These Trendy Chakra Tattoo Will Activate Your Energy Points and Uplift You Spiritually

Trendy Chakra Tattoo Will Activate Your Energy
Trendy Chakra Tattoo Will Activate Your Energy

Whether you believe in chakras or not. Getting Chakra tattoo on our body is in Trend. However, chakras are an ancient concept that originated from India. Moreover, in Hinduism, there is mention of chakras in ancient texts like Ved, Purana, and Upanishad. This age-old ancient concept is now in trend by the yoga enthusiast and also the tattoo enthusiast now.

Anyhow, with the modernization of the seven primary Chakras, they are now a great tattoo design to put on your body. Not only that but these also are a helping agent for the upliftment of your physical and mental health.

What Are The Chakras?

Firstly, chakras are a huge concept that needs a deeper level of understanding. However, before you get your Chakra tattoo I would recommend understanding the concept of chakras. Also, how they work and what their effects are on our body and mind. Because getting a tattoo on your body for your life without even knowing the concept behind it is worthless. Anyhow, You need to know the amazing and interesting history behind the Chakras.

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History of Chakras

Chakra in Sanskrit means “wheel”. Moreover, the oldest text that we could find where they mentioned chakras is in the Vedas. Dated at 1500 to 1000 BC there is a lot that one can retrieve from those ancient texts. In addition to that, in Hinduism, there are many texts, where they have mentioned five chakras. But in some places, they even mention six or seven chakras. We can find the traces of Chakra not only in Hindu texts or in Hinduism but also in Buddhism. However, in Buddhism, they have mentioned five Chakras. Moreover, there are some concepts where they have mentioned 114 Chakras. However, among the 14 chakras, 108 chakras are already active and they help to run our body automatically. And the seven primary Chakras are the origin of all the 108 chakras.

Significance of Chakras

If you are new to this concept the first question that might be arising in your mind is what do the chakras do? And how they are helpful for us? Well according to the ancient traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism chakras are the focal points of energy. These energies are nothing but the representation of our physical well being as well as mental well being. Chakras can be in an inactive state.

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Or in the blocked state, sometimes even at an overactive State. A blocked Chakra can cause many diseases. Each Chakra is situated at a different place. And each of them works on different body parts. They represent different things or virtues of a human being. In modern days we suffer from different diseases. And the belief is that activating all the 7 Chakras Tattoo will help to lead a healthy and peaceful life.

Yoga Activates Our Chakras

Originally the concept of Chakra came from yoga. Another ancient tradition that is originated from India. In Hinduism yoga or meditation is found everywhere. it is so significant that from the beginning of the religion they have been practicing Yoga on several occasions. And it is evident from their ancient texts. Moreover, in earlier days yoga was a regular practice that the people included in the day-to-day lifestyle. The modern belief is that to activate these Chakras there are different yoga poses that one can do. About this yoga and mudras, we will talk later on.

Why You Should Get Chakra Tattoo?

To activate their chakras people are not only depending on yoga or meditation. And to cleanse the Chakras they are also making tattoos of these chakras on their body. Which is not only meaningful and beautiful for a tattoo to be honest. But also a symbol of spirituality to uplift their body, mind, and spirit.

This Chakra tattoo is something deeper than conventional tattoos. The tattoo enthusiasts are not only making imprints on the body that represent themselves Or what they believe in. But the recent trends show that people are getting spiritually conscious. They are continuously working towards leading a peaceful and healthy lifestyle. And for that, they are bringing in new changes. Also, incorporating new practices. The same goes for the tattoos.

So if you are planning to get your Chakra tattoo This article is for you. Whether you are planning to get one or two chakras on your body or to get all the 7 Chakras tattoo inked on your body. You need to know what the chakras stand for individually. And what will they positively bring to us? However, the modern-day enthusiasts incorporated Newtonian colors into individual chakras. Although, it was not found in any ancient Hindu text or records. These colors make these Chakras more attractive as a tattoo.

The 7 Chakras and Their Meaning

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Muladhara is also popular as the Root Chakra. Evident from the name root it explains that it is located at the root of something. Or what we know as the base. Well in this case the root Chakra is located at the root of our spine. Muladhara has to two parts to it. In Sanskrit ‘mula’ means source and ‘Aadhar’ means support . From the meaning itself it is evident that it is the source of support in our life cycle. So the question here is how it supports? We associate Muladhara with the earth elements. If one’s life energy is dominant in Muladhara. Then the the person is probably having issues regarding there survival. This people have immense survival needs. Survival needs like safety, stability, security, stamina, and endurance. This energy Muladhara is also where the dormant Kundalini energy resides. The color of Muladhara is red and it has 4 Lotus Petals.

Lam is the seed syllable for the element Earth. The deity residing in it is Ganesha. And The Shakti residing in it is Dakini. The yoga poses for this Chakra to get activated is the tree pose. The Mudra associated with this Chakra is to touch your index finger to your thumb.


It is also popular as the Sacral Chakra in English. Location of the sacral Chakra is just above the muladhara . Address of our genital organ where it starts. The word Svadhisthana is a Sanskrit word that represents establishment of self or someone who well-established. The Chakra deals with the attributes of pleasure and sexuality. And with the element water we represent it. This has a psychological relation with the human body. However, the element water also correlates and has a dominant presence in the human body. Seed syllable related to the water element is ‘vam’. The divine deity Brahma resides in it. And the Shakti living in it is Rakini. It has six Lotus Petals. And we represent it with the color orange.

