Racket Boys Season 2 Release Date will it ever happen, or will it be canceled by the studio – Everything we know so far

The squad together

Racket Boys season 2 is a sports comedy Korean drama series that K-Drama fans have loved even after it is a pretty underrated show. The enticing and soothing depiction of this series’s lovely storyline makes Racket Boys special. If you, too, are interested to know more about Racket Boys and its season 2, then worry not because we have got you covered with everything you need to know about this series.

Did Racket Boys get Cancelled?

Season 1 of Racket Boys debuted in the year 2021 on May 31. Ever since the series has gained a decent amount of fan base, it is considered an underrated K-Drama series for what potential these series hold. The show’s creators have not announced any updates on the series renewal for season 2, nor is the show canceled yet. Hence, the renewal status of Racket Boys seasons 2 is unknown.

Racket Boys Season 2 Overview

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Racket Boys Season 2 Quick Info

the whole squad
Show NameRacket Boys
No. of Episodes15 (Season 1)
No. of Seasons1
Status Not Confirmed Yet
DirectorJo Young-Kwang Ahn Jong-yeon
ProducerKim Hee-yeol, Park Sang-hyeon, Jeong Sang-yang
WritersJung Bo-hun
GenreSports, Comedy, Drama.
MusicPark Se-Joon
Country of OriginKorea
Origin LanguageKorea
Available LanguageKorean
First Episode Aired onMay 31, 2021
Last Episode Aired OnJuly 19, 2021
Next Season Release DateNot confirmed yet
Available onNetflix

Racket Boys Season 2: Expected Release date & time

Season 1 of Racket Boys debuted in the year 2021 on May 31. Ever since the series has gained a decent amount of fan base, it has been considered an underrated K-Drama series for what potential this series holds. The show’s creators have not announced any updates on the series renewal for season 2, nor is the show canceled yet. Hence, there is no release date or time for the show.

The plotline of Racket Boys

Racket Boys is a K-Drama sports comedy series that revolves around a city kid brought to the countryside by his father, who has a coaching gig here. He is determined to revive a middle school badminton team on the brink of extinction. Will his son cope with everything going on in his father’s life? For that, you will have to watch this lovely K-Drama series.

The previous night, I wrote a review for the series. And after watching the very last episode, I rated the whole thing a perfect 10! The fact that all of the male characters shed tears added a lot of warmth to the experience. Almost exclusively tears of happiness and love! But I absolutely adored this tiny town and the way in which its seven residents had collaborated in order to put it on the map.

I was interested in trying Haenam Sweet Potatoes, so I did some research online to find a recipe for them. To my delight, I discovered that the company has been in operation since 2002 and is one of the first Korean products to be awarded an appellation. Therefore, I hope you like watching the series; when it’s played correctly, badminton is a lot of pleasure to watch.

Racket Boys Season 1 Summary 

To revive a badminton team in middle school and save it from utter extinction, Coach Yoon Hyeon Jongs moves to the countryside with his son Haenam. When a baseball champion of his school, Yoon Hae Kang, becomes an important part of the badminton team of the middle school, Haenam feels his interest in Badminton rise again. Through the journey of preparing for the competitions, he meets new faces and becomes closer than ever to his teammates.

What happened at the end of season 1?

At the end of Racket Boys season 1, Jeonnam boys win the national finals against Seoul. All thanks to Hae-Kang and Woo-Chan’s phenomenal partnership in the doubles match that destroyed the opponent team in the game. On the other hand, Hae-Kang also confesses his love for Se-Yoon. The show ends with the couple competing against their best friends, Han-Sol and Yoon-dam. 

What will happen next in season 2?

The creators haven’t yet announced any plot or set piece to continue season 2. Still, the series is expected to continue the story forward from where it left in season 1. We might get to explore more of Hae-Kang’s relationship with Se-Yoon and people finally finding out the secret. There might not be a lot, but enough for season 2 to continue the legacy of Racket Boys.

Racket Boys

Racket Boys Season 2 cast? Will they be back for next season?

The Star cast of a series or a movie is a vital factor behind its success or failure. This is why casting directors must select the right actors for the content. Luckily, this had been done with serious care in the case of Racket Boys, with a phenomenal star cast including Kim Sang-Kyung as Yoon Hyeong Jong, Na-ra Oh as Ra Yeong Ja, Tang Joon-Sang as Yoon Hae Kang, Choi Hyun-Wook as Na Woo Chan and many more. Based on the current story, they are expected to return for the second season (if that ever happens).

Racket Boys Season 2 Popularity

The 1st season of Racket Boys is trending, and the audience who has watched season 1 have given positive responses. Many viewers have given reviews on this new season and have enjoyed watching all the 16 episodes of Racket Boys season 1. Due to the popularity of season 1, the series is renewed for another season.

