Phoenix Bird: The Immortal Mythological Bird

phoenix bird

Superpowers are always fascinating for us human beings. While talking about super powers we can probably only think of Iron Man, Batman, Spiderman or Superman. But another Arena that we mostly skip is the mythological characters. We have been reading and listening to pasun aiding mythological stories and about the characters of those stories. They have magical powers – superpowers with which we can teleport change their Avatar live for an eternity give curse or boon to anybody. So basically they have some amazing virtues that we all want to have. Just like this mythological characters there is a famous mythological Bird – Phoenix. A word with fascinating and mysterious aura around it.

We all probably have you heard or read about the Phoenix bird somewhere or another. Or if you are like me whose knowledge in mythology is not something to be proud of. Then you might have heard of Phoenix for the first time from the movie Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix ( 2007 movie). And if you are one of those who have not ever watched any Harry Potter movie or know about Phoenix. Then you might be living under a rock. And this article is definitely for you because I strongly believe people should at least have knowledge about one great thing in there life. I assure you that you that you will check that box out today.

Everything you need to know about the Phoenix bird their origin, where it came from, their history, and the legends about them. This article has everything covered about the mythological bird – Phoenix bird.

About phoneix Bird

This ancient Egyptian Bird with vibrant red and yellow colour that we have seen in the books and movies is a symbol of resurrection. According to the legends the world can live up to 500 years. After that by the end of their life cycle when they understand the end is near. Phoenix bird makes a nest of aromatic foods and branches such as cinnamon sage and myrrh.

Then they burn themselves in erupting flames and combust themselves into Ashes. From this Ashes the Phoenix bird is born again. With a new body and a new life the Phoenix completes its rebirth. After that the word relates the remaining asses and takes it to the the city of heliopolis Egypt. The city of heliopolis is also known as the city of sun. The Phoenix carries the Ashes in the egg of myrrh. Anjani he places the asses in alter of sun. According to to the early texts the Ashes can bring the Dead Back To Life.

Origin of Phoenix bird

We can find the mention of the Phoenix bird in Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology. Letter the concept of this mythological bird character was included in different cultures mythology. The earliest text we could find that mentioned about the Phoenix bird clearly was the percepts of Chiron. It is one of the ancient Greek literature from the 6th century BC. The Greek poet Hesiod wrote this early text where he describes about the Phoenix bird.

” A chattering crow lives out 9 generations of aged men, but a stags life is 4 time a crows, and ravens live makes three stags old, while the Phoenix out lives 9 ravens, but we, the rich haired nymphs daughters of Zeus the aegis-holder out live 10 Phoenixes.

But there are some disputes over the origin of Phoenix bird . According to some researches the first mention of Phoenix was in ancient Egypt text. Herodotus wrote in fifth century BC that tells about the Phoenix bird.

” the egyptians had also and other sacred bird called the Phoenix which I myself have never seen except in pictures full stop indeed it is a great reality even in Egypt only coming there once in 500 years when the old Phoenix dies. “

Herodotus also describe about the appearance of Phoenix bird. He said Phoenix was partly red partly Golden in colour. He also mentioned that the size of a Phoenix is is almost same as that of an eagle. But in the same text he suspects The authenticity of the story the egyptians tell. ” they tell a story of what this bird does which does not seem to me to be credible. ”

However, Herodotus did not completely believe the Egyptians story about Phoenix. That a bird of flames who carried its ancestors Asus in the egg of Myrrh to Egypt from Arabia.

there might be description says about the origin of this mythological Bird Phoenix. But later we discovered another sacral bird Bennu in the Egyptian stories. Binnu is also a solar Bird that is very similar to the Greek Phoenix. And Egyptian concepts are heavily influenced by the Greek notions of Phoenix.

Appearance and Features

According to the ancient texts we find Phoenix bird had red and yellow feathers and it was a powerful huge animal. Sometimes we portray Phoenix as a peacock too. It has flaming wings and when it flies it looks so bright in the sky that people misinterpreted it as the sun.

infograph of phoenix

In another concept they connect Phoenix to the sun. or as a descendant of the sun because of its halo.

