Shane Stardew Valley: Guide to Marrying Shane in Stardew Valley, Shane’s Heart Events

Shane Stardew Valley Guide to Marrying Shane in Stardew Valley, Shane’s Heart Events

Shane is one of the Stardew Valley universe’s more developed characters. He struggles to please others, has a pessimistic outlook, and is known for his bleak past involving his struggles with despair and alcohol. However, he is susceptible to persuasion.

He splits his time between his employment at JojaMart and drinking at The Stardrop Saloon, making him easy to find and meet. Shane also needs to build his own rooster farm, which you may assist him with.

Who is Shane?

Shane works at the JojaMart in Pelican Town and is generally obnoxious and unpleasant. Shane clearly struggles with leading a regular life, as seen by the fact that he spends the majority of his free time drinking at the Stardrop Saloon. As the player falls in love with Shane, his attitude changes, displaying a man struggling with significant issues.

Stardew Valley Shane Marriage

Stardew Valley Shane Marriage

To marry Shane, you must first give him an eight-heart bouquet and then visit Old Mariner in the beach’s tidal pools to purchase a mermaid’s pendant, just as you would with any other bachelor or bachelorette in Stardew Valley. The Old Mariner will visit you only if it is raining, and the pendant is available for 5,000g.

After earning ten hearts from Shane, you may give him the mermaid’s pendant, and the wedding will go place three days later, in the morning.

Shane will depart Jojamart following his wedding and move to the farmhouse, where he will establish a room to your right. He’ll also construct a small chicken coop for Charlie’s pet fowl. On rainy days, he’ll bring you gifts, and if he is confined to the farmhouse for the entire day, he will bake you a snack.

Shane’s Likes and Dislikes

While Shane may appear to be tough to please, buying him gifts is simple due to the ease with which his desired presents can be acquired early in the game. One of his major passions is beer, which gamers can quickly obtain at their neighborhood tavern. Shane also enjoys procuring Hot Peppers, Pepper Poppers, and Pizza, as well as all of the Universal Loves, which are included in this category.

However, players attempting to win Shane’s heart should avoid Quartz, Pickles, Seaweeds, the majority of forageable things, and all Universal Dislikes. Once players have the ability to purchase and nurture hens, Eggs are an excellent way to boost Shane’s Heart Level, as they provide players +45 points each time.

Shane’s Heart Events

Shane’s heart episodes are primarily motivated by his melancholy and alcoholism. Players will trigger their first heart event in Cindersap Forest, where Shane offers players a beer and speaks to them about his despair. Shane’s six-heart incident is the low point of his life, as he is seen near the edge of a cliff suffering from alcohol poisoning.

Shane will visit the player’s farm the next day to apologize for what has occurred. Players should tread carefully when responding to his comments at this moment since it will harm their connection points with him.

For instance, selecting “I’m delighted I was there to assist” and “I’m just thrilled you’re still here” earns players +10 friendship points. Choosing “You needed a serious wake-up call,” on the other hand, would result in a -10 friendship point penalty.

While Shane’s romance subplot may not be for everyone, his story contains some heartwarming moments. By choosing to romance Shane, the player provides him with a cause to live, assisting him in overcoming his depression and adopting a more optimistic attitude toward the world.

While Shane’s marriage may not have the perfect happy ending, he does have certain advantages, and his adorable bond with his goddaughter Jas demonstrates that while he may appear harsh on the outside, he is kind and loving with those close to him.

How to marry Shane in the Stardew Valley

How to marry Shane in the Stardew Valley?

Like any other Stardew Valley character, Shane is amenable to gift wooing. Shane is one of the most approachable characters since he can always be found at his place of employment, JojaMart, or in the tavern following his workday. Additionally, his treasured gifts are frequently discovered, making him relatively easy to romanticize.


  • All universal loves
  • beer
  • Hot pepperoni
  • Pepper poppers
  • Pizza


  • Universal likes except cucumbers
  • All eggs except empty eggs
  • All fruits except hot peppers


  • All universal neutrals
  • Milk (any kind)

Don’t like

  • All universal dislikes
  • seaweed
  • Many food items such as chanterelles, common mushrooms, daffodil, dandelion, ginger, hazelnut, holly, leek, magma cap, morel, purple mushroom, snow yam, wild horseradish and winter root


  • All universal haters except algae
  • quartz
  • Cucumber

Shane’s Heart Events are also not for the faint of heart since they are primarily about his battles with depression and drinking.

Where can Shane Be Found?

During the day, Shane is generally seen at Jojamart. Shane can also be spotted drinking in the Stardrop Saloon on weekends and evenings, as well as at Marnie’s Ranch, where he resides. These are the greatest locations to deliver gifts to Shane and strengthen your friendship with him.

Where can Shane Be Found

What Are Shane’s Heart Events?

Everything you need to know about Stardew Valley Shane’s heart events, as well as the appropriate solutions to his inquiries, is right here.

Two Hearts

Between the hours of 20:00-00:00, go to Cindersap Forest.

Four Hearts

You are welcome to go to Marnie’s Ranch at any time.

Six Hearts

During a storm or rain, go to Cindersap Forest between 09:00 and 20:00.

Shane was also spotted lying on the precipice of a cliff, surrounded by beer cans. He’ll express his sadness and wonder why he shouldn’t simply leave. Your friendship with him is unlikely to change as a result of any of the four discussion options. Following that, he’ll request that you take him to the hospital, and the following day, he’ll approach you and apologize for the previous evening. You’ll be presented with three dialogue options:

  • ‘I’m glad I used to be there to assist’ – +10 friendship factors
  • ‘I’m simply comfortable you’re nonetheless right here’ – +10 friendship factors
  • ‘You needed a serious wake-up call’ – -10 friendship factors

Seven Hearts

After the six-heart event, enter Marnie’s Ranch once Shane returns home or travel to the city between 10:00-16:00 on a bright day (you may require two hearts with Emily and Chris for this).

Eight Hearts

Once Shane is at dwelling, go to Marnie’s Ranch.

Ten Hearts

Leave the home at a time of 6:00 a.m. and go to the bus cease between 16:00 and 18:00 p.m.

Fourteen Hearts

Visit the city on any day except Friday between 08:00 and 17:00. For the following two sections, visit the city on one of the following days.

You and Marnie wait outside the saloon on the third day while Shane enters. You go in expecting to catch him drinking. Still, all he is doing is sipping Joja Cola and playing arcade video games to keep from drinking. You have two dialogue options, neither of which affects your friendship level.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shane Stardew Valley guide

1) Is Shane good to marry Stardew Valley?

Shane is arguably top-of-the-line characters to marry in Stardew Valley.

2) How do you set off the guts occasion in Shane 10?

Shane’s Ten-Heart Spectacular

To proceed to the subsequent heart event, the participant must present Shane with a bouquet and begin romancing him. After acquiring ten hearts, leave your house no later than 6:30 a.m. Shane will most likely knock on your door and invite you to watch a gridball match in the city with him.

3) How previous is Shane Stardew Valley?

Abigail, Haley, Sebastian, Penny, Maru, Alex, and Sam were between the ages of 19 and 24. Leah, Elliott, Shane, Harvey, Sandy, and Emily are in their adolescent years.

4) How do you date Shane?

Shane will only give you ten hearts if you present him a bouquet at eight hearts and initiate romance. Once you reach ten, leave your house before 6:30 a.m. Shane will almost certainly be waiting outside to invite you to a gridball game in Zuzu City. To keep the date, simply proceed to the bus stop between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

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