Top 10 VRChat Worlds Video Game You Must Play

Top 10 Video Game VRChat Worlds You Must Play

Welcome to AmazFeed and this is the top 10 video game-inspired VRChat worlds. Let’s do this. With Burton. So let’s start this list off right.

10. Cafe LeBlanc

Café LeBlanc was the first stop on our tour. Persona 5 is the difficulty level, and while the entire city and everything is available, I’m only going to show you the cafe itself for the moment. Overall, it’s such a great world since you have a guy, and I apologise for my rudeness in the past. I’m not sure what his name is, but he’s there. You’ve got curry, and you can eat it while watching TV.

Cafe LeBlanc

There are numerous secrets upstairs but my favourite aspect is fixed or fixed it feels in terms of how it corresponds to the actual VRChat Worlds game. It’s one of those levels, I’m afraid. When you sit down in one of the booth spaces, you feel like you’re completely immersed in the experience and that there is the perfect level of detail. And, despite its small size it is jam-packed with so much detail you could easily spend 20 minutes simply walking around it. The actual city portion of the building which is attached to this, as well as the upstairs and everything else.

Moreover, they have an abundance of materials. The whole Takashi’s Medical Center experience is available but I wanted to start my list with one of my personal favourites, and this is unquestionably one of them. Man Persona Five was a long and drawn-out experience. I didn’t succeed, but I gave it my best go.

9. Simpsons

‘Boo Boo’, Wait a minute, Simpsons. The Simpsons is not a video game; rather, it is a television cartoon series. …but hold on, this is The Simpsons hit and run a video game that happens to be one of my personal favourites.

Simpsons hit and run

That is the Simpsons VRChat Worlds game that I enjoy the least. Not only did you receive the primary starting level, but you get the other two levels as well, and there is very nothing in this level that appears to be glitchy in appearance. Of course, there’s no one roaming about the level right now, which is a little disappointing in some ways. You know Moe is there, you know there’s a poo in the poo, you know there’s Chief Wiggum, and you know Homer’s on the couch when you go to the environments.

Marge is washing dishes; they most certainly did not convert these static characters; only the free-roaming, strolling around ones are missing, which is disappointing. Another aspect of this level for me brought it down a notch was the presence of automobiles. I just can’t seem to get them to function. Could you make an effort to sit in them? After pressing forward, they drive away without me. It’s most likely just a tiny bug.

I mean, virtual reality dialogues are constantly upgrading, and things can break at any time. I mean, how could I not be included on this list? it’s The Simpsons in virtual reality. That is incredible. If you ever go back and play Simpsons hit and run you’ll find that some of the races are insanely difficult and others of them are just impossible. I hope you have some cheats on hand because you’re going to need them when you meet him.

8. Grand Theft Auto

So, “Grand Theft Auto is now available in virtual reality.” That’s what everyone wants, isn’t it? Here’s a look at Grand Theft Auto Vice City in VRChat Worlds. The entire map has been rendered. However, it has a lot of glitches. There are numerous areas where I’ve gone through the floor, and despite my best efforts, I was unable to tour the mansion.

Grand Theft Auto

However, you will be able to interact with a pretty cool Tommy Vercetti avatar which I found to be somewhat entertaining. And, unlike the Simpsons episode, where I was having trouble with the driving at this level, the driving in this one is flawless, and it is genuinely hypnotic to watch in the headset with your eyes. Some of these details aren’t that nice while you’re uploading them, but when you’re driving swiftly they look beautiful, and because NPCs are roaming around, they’re glitched out a little bit. So maybe that portion isn’t so significant, but it’s possible that they’re simply going a little crazy due to the problem.

In any case, it’s a very cool level and I hope it continues to be developed and improved over time. Or, you know, I’d love to see Rockstar Port as a virtual reality environment. That may be a really cool thing to do. My name is Tommy Vercetti, and I’d like to introduce myself. Hello and welcome to video chat.

7. The Silent Hill two-level

The second level of Silent Hill is next on my agenda, and I definitely must reveal it to you. To be quite honest, I was having a lot of difficulties investigating the innards of this level, so I didn’t. I couldn’t be honest because I was too terrified. Once you enter some of these regions, you will be enveloped in darkness.

the Silent Hill two-level

This level is really dark, and there is even a setting to boost the light for some parts, so if you believe you’re up to the challenge, this level is quite difficult. As well as providing some small instructions on the way we were intended to take the radio also includes information on fast travel routes and shortcuts. For those who think they’re up to the challenge I’ll remark that if there’s one thing that blew me away about this level, it’s how well the details are preserved despite the fact that this is a VRChat Worlds game from 20 years ago.

Essentially, this appears to be really stunning, and I am aware that the surrounding surroundings are, for the most part, relatively simple. However, for whatever reason, these transfer exceptionally well for the virtual reality headset. As for the Oculus Quest I’m quite intrigued to see what happens if this Resident Evil 4 remake is truly made for it. As far as scares are concerned, they have promised no jump scares, but I’ll leave it up to you to figure out for yourself.

6. Mario Odyssey

So, while no one can deny that Mario Odyssey is a fantastic game, there are some things to consider. To be honest, I believe that Mario Galaxy is the most well-received of the 3D Mario platforming games overall.

Mario Odyssey

The opening area of Princess Peach captured is one of the most memorable moments for Mario. It is also one of the few levels where you actually get to see what Mario World looks like outside the castle and in terms of Mario levels. Even though you only spend a short amount of time in the city during the game, there is enough to do in the VR version if you have that lived-in sensation as this one does. Toads are the ones to chat to.