The Yoga position to activate is Chakra is a goddess pose. And the Mudra that will activate this Chakra is placing your palm on another palm on your lap, facing upwards. Make sure to put your right palm above your left palm.


This is popular as Naval Chakra in English and it is located at the navel. Chopra located at a place in our body that also represents our connection to our mother while we wear inside the womb. This was the only connection from where we got nurishment for life from our mothers. The naval Chakra deals with the attributes of power, hunger, and management. With the element fire we represent it. We also describe it as the Madhya maha shakti or the intermediate stage of self-consciousness. Its symbol has a triangle facing downwards locating inside a lotus flower with 10 petals. Its color is yellow. For the element fire, the seed syllable is ‘Ram’. The divine deity Braddha Rudra resides in it. And the Shakti is Lakini also resides in it.

The yoga poses that you can do to open or balance this Chakra is the warrior pose. And the Mudra is by placing your hand in between your heart and your stomach crossing your thumbs while your fingers are touching.


Anahata, the fourth chief chakra that we also recognise as the Heart Chakra or the solar plexus. Evident from the name heart Chakra we can and understanding that its location will be around to the heart only. Exactly the location of the Anhata Chakra is at the joint of the Rib cage. Are refresh protects our lungs which deals with circulation of air throughout our body. Similar to this the element for anahatrChakra is air. Anahata or unstruck sound in Sanskrit, which also means unbeaten or unhurt. The seed syllable for this is Yam. The divine deity residing in it is Ishana Rudra Shiva. The Sakti residing is Kakini. Its shape has two Triangles intersecting Each Other creating a hexagram. And the hexagram is locating inside a lotus flower that has 12 petals. The color of this is green.

The camel pose is one of the yoga poses that you can do to activate your anahata Chakra for heart Chakra. The Mudra to activate this Chakra is by taking your Right Hand Thumb and index touching at the Heart Centre. While your left hand is doing the same thing but place it on the left knee.


This one is the fifth one, which literally means purified or filtered. This Chakra resides at our pit of the throat. Hence, we also call it the throat Chakra. We represent it by the element Aakash or space. Throat Chakra deals with speech and communication. The seed syllable for the element Aakash or space is Ham. Its symbol has a circle residing inside a triangle. And then both of them reside inside a Lotus flower with 16 Petals. The color of it is blue. The divine deity residing in it is Panchavakarta Shiva. And Shakti residing is Shakini.

The shoulder stand . And the Mudra is by placing your Hands by your stomach interlacing your fingers and having your thumbs touching each other.


The sixth Chakra called Ajna or Agya literally means a command. It resides in between your eyebrows. We also call it the third eye chakra. And it deals with sight and perception. In popular belief, we say if you activate this Chakra your third eye opens up. The third eye represents the perception beyond the dualities of existence. And this will make a person dispassionate towards everything in existence. This we represent with a figure of Shiva burning everything within his sight after he opens his third eye. This is said to be the spiritual center of energy where the Guru touches the seeker during his training. By touching it the Guru commands the awakening of Kundalini energy to pass through to this Chakra. Its symbol has two Lotus Petals and the color of it is Indigo.

The Yoga position to activate your third eye chakra is downward dog. And the mudra that you can do to open up this Chakra is by placing your hands in front of your chest. Your middle fingers touching each other and standing up while the other fingers bent at the first joint.


Finally, the seventh Chakra Sahasrara means a thousand Petal lotus. However, in reality, it does not mean a lotus flower with 1000 petals. But rather thousands of petals meaning innumerable. This Chakra resides at our crown. When the Yogis are at Samadhi or in other words they have reached the highest form of their spiritual energy is when this Chakra activates. It is is very tough to reach this stage. It is rare to find a person in 21st century who have activated this Chakra. The last valid example we find is from the Ved or Puranas or The Hindu epics. It is a state where go so deep in meditation that you have no consciousness about self, about your surroundings, and about your worldly connections. The color of this is violet. It is the highest spiritual condition one can be in. With no sense of object nor subject and with pure consciousness this Chakra is the most difficult one to activate.

Headstand is one of the yoga poses that you can do to activate or to balance this Chakra. And the Mudra is by placing your hand in front of your stomach, fingers interlaced and the Pinky finger pointing upwards.

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What does the 7 Chakras tattoo symbolize?

Chakra tattoo is more than just a beautiful design. And now you know what all these Chakras mean and what they represent. Each of them has its virtues. You can get your Chakra tattoo depending on the improvements and virtues you want to incorporate in your life. You can choose any one of them, or a combination of them, or all seven of them. The Crown Chakra always stays at the top and the muladhara Chakra stays at the bottom. While getting inked make sure you remember the sequence. Practicing Yoga, meditation and all the rituals related to the chakras will help you to bring enlightenment and mindfulness.

The best places to have your Chakra tattoo

Tattoos are very personal and they stay on your body for a lifetime. You can have your Chakra tattoo anywhere you want. But the Chakras are not just a beautiful design but also a connection with your spirituality.

  • Having all the 7 Chakras tattoo on your back is a great idea. If aligned vertically and in proper sequence, these designs will look great.
  • Some people also have the chakras around their wrist in the form of a bracelet. The designs are not very distinct if inked very small.
  • You can also get your Chakra tattoo on your forearm.
  • Another excellent place where you can have your chakras aligned vertically is on the side of your body. Starting from your chest, up to your waist.

7 Chakras tattoo design ideas

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