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After a season filled with daily challenges, eliminations, and plenty of drama, who emerges as the victors, and how much money do they walk away with? In the season finale of The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies, everything comes down to a single race and a single decision.

Come and find out who will be the winner of the program. Who got how much money, and how did they get it? What channel should I watch? Who is on the list of contestants? As well as several others. For further information, you should read this article.

The Challenge season 37 Storyline

Members of previous reality shows, as well as newcomers, are invited to take part in this show’s competition. During the season premiere of “Are You the One?,” first-time cast members known as “Fresh Meat,” relatives of these members, and former cast members from the prior series fight against one another for the chance to win a cash reward of $10,000.

The Challenge season 37 task

The Challenge season 37 finale Recap

The Spies, Lies, and Allies final organized in Croatia was brought to a spectacular finish by The Challenge 37, Ep 19, which aired on March 31. It was down to eight contestants to battle for a share of $1 million in prize money on the line.

Following the conclusion of the last episode, they were separated into two groups: the Purple Cell and the Orange Cell. The colors purple represent CT Tamburello, Devin Walker, Tori Deal. In contrast, orange represents Nelson Thomas, Kyle Christie, and Kaycee Clark, respectively.

TJ Lavin addressed the contestants as the finals got underway, emphasizing that they did not want to come in last. TJ informed them that it was time to depart, and they sprinted off to their first checkpoint as a group.

Who won Spies, Lies and Allies

From male contestants, Chris “CT” Tamburello won this show

In the reality show The Real World: Paris, Chris “CT” Tamburello is a participant. In addition to winning Rivals II, Invasion of the Champions, Champs vs. Stars, Champs vs. Stars 2, and War of the Worlds 2, he was also a finalist on The Gauntlet III, Battle of the Exes, XXX: Dirty 30, and The Inferno, The Inferno II and Battle of the Exes.

Chris Tamburello

The Duel III, The Inferno 3, and The Duel II were among the other shows on which he competed. He also took part in Rivals, Free Agents, and Battle of the Exes II as well as on Champs vs. Pros: Final Reckoning and Total Madness.

From female contestants, Kaycee Clark won this show

Kaycee was forced to withdraw from her last competition after suffering a significant knee injury during the Final Mission. It was a terrible end for the young woman. Kaycee is well-known for playing a faultless game alongside her Big Brother pals, Fessy and Josh.

Kaycee Clark

She also can play a political game that is just ambiguous enough to prevent her from getting involved in unnecessary controversy. She also has a new love interest, Nany, who gives her a new ally and provides her with the possibility for further distractions. Kaycee may have to make some intelligent bargains to stay afloat, given the expanding list of her alliance’s adversaries.

The Challenge season 37 Rating And Review

Finally, The Challenge 37 has ended. Viewers are very much appreciated this season. On IMDb, Challenge 37 got 7.7 ratings.

Unlike other reality shows, this one does not go into the worst aspects of people’s personalities. It encourages intense competitiveness while also being severe when it comes to aggressivity, which I find extremely admirable.

As a result, it is intriguing to see the players improve and modify their playstyle from season to season. It is also fascinating to observe their tactics in the challenges and follow the characters’ journeys through each season.

The Challenge season 37 Episode List

The Challenge reality show first came in in 1998. It still goes on. The Challenge 37 theme is the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. This show total has 19 episodes.

Here is Episode List

  • Episode 1 – Global Activation
  • Episode 2 – The List
  • Episode 3 – Bertha
  • Episode 4 – Truce or Dare
  • Episode 5 – Messy
  • Episode 6 – Good Vibes and Gladiator
  • Episode 7 – Alien
  • Episode 8 – Uncle CT
  • Episode 9 – The Threat
  • Episode 10 – The War
  • Episode 11 – Precious Stones
  • Episode 12 – Mucus Plug
  • Episode 13 – 500
  • Episode 14 – Titanic
  • Episode 15 – Mavericks
  • Episode 16 – The Cave of the Wolf
  • Episode 17 – Riverdance
  • Episode 18 – Drop Dead
  • Episode 19 – Night of Mistakes
  • Episode 20 – The Decision

For more episode information Click Here.

The Challenge season 37 Contestants List

Male Contestants List

Male Contestants Finish
Chris “CT” TamburelloWinner
Kyle ChristieRunner-Up
Devin Walker-MolaghanThird Place
Nelson ThomasFourth Place
Emanuel NeaguEpisode 18
Logan SampedroEpisode 17
Josh MartinezEpisode 15
Cory WhartonEpisode 13
Ed EasonEpisode 11

Female Contestants List

Female Contestants Finish
Kaycee ClarkWinner
Tori DealRunner-Up
Emy AlupeiThird Place
Nancy GonzalezFourth Place
Amanda GarciaEpisode 18
Tula “Big T” FazakerleyEpisode 16
Ashley MitchellEpisode 14
Bettina BuchananEpisode 12
Priscilla AnyabuEpisode 10

It is quite impossible to give every contestant’s detail here. If you want more detail Click Here.

Where To Watch The Challenge season 37

A season filled with hard challenges, harsh eliminations, and turmoil between castmates is coming to a conclusion. The Challenge season 37 finale will air on MTV on Wednesday, 15 December at 8 pm (ET). You can also watch it on FuboTV, Philo, and Amazon Prime Video.

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