Every action offers a reward, whether it’s collecting rings or pressing mysterious buttons. I don’t want to give anything away, but I challenge you to have a look at the VRChat Worlds platforming challenge and see whether you are up to the task. Best of luck.

5. Warcraft

So I started playing World of Warcraft around 14 years ago, and, to be honest, I became really addicted very soon. I instantly discovered my obsession and backed out. To be honest, I think I played for about a month until I reached level 25 at which point I realised that this game was far too addictive.

World of Warcraft

I did return and do it again another time, but you fall significantly behind with all these upgrades after a while. Now, I did not take on the role of one of your characters, which is why it might be amusing. That is why I have chosen the Ork level as my favourite. However, the same designer also created Stormwind, which you are welcome to check out. I have to mention the orc level because it contains many NPCs who are sort of hanging out with minor animations, giving the level a much larger sense of being an actual location.

Is frequently a significant issue with these virtual reality conversation rooms is that they are essentially empty. Therefore, unless you have companions in there, it’s somewhat lonely now. Some of the views on this level are incredible, such as going into the city and seeing the massive structures.

It’s genuinely awe-inspiring, and it’s one of those places where you enter and spend 45 minutes exploring everything, trying to find everything, and obtaining all the secrets; there are hidden outfits and these levels are filled with all sorts of small things. And if you’re a World of Warcraft fan, this is the only method to experience the franchise in VRChat Worlds that I’m aware of.

4. Doom VR chat

As a result, this may be the most competitive situation. Any VR discussion level is possible with a team. This is the Doom VR chat room, and you can play the entire shareware version in VR with some truly amazing controls. Make friends. It is quite effective. It’s a well-polished game that’s a delight to play.

Doom VR chat

I was like, oh, you know what I’m saying. I’m going to record the first level and create a video for it. I believe I participated throughout the entirety of the event. I was eventually forced to come to a halt to the battery’s depletion. You have the ability to shoot. Two-handed weapons are possible. Here are the secrets. It’s one of those levels where I’m excited to see what else is possible with VRChat Worlds chat.

I’m presuming that because the doom textures are so plain, the game doesn’t run too fiercely, which makes this possible. However, there is no other stage that is more difficult to play. It’s just so much fun shooting men at this degree of complexity, and this isn’t the first time I’ve been in this apocalyptic scenario in virtual reality.

To be very candid, this is the most enjoyable experience I’ve had in this virtual world. You know, I may be strange, but that Dan is beyond bizarre. Dan, Dan, Dan and I have created some really classic video game music for my own use. Is it just me?

3. Pokémon

So, Pokémon Sword and Shield was a game I thoroughly enjoyed when it initially came out, but as time passed, the game’s apparent lack of postgame material, which appears to be the Achilles heel of all Pokémon games, became more obvious. On the plus side, the pricey DLC adds to the annoyance. On the plus side, exploring this planet in VR is really fantastic. Indeed, there are other details that I overlooked. You have the opportunity to capture Pokémon. You get to see the entire planet.


Now, the entire map is not complete, but it is progressing. And I see no possibility of the developer simply stopping. It’s simply a world that’s a joy to explore. And who doesn’t want to live in a Pokémon world? Additionally, when you enter the wild area, this level truly shines. There are numerous different Pokémon roaming the environment, which you can capture while in the town areas.

There are NPCs in the area. As you can see, they are rather lively. To be sure, that could be a breathing pattern, but you know what? It gives the environment a lot more lived-in authentic feel and is another of those levels that I get lost in exploring. Are you able to capture them all? To discover out, log into VRChat Worlds. Commander, you’ve got to catch that blast selection. I’m going to have to catch the blast toys, just as I would in a kitchen. Yes, I referred to them as blast toys.

2. FF7

Thus, when I experienced the Final Fantasy 7 remake one thing struck out above all others: the aesthetics especially when they were transferred to virtual reality. This is a must-have experience, as the same creator has created several of these levels.


I chose this one because Eric’s house is very stunning in virtual reality, and it’s one of those locations where I could just sit. And, you know, I could easily spend a half-hour just relaxing, given the amount of detail and variety of plants and flowers throughout the house. It’s the ideal setting for VRChat Worlds communication and the ideal setting for flexing my cloud avatar.

While I did not create this avatar, it is quite probably the most amazing visually. Looking in the mirror is a delight in and of itself, so don’t skip out and definitely check out these Final Fantasy 7 levels. Isn’t it this one in particular? Now, I’m not generally a fan of the mirror thing, but I can’t help myself from looking so lovely when I’m a cloud.

1. Breath of the Wild

The first. That is correct; the time has come for number one. Let us proceed. When Breath of the Wild was released it effectively sold people on the concept since it earned a slew of prizes from the start. And, while not everyone appears to be in love with the sometimes-empty vast open area in terms of VR discussion, there appears to be no other setting that captures the game quite like this one.

Breath of the Wild

Then there’s this one everything is animated. There are duties to complete, and the level is enormous. The entire tutorial section, or the entirety of Breath of the Wild’s opening, is located here. You covered all the bases, and there is even a conclusion for me in the ending. Why it isincluded on this list? What matters most is how calm and lovely a space this is to hang out in. If I wanted to spend an hour simply relaxing, this is the spot.

There are other famous environments, but this one has an unsurpassed level of polish and quality. In terms of virtual reality conversation, the breath, the wild level is without a doubt my favourite for video games, and in terms of Zelda, it is not the only Zelda level I enjoy.

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