Racket Boys Season 1 Rating

Racket Boys is a good sports drama comedy show with a heartwarming story that fans have loved. This series has been considered an underrated series that comes out as a compliment to the content it is giving its audience. Overall, Racket Boys has had a decent performance, with a good 8.8 rating out of 10 on MyDramaList, which is justifiable.

It is an extremely enjoyable and pleasant experience. It will bring a grin to your face and make you feel love and relationships. It does an excellent job of depicting the feelings. This show is enjoyable to me because it emphasizes the importance of working together and supporting one another. There is a great deal of conflict, but what other show aimed at teenagers isn’t? I really hope there will be a second season. If you want to know how highly Amazfeed thought of this show, the score should be 7.0 out of 10.

Racket Boys season 1 stats

Racket Boys Season 1 review

There’s a lot to love about Racket Boys since it is a feel-good series. The lightness of the show is handled pretty well by the creators, and it feels soothing and heartwarming. Each character in the show has been given the necessary focus, and we can easily see character growth in the complete series. Besides this, the show also teaches us relatable and necessary valuable lessons that people have been missing these days. Overall, the entire series is a wholesome package of heartwarming content.

There are a lot of cliches to begin with, but everything is eventually sorted out for the better, as is typically the case with teenage groups. A surprisingly high volume of playable badminton that demonstrates dedication, commitment, technical advancement, and the meeting and overcoming of problems.

After watching only one more episode, I cannot believe how quickly I have finished watching the entire series. Wonderful work done developing the characters, as well as some outstanding performances. The moment when everyone in the town got dressed up in their best party clothes is perhaps my favorite part of the movie.

Readers Rating

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Racket Boys Age Rating And Parental Guide

Age Rating

The practice of categorizing a piece of media based on how appropriate it is for viewers of varying ages is referred to as the age rating. The television show “Crash Course” has received a 12+ rating for its age range. Avoiding it is something we strongly advise for anyone under 12, as it contains mature content.

Parental Guide

The Parents Guide is intended to assist parents in becoming familiar with the series. This series makes use of profane speech, graphic violence, and a variety of other disturbing elements. Therefore, we strongly recommend that parents do not grant permission to their children (who are younger than 12+ years old) to view this show.

Racket Boys Season 2 NEWS

There is no announcement or leak regarding season 2 of Racket Boys. The show had its season 1 release in May last year, hinting that there might be an announcement soon. Based on the performance of season1, a new iteration also seems to be a good possibility.

Similar Shows Like Racket Boys

As of now Racket Boys season 2 is not released. But you can enjoy watching other similar shows like Racket Boys. Here are some Similar Shows Like Racket Boys.

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Racket Boys Season 2?

If the showrunner decides to make the upcoming season of Racket Boys then it might have 15 or more episodes as the past seasons also have 16 episodes. so we can expect at least 15 episodes in the upcoming season.

Where Can You Watch Racket Boys Series?

It is available on Netflix. The monthly fees for Netflix’s Basic, Standard, and Premium plans are $9.99, $15.99, and $19.99, respectively. In India, there are four different basic plan prices: Rupees. 849, Rs. 999, Rs. 1,109, & Rs. 1249. (Premium package)

Is the show worth watching

With a heartwarming screenplay and lovely plot line, the current performance of the series is quite justified. The show has recently been making a good sum of money and audience retention. If you wish to watch a light comedy K-Drama series with feel-good content, then Racket Boys is the series for you.

racket boys squad

Racket Boys season 2 Trailer expected release date.

Season 2 of Racket Boys hasn’t been confirmed yet. This is why it is impossible to expect a release date for the trailer of season 2 of Racket Boys. A season of any show needs to have a confirmed official release date for people to expect a trailer release date, usually a few days before the actual release date of the series.


Racket Boys is a delightful sports comedy K-Drama series that teaches you valuable lessons in life with the help of the plot. The complete series is a lovely feel-good content ride that you will enjoy if you wish to watch something peaceful and light. Season 1 of the show has performed pretty well, but there is no update regarding the release date of season 2. Any further announcement related to the series will be shared with you as soon as it is announced. So do not forget to follow our website.

Frequently Asked Questions About Racket Boys Season 2

Where is Racket Boys season 1 filmed?

Racket Boys was filmed in Southwest Korea, specifically in Gangneung and Suncheon.

On which OTT platforms are Racket Boys available?

Racket Boys is available on Netflix.

In which language does the show Racket Boys available?

Racket Boys is available in the Korean Language.

Is Racket Boys a good show?

Yes, Racket Boys is an excellent show.

How many seasons did Racket Boys have?

Currently, Racket Boys has only 1 season.

Is Racket Boys based on a true story?

No, Racket Boys is a fictional story.

In which year is Racket Boys set?

Racket Boys is set in the year 2021.

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