Marrying Millions Season 3: Confirmed Release Date, Did The Show Finally Get Renewed?

Marrying Millions S03.4

Do you like to imagine how your life will be if you meet a larger-than-life guy? Then Marrying Millions is the perfect show for you. Marrying Millions is consists of drama, fun, and unpredictable moments. Things on this show will chill you because you have only seen this in movies.

From wide financial gaps to significant age differences will draw your eyebrows. But in the end, how these couples work out their relationship is something you can consider taking note of. So without any further due, we will focus on the storyline of Marrying Millions.

Season 3 Premiere Date For Marrying Millions

Right now there is no official announcement about Marrying Millions season 3. If it happens then we will update our website.

Marrying Millions Season 3 Overview

Please read the basic information below before proceeding with this topic. Maybe it will be useful to you.

Marrying Millions Season 3 Quick Info

Marrying Millions Season 3

Marrying Millions S03.1
  • Season: Marrying Millions
  • No. of Seasons: season 2
  • Total Episode: 30
  • Status: Season 3 (Upcoming)
  • Producer: Gena McCarthy, Keira Brings
  • Genre: Reality-TV
  • Production: Sharp Entertainment
  • Music: Robert Allen Elliott, Matthew Newman Dunne
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Origin Language: English
  • Available languages: English
  • First Episode Aired: 10 Jul. 2019 (S01 EP01)
  • Last Episode Aired: 30 Mar. 2021 (S02 EP20)
  • Available On: Lifetime Television

What Is The Storyline Of Marrying Millions

Marrying Millions is presented by LifeTime. The first Season aired on 10th July 2019 and ended on 11th September 2019. Season 1 was a massive hit, and it crossed a viewership of over 400000. Creators decided to make Season 2. This decision was the best gift for its audience. It gained enormous popularity with almost 331,000 viewers and still counting. The second season has 20 episodes for the demand of the audience. The first season of Marrying Millions has 16 episodes of 42 minutes.

In Marrying Millions, six different couples meet each other at odds scenario. Some chose to continue their relationship and marry each other, while others preferred to part ways. We get to see much over-the-top life, Luxurious cars, dream-like proposals, and marriage ceremony. The most noticeable thing is their age gap and financial status. It almost felt like watching a movie on Disney.

Not every fairy tale has a smooth journey. These couples also face a lot of criticism from their relatives, and the audience judges them. Love wins no matter where you are from or what age group you fit in. But there are allegations that this show is heavily scripted.

The creators have assured us that some moments are scripted, but most of the show is genuine.

Marrying Millions Season 3 Spoiler

Despite the fact that the 2nd Season of Marrying Millions has not been officially announced. As a result, it is no longer necessary to assume the spoiler at this time. Please stay in touch with us because as soon as we receive any new information on this subject, we will post it here.

Marrying Millions S03.2

Why Was Marrying Millions Season 3 Delayed?

Marrying Millions Season 3 was delayed for multiple reasons. The production team hasn’t posted any reason for this. Fans are assuming that due to the covid pandemic, things have been stuck for a long time. Also, this show’s first season participant Bill Hutchinson was covered in controversy.

He was arrested in Texas for sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl. Bill was charged with inappropriate touching like massage and groping. Not only that, he was accused of rape and sexual assault of two 16-year-old girls. Those charges caused him to sell his Miami vacation home. He had to list his Laguna Beach house, Carmel, and California house.

Bill has requested his fans and friends to give him a chance to prove his innocence in a court of law. For these reasons, show makers have decided to stop this show until the end of the controversy. That being said, there is no official record of these reasons.

The Release Date Of Marrying Millions Season 3

The producer hasn’t revealed the exact release date of Marrying Millions Season 3. The overwhelming response to this show can lead to season 3. According to this information release date should be around the last of 2022 or the first of 2023.

Now we can only wait for official confirmation. As soon as we get the updates, we will update our article.

Marrying Millions Season 3 Cast

Officially there is no announcement of the Marrying Millions Season 3 cast. Audiences assume that there will be one or two couples of the previous seasons. Mostly we will see new romantic partners. It is rumored that instead of New York City, Marrying Millions will move upstate into Westchester County.

The couples can meet each other near the jogging area or gymnasium. This season is going to be way more interesting.

Marrying Millions Season 3 Rating And Review


On IMDB rating of Marrying Millions is 5. In rotten tomatoes, Marrying Millions is 56% fresh. The age rating of this show is 11+. Though the IMDB rating of this show is not the best, this show will surely entertain you. It has drama and romantic proposals. It is more of a dream come true like ex[erience.


It’s oddly intriguing and endearing, especially when it comes to the couple with the greatest age difference. There are so many people out there that are looking to marry for financial gain, even if it appears that they are dating their grandfather. The concept of the show is quite fantastic. It is possible that this show will appeal to those who enjoy watching romantic comedies.

Similar Shows Like Marrying Millions

Marrying Millions is just one of the many shows that are very similar to other famous ones. Many people have watched the show and have enjoyed it, but there are also some who have noticed some similarities to other popular shows.

Many series have gained popularity in recent years, and many of them have a striking resemblance. For anyone interested in watching series that are comparable to Marrying Millions, I must say that you will also appreciate the other show.

Marrying Millions S03.3

Here are the top 5 handpick similar shows by us:

  • Summer House
  • Love is Blind
  • Couples Therapy
  • Dating Naked
  • Married at First Sight

Where Can You Watch Marrying Millions?

Currently, Marrying Millions Season 3 is not available on any OTT platform. If we get any information regarding its streaming channel, we will update it on our article.

Trailer of Marrying Millions Season 3

The trailer of Marrying Millions Season 3 is not available yet. The previous season trailers were also not available.


We hope to provide all the necessary details regarding the latest season of the Marrying Millions TV series. And To know about the future updates on the popular TV series Marrying Millions, stay updated with our website as we will be posting the upcoming updates soon.

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Frequently Ask Questions About Marrying Millions Season 3

1) Are the couples from Marrying Millions still together?

Drew Gemma and Rosie Marin they’re still going strong.

2) What is Rodney Foster net worth?

Rodney Foster’s net worth is $5 million.

3) What is Rick's net worth on Marrying Millions?

Rick’s net worth is $10 million.

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