Bebaakee Season 2 Release Date – Bebaakee Season 2 Web Series Cast, Release Date, and Time

Bebaakee Season 2 Release Date – Bebaakee Season 2 Web Series Cast, Release Date, and Time

It appears that Ekta Kapoor will not be in Mood to end the Beabaakee web series; the creators have previously stated that the series would not be ending anytime soon since it would take too long, and audiences are fine with that.

Bebaakee is a Hindi-language drama web series directed by Muzammil Desai and produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor under their label Balaji Telefilms. The key parts are Kushal Tandon, Karan Jotwani, and debutant Shiv Jyoti Rajput.

The Bebaakee Season 2 Release Date has been eagerly awaited by the web series’s fans.

The show shows the indestructible links of love, friendship, brotherhood, and even hatred. We find through the characters and their families that even the strongest relationships may be the frailest and that those closest to us can do the most harm.

Fans of Bebaakee have been asking when will Bebaakee season 2 be released, when will Bebaakee season 2 web series be released, and when will Bebaakee season 2 release date and time. You’ve come to the right site if you’re one of the many people who has been thinking about these questions. This page will offer you all the data regarding the Bebaakee season 2 release.

Bebaakee Season 2

Summary of Bebaakee Season 2

Sufiyaan Abdullah and Imtiaz Alqaazi are three very distinct yet equally strong and uncompromising individuals set in Shimla. While Kainaat is a beautiful journalist from a simple yet loving family with her priorities and ambitions in place, Sufiyaan is a womaniser from a rich but complicated setup which makes him untrusting of love and girls as he witnessed his father cheat on his mother with his aunt and now cheating on his second wife as well. Imtiaz Alqaazi, Sufiyaan’s best friend, completes the trio. He is a charming, kind, and educated man who instantly connects with Kainaat. Adil and Farhad, Sufiyan and Imitiaz’s fathers have been best friends throughout their lives and are like family, and so are their children. They jointly operate a sizable media company, United India, and live on the same property.

Each of the trio’s lives is altered as they become embroiled in a love triangle that calls into question their own, as well as their family’s, love, friendship, and togetherness. Sufiyaan’s ‘bebaak pyaar’ (obsession, craziness, insanity) is central to the storey, as is his willingness to gain what he wants regardless of the consequences.

Bebaakee Season 2 Release Date

The ten new episodes of the series will be released on October 12, 2020. These are the last few episodes of Season 1. The season 2 of the Bebaakee is expected to release in 2021, the series’s season 2 would release in the early months of 2021. Although the makers have not made an official announcement on the release, we can confirm that the series’s filming is complete and we will have another season soon.

Bebaakee Season 2

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Bebaakee Season 2 Cast


  • Karan Jotwani as Imtiaz Alqaazi: Farhad and Dana’s eldest son; Hamid and Farah’s older brother; Sufiyaan’s best friend/brother figure and Kainaat’s husband.
  • Shiv Jyoti Rajput as Kainaat Alqaazi née Sahani: Indrapreet and Tahira’s eldest daughter; Harleen, Falak and Dilsher’s older sister; Sufiyaan’s former lover and Imtiaz’s wife.
  • Kushal Tandon as Sufiyaan Abdullah: Adil and Rashida’s son; Benazir’s step-son; Rahil’s older half-brother; Imitiaz’s best friend/brother-figure and Kainaat’s former lover.