In several versions There are different descriptions of the Phoenix bird. Some described him same as a size of an eagle. Some said the Phoenix bird is even bigger than an eagle. But all of them acknowledged its superficial powers. It carry elephants holding in its claws. The Phoenix has amazing healing power. As the bird lives 500 years long people say it is is immortal. Phoenix Birds teardrops Can Heal any wound. True stories about how ancient Kings tried to catch a Phoenix to become immortal. the feathers of the phoenix bird can even reverse death.

The Myth of Phoenix

In ancient culture Phoenix virgin immortal Bird. People thought catching a Phoenix can make them immortal. Hence from ages people tried to catch this magical Bird because of its supernatural power. But failed every time. Because obviously a Bird with such powers must be very intelligent also. Not only intelligent but also too fast to catch.

the story of Phoenix birds mortality was so popular. that Roman Emperor elagabalus Wanted to eat Phoenix to become immortal. He sent his people to every direction to catch Phoenix. But obviously they could not find this mythological Bird. However they could not go back to the emperor empty handed. Hence They brought a bird from Paradise to serve it to the emperor. Elagabalus anyhow consumed the meat of that bird. Which did not make him immortal. As a matter of fact only after 2 years of eating that Bird of Paradise the emperor dyed. The Praetorian guard killed him.

The Legend of this mysterious Phoenix bird might not hold its importance in today’s world. But the the symbol that it carries is very much accepted widely.

The myth of the Phoenix is not only found in the Roman aur Egyptian mythological stories. But Birds similar to Phoenix is found in most of the cultural epics of different countries. In Chinese they have a similar Bird age of Phoenix – phenghuang. It is also a symbol of power Grace and prosperity. In Japanese culture also there are mention of Phoenix but in different name. But in Japanese culture the come in pair a male Phoenix bird and a female Phoenix bird. They always stay together and the are a resemblance of positivity. These Phoenix Birds spread happiness and prosperity in the world.

In popular culture be considered Phoenix as a symbol of renewal rebirth aur regeneration. This also holds a a motivational meaning. That no matter if you have failed and your efforts have burn down to ashes but you can still rise from the Ashes . In popular culture the line rising from the Ashes is is widely used.

Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix is where we can find a Phoenix. One of the most popular series from the pop culture.

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Does the Phoenix bird exist?

Phoenix bird is a mythological character found in Greek Roman and Egyptian cultural texts. There is no proof about their existence of Phoenix other than these ancient stories. Talking about mythology it’s completely subjective and varies from people to people, if they wanna believe it it or not.

where does the Phoenix birds live?

in ancient Egyptian stories we find that the Phoenix bird lives in the Western desert. Which is the current days Arabian desert. They have longer life cycle of anywhere between 500 to 1000 years. Which is nearly immortal.

What are the powers of the Phoenix?

the powers of Phoenix are immense. As it is a mythical Bird its powers are also superficial. The strongest attribute that a Phoenix has is its immortality. Its tears can Heal any wound. There weather can reverse death. video as Phoenix bird can incinerate itself in Flames willing fully and die. Similarly from the Ashes of the combusted Phoenix the rebirth of a new Phoenix happens.

Is Phoenix male or female?

From ancient text and Legends we can say a Phoenix is a female Bird.

Is the Phoenix Evil?

Phoenix is connected with the sun. Hence, from ancient texts we can understand Phoenix was the sign of prosperity, positivity, light, and happiness. Phoenix was also very powerful and one of the strongest animals. Due to its power it could also be a destructor.

what does Phoenix mean in Chinese?

In Chinese culture Phoenix is called Fenghuang. An Immortal Bird who one can rarely find. It is also a symbol of harmony, peace and prosperity. The Chinese say the Fenghuang carries good omen.

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