Bosch Season 8: Confirmed Release Date, News, Cast, Spoilers & Updates

Bosch Season 8 Release Date

Don’t we always love to watch those thrilling detective fiction series, and when it comes to detective fiction, the best show to watch is Bosch, without any doubt. Recently all the fans are waiting for the release date of Bosch season 8 and know whether the series Bosch is getting renewed or canceled. Read this article carefully.

Season 8 Premiere Of Bosch

Right now there is no official confirmation about season 8 of Bosch. If it happens then we will update on our website.

Bosch Season 8 Overview

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Bosch Season 8 Quick Info

Bosch Season 8

Bosch Season 8.1
  • Season: Bosch
  • No. of Seasons: 7
  • Total No Of Episode: 67 (Season 1-7)
  • Status: Season 8 (Upcoming)
  • Director: Alex Zakrzewski
  • Writer: Michael Connelly
  • Producers: Henrik Bastin, Michael Connelly
  • Music: Jesse Voccia
  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Cast: Titus Welliver, Jamie Hector, Amy Aquino
  • Production: Hieronymus Pictures, Amazon Studios
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Origin Language: English
  • Available Languages: English
  • First Episode Aired On: 7 Feb. 2014 (S01 EP01)
  • Last Episode Aired On: 25 Jun. 2021 (S07 EP08)
  • Season 8 Release Date: 2023
  • Release Time: NA
  • Available On: Amazon Prime Video

What Is The Storyline Of Bosch

The series Bosch follows the genre of detective fiction and the storyline of the series is about a well-known special force officer who will be working as a homicide detective. During his job, he will be investigating various suspicious murder cases. Meanwhile, he will try to overcome all the challenges to clear the case and find the Truth to capture the real culprit.

Bosch Season 8 Spoiler

When the previous season of Bosch ended, people were still expecting the series to get another season and wished the storyline would continue. Still, as of now, the series is not renewed officially, and we have to wait until the season renewal to get the details on spoilers of Bosch season 8.

What We Can Expect From Bosch Season 8

Bosch Season 8 .3

For people who watch the detective fiction drama series, Bosch, no matter how soon the series is released, fans always keep demanding a few more seasons. After watching season 7, everyone eagerly awaits the Bosch season 8. Still, the production studio of the series has not yet responded, so to know about these details of Bosch season 8, we need to wait for a few more days. Once the series is officially renewed, we will get a clear picture of what will be the storyline of the series and who will make their appearance in the new season of Bosch.

Bosch Season 8 Popularity

The last season of Bosch is trending, and the audience who has watched season 1 has given positive responses. Many viewers have given reviews on this new season and have enjoyed watching all the episodes of Bosch season 7. Due to the Popularity of season 7, the series is renewed for another season.

What Happened At The End Of Bosch Season 7?

The series Bosch season 7 was concluded on June 25, 2021, and in season 7, we saw the detective Bosch investigating the murder case of 19 years old girl who died in an arson fire. Harry Bosch was ready to risk everything to find the real killer behind the murder case of the girl and to give her justice. And at the end of the episode, Harry Bosch successfully arrested the man who set the fire but still, the man who ordered to set the fire was not behind bars, so they tried hard to catch the real culprit of Pena’s murder case.

What Is The Renewal Status Of Bosch Season 8?

The renewal status of Bosch season 8 has yet to be announced by the makers. However, there are speculations that the show may not be renewed for an 8th season. There are several factors that could lead to the show’s cancellation such as declining ratings, creative differences with producers and cast, and backlash from offended fans.

Bosch Season 8 Possible Release Date

The official release date of Bosch Season 8 is not announced yet. We can expect the 8th season of the series Bosch somewhere in 2023. Maybe it will arrive on Amazon Prime Video like the first season. Let’s see what happens next.

Bosch Season 8 Cast And Crew

Everyone is eagerly waiting for Bosch season 8 and is interested in seeing their favorite character again. However, still, the studio of the series has not made any announcements on the renewal of Bosch season 8, so there are no clear updates available on who will be making an appearance in the new season of Bosch but mostly if the series ever happens then we will see the series main cast members to return for season 8 which will include Titus Welliver, Lance Reddick, Amy Aquino, and Jamie Hector.

Bosch Season 8 Rating And Review


The last season of Bosch was met with high praise from critics, who praised the show’s story, acting, and characters. In rotten tomatoes, this show got a 93% average audience rating, while on IMDB, the program has a good rating of 8.5/10. The film is set to premiere on Netflix in 2023.


The best police drama in years, and it gets better every time. A wealth of both positive and negative views on the police department, but an emphasis on justice. A further plus is that the show does not insult the intelligence of its audience by assuming they are capable of understanding the material presented. Excellent series; I eagerly await the upcoming eighth season.

Readers Rating

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How Many Episodes Will Be There In Bosch Season 8?

After a successful last season, fans of Bosch are eagerly awaiting more episodes. However, the 8th season has not been announced yet by the makers. With only 8 episodes planned for the 7th season, it is hard to say how many episodes will be in the 8th one. Some reports say that there will be 8 episodes and others say that there will be 10.

Where Can You Watch Bosch Season 8?

The popular detective fiction American series Bosch has seven seasons in total, and all these seven seasons of Bosch are available for streaming on amazon prime video.

And the series Bosch is pretty popular with an IMDb rating of 8.5/10 and 97% on rotten tomatoes with an average audience score of 93%, which explains the series is very interesting and worth binge-watching. The series is also mainly known for its interesting storyline, which gives the viewers a full thriller vibe, so you should not miss out on this popular series Bosch as the series seems to be worth watching.

Is Bosch Worth Watching?

The audience judges the series based on how much rating it has received and what reviews people have given to the series, and then they start watching the series.

So if you want to watch Bosch, then don’t think twice and start watching the series, as the series has received many positive reviews and high ratings on both IMDb and rotten tomatoes.

Bosch Season 8 Trailer Update

We do not currently have any images, posters, or trailers for the upcoming 8th season of the Bosch series because the recording of new episodes for the 8th season has not yet begun. As soon as we have more information, we will share it with you here.


The series Bosch is still not getting the official renewal, which has made the fans a bit disappointed. However, still, there is hope if, due to the high popularity, the series comes back in season 8. Then we will update you with all the latest details of Bosch season 8 and also, our website will give you all the details of many popular TV shows and web series, so to know everything related to your favorite shows, don’t forget to keep yourself updated with our website amazfeed.

Frequently Ask Question About Bosch Season 8?

1. How many episodes of Bosch season 8 will be there?

The Bosch season 8 will have at least ten episodes.

2. Is Bosch a true story?

No, the popular series Bosch is not based on true events.

3. What is the name of the Bosch spinoff?

The name of the Bosch spinoff is Bosch: legacy.

4. Is there a new season for Bosch in 2022?

Bosch: legacy season 1 was released in 2022.

5. Who is Cora Welliver?

Cora is the actress known for Bosch and Bosch: legacy.

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