  • Mohit Chauhan as Farhad Alqaazi: Imtiaz, Hamid and Farah’s father; Adil’s best friend and Dana’s husband.
  • Ananya Khare as Benazir Abdullah: Adil’s second wife; Rashida’s sister; Rahil’s mother and Sufiyaan’s step-mother/aunt.
  • Sameer Malhotra as Adil Abdullah|: Sufiyaan and Rahil’s father; Farhad’s best friend; Rashida’s former husband and Benazir’s husband
  • Indraneel Bhattacharya as Indrapreet Sahani: Kainaat, Harleen, Falak and Dilsher’s father; Tahira’s husband; and a college professor.
  • Suchitra Pillai as Dana Alqaazi Imtiaz: Hamid and Farah’s mother; Farhad’s wife.
  • Saloni Vora as Falak Sahani: Indrapeet and Tahira’s youngest daughter; Kainaat, Harleen and Dilsher’s sister.
  • Pubali Sanyal as Tahira Sahani: Kainaat, Harleen, Falak and Dilsher’s mother; Indrapreet’s wife.
  • Krutika Desai Khan as Rashida Abdullah: Sufiyaan’s mother; Adil’s first wife and Benazir’s elder sister.
  • Aditi Vats as Harleen Sahani: Indrapeet and Tahira’s middle daughter; Kainaat, Falak and Dilsher’s sister.
  • Ishaan Dhawan as Hamid Alqaazi: Dana and Farhad’s youngest son; Imtiaz and Farah’s brother; Dilsher’s lover.
  • Juhaina Ahsan as Farah Alqaazi: Dana and Farhad’s daughter; Imtiaz and Hamid’s sister
  • Pratik Sehajpal as Rahil Abdullah: Benazir and Adil’s son; Sufiyaan’s younger half-brother; Harleen and Falak’s love interest.
  • Nasir Khan as Joey Thomas: assistant of United India.
  • Ishaan Dhawan as Hamid Alqaazi: Dana and Farhad’s youngest son; Imtiaz and Farah’s brother; Dilsher’s lover.
  • Mahir Pandhi as Dilsher Sahani: Indrapreet and Tahira’s son; Kainaat, Harleen and Falak’s younger brother; Hamid’s lover.
  • Massheuddin Qureshi as Wasim: Alqaazi-Abdullah’s chief servant whom Sufiyaan is close to.
  • Rini Das as Serena: one of Sufiyaan’s many lovers and therapist.
  • Palak Purswani as Laila: one of Sufiyaan’s many lovers.
  • Vinitha Menon as Ruhi: employee of United India.
  • Krish Chugh as child Sufiyaan.
  • Gaurav Venkatesh as Andy: Alqaazi/Abdullah’s family servant.
  • Paras Cchadha as Rohan: Rahil and Hamid’s best friend.
  • Aarti Khetarpal as Nazia: Imtiaz’s ex-girlfriend who has a fling with Sufiyaan.
  • Rekha Desai as Dilshaad: Dana’s personal maidservant.
  • Prakhar Toshniwal as Namik: Rahil and Hamid’s best friend.
  • Ashwin Dadlani as Vicky: Rahil and Hamid’s best friend.
Bebaakee Season 2

Bebaekee Season 2 Story

The story of the second season would progress farther from the first season, the season 2 would follow the same family and Romantic Drama and the Love Triangle too. Bebaakee season 2 would be more about heartbreak, betrayal, and revenge.

Bebaakee Season 2 Music

1“Galliyan”Akhil SachdevaAkhil Sachdeva, Asees Kaur04:44
2“Intehaan”Gaurav GuleriaGaurav Guleria03:50
3“Rabba Khair Kari (Female version)”DigvijayRicha Sharma03:52
4“Rabba Khair Kari (Male version)”DigvijayDigvijay Singh Pariyar04:09
5“Aakhiri Baar”Darshan-UmangMohammed Irfan, Palak Muchhal 4:05

Bebaakee season 2 – FAQs

1. Is there a Season 2 of Bebaakee?

Fans of Bebaakee will be pleased to hear that the series will return for a second season, with ALTBalaji confirming on Twitter that “More episodes of #Bebaakee will be streaming soon.”

2. Where can I watch Bebaakee?

You can watch Bebaakee on Zee5 and ALTBalaji

3. Where is the trailer of Bebaakee season 2?

Till the production team of Bebaakee has not yet released the season 2 trailer.

4. Who are the cast of Bebaakee?

Karan Jotwani playing the role of Imtiaz Alkazi.

Ananya Khare, playing the role of Benazir.

Kushal Tandan playing the role of Sufiyaan Abdullah

Shivjyoti Rajput playing the role of Kainaat Sahni

Sameer Malhotra playing the role of Adil Abdullah

Kruttika Desai playing the role of Rashida

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