Apple TV “Trying” Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trying Season 2 Ending Explain

Trying Season 3 Release Date

Trying Tv series has been loved by many Apple TV+ users, and for their treat, Trying is returning with a season 3 very soon. This heartwarming comedy series is an easy recommendation for people looking for some light comedy content and chill-out series to watch. The plotline focusing on an adult couple and their daily life problems has been portrayed so well that neither can deny relating to them nor deny laughing at occasions quite often. If you’re interested in this series, then worry not because we have got you covered with all that you need to know, from the release date to all the other details about the upcoming season 3.

Trying Season 3 Overview

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Trying Season 3 Quick Info

Trying Season 3

Trying Season 3.1 (1)
  • Season: Trying
  • Total Season: 2
  • Total Episode: 16
  • Status: Season 3 (running)
  • Writer: Andy Wolton
  • Director: Jim O’Hanlon
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Production: BBC Studios
  • Music: Paul Saunderson
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Origin Language: English
  • Available languages: English
  • First Episode Aired: 1 May 2020 (Season 1 EP01)
  • Last Episode Aired: 2 Jul. 2021 (Season 2 EP08)
  • Next Season Release Date: 22 Jul. 2022
  • Available On: Apple TV

What Is The Storyline Of Trying

Trying is a heartwarming comedy series that connects with modern-day adult couples and depicts their lifestyle. Trying is a story about Nikki and Jason, a couple who tries to conceive a baby but struggles with it. Ultimately they decide to adopt a kid, and this story revolves around the problems parents face while bonding with their own kids due to the age gap between them. This series is a must-watch for adult couples as well as kids, which will definitely not disappoint in any aspect.

What We Can Expect From Trying Season 3

For season 3, we can expect more challenges coming in the way of Nikki and Jason. On a personal level, things might work out better for Jason but maybe not for Nikki. Season 3 itself will be a fun season to watch with more core content that pushes the story forward while also giving us loads of laughter.

Trying Season 3 Popularity

Trying Season 3.3

The last season of Trying is trending, and the audience who have watched season 2 have given positive responses. Many viewers have given reviews on this new season and have enjoyed watching all the episodes of Trying season 2. Due to the Popularity of season 2, the series is renewed for another season.

What Happened At The End Of Trying Season 2?

Weddings are notoriously difficult to coordinate, due in part to their many unique aspects. Season 2 of “Trying” concludes in a way that is unexpected, spontaneous, and unforgettable in the series’ penultimate episode.

It’s easy for a TV comedy to swing from being a breezy delight to a complete disaster in the space of a single episode. But this fantastically hilarious comedy has shown time and time again that it can manage all the chaos in Nikki and Jason’s lives while still keeping its humorous edge.

Those who haven’t had the time to sit down and marathon the first season should probably skip this section. The second season finale opens with Nikki extremely worried about her sister’s wedding.

Trying Season 3 Possible Release Date

After a little wait, Trying is coming back soon on your Apple TV+ accounts, where the studio has announced the release date of Trying season 3 to be on July 22, 2022. The first two episodes are expected to air on the release date of season 3, and the remaining episodes will release each episodes per week till the season concludes. The final episode of this Tv series is expected to release on September 2, 2022.

Trying Season 3 Cast And Crew

It is an undeniable fact that a movie or series is completely defined by the performance of its cast members. The actors must well portray the characters they are playing, which is why trying has been successful in connecting with its audience time and over again. The cast of trying season 3 involves Esther Smith as Nikki, Rafe Spall as Jason, Eden Togwell as Princess, Micky McAnulty as Tyler, Oliver Chris as Freddy, Sian Brooke as Karen, Darren Boyd as Scott, Robyn Cara as Jenn, Ophelia Lovibond as Erica, Phil Davis as Victor Ross, Paula Wilcox as Sandra Ross.

Production status and Speculations

Since the series is releasing on July 22, 2022, it is quite obvious that the series’ production has been completed, which began the last year in continuation of the story. For season 3, this Tv series has eight episodes which soon is expected to get an announcement for renewal of a season 4 considering the performance of Trying. Do note that this is just speculation and that no official announcement has been made by the studio for its renewal for season 4.

Trying Season 3 Rating And Review


The last season of Trying was met with high praise from critics, who praised the show’s story, acting and characters. In rotten tomatoes, this show got a 96% average audience rating, while on IMDB, the program has a good rating of 7.8/10. The film is set to premiere on Starz in 2023.


I had a great time watching this show. You immediately make an investment in Jason and Nikki. Both humorous and warm-hearted. I don’t normally watch many episodes in a row, but I couldn’t stop after the first one. All of the actors in the production did an outstanding job, and it was photographed beautifully. Excited for the second season to start!

Readers Rating

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How Many Episodes Will Be There In Trying Season 3?

Reports indicate that there will be a total of 8 episodes included in the third season of Trying. This news was made soon after the creators of the program posted the promotional video. The first episode of this series was released on Apple Tv on July 22, 2022.

Episode NoTitleRelease Date
Episode 1Home22 Jul. 2022
Episode 2The Circle22 Jul. 2022
Episode 3Capture the Flag29 Jul. 2022

Where Can You Watch Trying Season 3?

Trying is a good series for any age group. This Tv series knows how to connect with the audience, and it does, which is why you should watch Trying for some gentle and heartwarming comedy. Trying is exclusively available for viewers on Apple TV+ only for the whole world.

Is Trying Worth Watching?

The audience judges the series based on how much rating it has received and what reviews people have given to the series, and then they start watching the series.

So if you want to watch Trying, then don’t think twice and start watching the series, as the series has received many positive reviews and high ratings on both IMDb and rotten tomatoes.

Trying Season 3 Trailer Update

The premiere date of the next third season of the hit program “Trying” has been planned for July 22, 2022. The teaser for the upcoming third season of “Trying” was just published, and it is chock full of twists and turns. On June 23, the preview for the upcoming season was made available online, and it has already received more than one million views.


Trying is a sort of tv series you don’t usually get to watch. This series targets a serious problem of modern times in a subtle and funny manner which easily helps to connect with the audience well. Trying is one of a kind Tv series one must try. Season 3 of Trying is releasing on July 22, 2022. Any further changes and updates to this series will be informed to you on our website as soon as they are announced.

Frequently Ask Question About Trying Season 3?

1. How many episodes of Trying Season 3 will be there?

Trying season 3 will have a total of eight episodes.

2. Is there a Trying Season 4?

As of now, there is no such news from the studio.

3. Where was Trying Season 3 filmed?

Trying has been filmed on many London Landmarks.

4. Is the Trying Season 3 a true story?

No, Trying is not based on any true story but shares the universal pain of parents in a funny manner.

5. Who plays Penny in Trying?

Imelda Staunton plays Penny in Trying.

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