’s Prince Thomas. The film premiered on Netflix on January 20, 2022.

Despite terrible reviews from reviewers, the film debuted at the top of Netflix’s chart the week it was released.

Where is Lavania, is it a real country

Where is Lavania, is it a real country?

Lavania is a made-up country created for the sole sake of the tale. The breathtaking vistas of New Zealand’s Otago Peninsula provided the ideal setting for the Kingdom of Lavania. On the right Allans Beach’s rock formations. The project was shot in Dunedin, New Zealand, with the outers of the castle shot at Larnach Castle.

It was built by Robert Arthur Lawson and features grounds fit for a king or queen. On the other side, the castle interiors were shot at Olveston Historic Home, which is located at 42 Royal Terrace in North Dunedin.

Other Shooting Locations For The Royal Treatment

The Victorian Precinct on Oamaru’s South Hill and Vogel Street, and Princes Street were incorporated into the film. The story takes place in both New York City and Lavania, a mythical country. However, the crew could not film in New York City because of COVID. On the other hand, Vogel Street was designed like a New York City suburb.

Shooting sequences took done on Vogel St in the morning and later on Princes St; a white limousine appropriate for a princess was parked outside the historic and newly refurbished Wains Hotel; and a taxi that did not like any Dunedin cabs was parked behind it. Take a look at the cast of The Royal Treatment below.

The Royal Treatment Synopsis

Izzy (Isabelle) works as a hairstylist. The microwave in her salon catches fire one day. Doug’s assistant requests payment for the damage, and she gives him the money she had saved for exploring the world. Prince Thomas, the Prince of Lavania, requests a haircut from his aide Walter. Walter contacts Izzy’s salon by accident and informs her that she would be compensated $50,000 for the haircut. Izzy concurs. When she first meets the Prince and begins cutting his hair, a housekeeper brings tea and drops it.

Izzy becomes enraged at how the servant is handled and leaves before the Prince’s haircut is completed. She returns to the salon, where she is joined by Thomas, who completes the haircut. Following that, Izzy decides to walk the Prince back to the metro, and the two have an enjoyable evening together. The following day, Thomas, his fiancée Lauren, and Lauren’s mother consider who to employ as wedding makeup artists.

The assistant to Prince Thomas recommends Izzy’s salon. Her salon agrees, and the two embark on a journey to Lavania. Madam Fabre, another assistant, puts their makeup abilities to the test. Izzy is successful, but her coworkers are not, and Madam Fabre trains them. Izzy travels to the province, accompanied by Thomas. The following day, Thomas expresses his desire to do more for the community to his family.

Izzy urges residents to make donations to less fortunate youngsters by leaving goods at the castle’s entrance. Lauren informs Thomas that she wishes to dedicate a portion of their new land to her work studio. Thomas discovers a guardhouse brimming with donated children’s toys. Izzy and Thomas make their way to the orphanage with the toys and some royal furnishings. Lauren’s mother witnesses Thomas and Izzy becoming very close.

Is The Royal Treatment 2 Confirmed

Lauren is unconcerned, stating that she would rather concentrate on her business ventures than marrying someone she has never met. Izzy is asked to leave after their photograph appears in the newspapers. It is revealed that the King and Queen want Thomas to marry Lauren because her family may be able to assist them in getting out of debt. On the wedding day, Walter informs Thomas that he is aware of Thomas’s feelings for Izzy.

Thomas informs Lauren that he is unable to marry her. She is relieved, as she, too, is opposed to marriage. Izzy returns to discover the salon engulfed in flames. When Doug comes to her for money, she informs him that she spoke with the property’s owner, who had anticipated Doug rewiring the property last year.

The family begins planning to restore the salon, but Izzy informs them that she no longer wants to work there, preferring instead to serve as director of a nearby community center. Prince Thomas mounts his horse to Izzy’s residence and expresses his love for her. The film concludes with them riding their horses to fetch gelato.

The Royal Treatment Cast and Character

  • Laura Marano as Isabella “Izzy”
  • Mena Massoud as Prince Thomas
  • Chelsie Preston-Crayford as Destiny
  • Grace Bentley-Tsibuah as Lola
  • Cameron Rhodes as Walter
  • Sonia Gray as Madame Fabre
  • Elizabeth Hawthorne as Nonna
  • Amanda Billing as Valentina
  • James Gaylyn as Nate
  • Paul Norell as King John
  • Teuila Blakely as Queen Catherine
  • Jacque Drew as Ruth LaMott
  • Phoenix Connolly as Lauren LaMott
  • Matthew E. Morgan as Buddy LaMott

Is The Royal Treatment 2 Confirmed?

With Laura’s mention to Marvel, it’s difficult not to believe that some of the film’s talent is hoping for a franchise. The finale leaves the door open for a sequel, but neither Netflix nor the show’s creators have confirmed that a sequel has been greenlit. Needless to say, it is still early in the game, and they will likely do an assessment of watching data throughout January and early February 2022.

Where to Watch Royal Treatment 2?

You can stream Royal Treatment on Netflix.

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