WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook are down globally – All you need to know about the down

In a huge outage, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook have all gone down.

The three apps, all of which are owned by Facebook and run on shared infrastructure, stopped working altogether shortly before 5 p.m. Facebook Workplace and other products from the same family of apps have also ceased working.

Visitors to the Facebook website were greeted with an error page or a message stating that their browser could not connect. The WhatsApp and Instagram apps were still functional, but no new material was shown, including any messages sent or received during the outage.

There were over 20,000 occurrences of users reporting troubles with Facebook and Instagram, according to Downdetector.

On Twitter, users reported that the popular social networking and communication sites had been inaccessible since around 9 p.m. Indian time.

A dramatic increase in user complaints was also noticed by the website downdetector.com, which records web services.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp, Facebook’s instant messaging platform, was down for over 14,000 users, and Messenger was down for nearly 3,000.

Facebook’s instant messaging, photo sharing, and social networking properties are all market leaders in India.

In India, Facebook has over 410 million users, and WhatsApp has over 530 million users. In India, Instagram is used by more than 210 million people.

Update from The Company

A company spokesman expressed regret for the outage but offered no indication of when it started or how long it will take to resolve it.

On Twitter, spokeswoman Andy Stone stated, “We’re aware that some users are experiencing difficulties accessing our applications and products.” “We are striving to restore normalcy as soon as possible, and we regret for any inconvenience.”

Shortly after, the identical remark was released on the official Facebook Twitter page.

A similar update was also posted on Instagram.

It said on its communications website, “Instagram and friends are having a little bit of a rough time right now, and you may be having problems utilising them.” “Be patient with us; we’re working on it!”

And WhatsApp also alerted users using its official Twitter account.

“We’re aware that some individuals are having problems with WhatsApp right now. We’re striving to restore normalcy and will provide an update as soon as possible,” it stated.

“I appreciate your patience!”

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