Nisekoi season 3: A new anime project is announced! Know in detail!

Nisekoi season 3 Release Date

Nisekoi is a television anime adaptation of Naoshi Komi’s manga of the same name. It is broadcast weekly on MBS and several Japanese national networks, including Tokyo MX, tvk, TV Aichi, and others.

At the same time, Crunchyroll and Daisuki streamed it outside of Japan with English and other language subtitles. It aired for a total of twenty installments.

A second season was aired from April 10 through June 26, 2015. Continue reading if you’d want to know when Nisekoi Season 3 will air.

Nisekoi Season 3 Overview

The upcoming television season of Nisekoi is the most eagerly awaited yet. Those who enjoy fiction are more interested in understanding when the new Season of Nisekoi is available online. Continue reading to find out more about the upcoming season of Nisekoi.

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Nisekoi Season 3 Quick Info

Nisekoi Season 3

When was the original release date of Nisekoi?

Nisekoi season 3 Release Date

Although the show’s creators have not formally confirmed its cancellation, Showtime has declared that it will not be renewed.

If the showrunner wishes to return for a third season, I hope they inform me unless there is no possibility for a third season of Nisekoi.

Nisekoi season 3 plot

The final season of the series was released in June of 2015, and there has been no word on a release date for season 3, but season 3 is almost certain to happen given the creators’ remaining content.

If you’ve been following Nisekoi thus far, you’ve probably observed that Raku falls in love with a slew of female characters. The second season contained fewer episodes than the first. Season 1 consisted of 20 episodes, whereas season 2 consisted of only 12.

Season 2 also saw the introduction of various new characters, including Haru Kosaki’s sister. We’re looking for Chitoge’s red ribbon from the final episode of season 2, episode 12, which viewers saw while she was learning how to commit her fillings for Raku.

Is There Any News Of the Nisekoi season 3 Trailer?

The Conclusion was not what spectators desired, which increased their anticipation for the third season. The audience has no idea who his genuine love interest is, and the makers have omitted to show the true promise girl.

Every spectator is intrigued by the true story of the promise girl. And, of course, once the series’ third season arrives, all of these uncertainties will be dispelled.

How Many Episodes Will be Included in The Upcoming Season of Nisekoi?

If the showrunner decides to continue Nisekoi, the future Part may contain twelve or more episodes, as the previous Part did. As a result, the upcoming Part should feature at least twelve attacks.

In the previous season, there were 12 episodes, which included the following:

  • From Now On/Please Notice; Episode 1
  • Fate/Showdown; Episode 2
  • Need; Episode 3
  • Mother; Episode 4
  • Teach Me/Raku-sama; Episode 5
  • Delicious; Episode 6
  • Little Sister; Episode 7
  • Magical Pâtissière Kosaki-chan/Work; Episode 8
  • Cleaning/Sick Visit; Episode 9
  • Support; Episode 10
  • I Want to Lose Weight/Good Morning; Episode 11
  • The Search/Just Testing; Episode 12

Nisekoi season 3 Cast: Who can be in it?

Even though there has been no official announcement of the upcoming Nisekoi season, we can anticipate the return of practically every character if the season 3 premiere date is kept.

Additionally, we may expect the emergence of some well-known names early. Along with most of the characters returning, the following Season may introduce several new recurring and side characters.

This show features some well-known and talented actors, including

  • Koki Uchiyama Voiced by Raku
  • Nao Toyama Voiced by Chitoge
  • Kana Hanazawa Voiced by Kosaki
  • Shu Voiced by Yuki Kaji
  • Claude Voiced by Takehito Koyasu
  • Ruri Voiced by Yumi Uchiyama
  • Seishiro Voiced by Mikako Komatsu
  • Marika Voiced by Kana Asumi

Nisekoi season 3 Rating & Reviews


If you’ve never seen the series before and are curious about its quality, I can assure you that it’s pretty good! 7.2 /10 is a respectable IMDb score, and in MyAnimeList, the show has a 6.63 critics score. So definitely, this show is in my book. If you’re still undecided about seeing it, have a look at what others had to say about it after you.


I watch a lot of anime, and when I began watching this one, I became utterly absorbed in it. I would recommend this to everyone who enjoys mystery and romance.

The primary characters are four girls and one boy; all of them are in love with the same boy, and the boy is in love with only one of them but is unsure if she is the girl with whom he promised ten years ago.

Raku Ichijo made a personal commitment to his childhood sweetheart as a child, retaining a pendant as a remembrance and handing over the key to his love. He fantasizes about meeting his former sweetheart, but reality crushes his dreams years later when Chitoge Kirisaki unintentionally knees him in the face.

While Raku is a typical high school student, his family is the head of the Shuei-Gumi faction, a notorious yakuza gang! And he’s dragged into family matters when he’s compelled to date Chitoge, the daughter of the boss of a rival gang! Close.

Will there be any Updates on the Nisekoi season 3 Trailer?

There is no trailer for Nisekoi season 3 at the moment. However, do visit our website frequently as we will continue to update you on any new information regarding the upcoming Season. If it is available, you will view it on our website. The previous Season’s trailer may be viewed here.


Our goal is to keep your upcoming Season of Nisekoi release date information accurate and up to date by utilizing publicly available data and third-party sources such as IMDb, The Movie Database, and guides. Kindly contact us via comment if you come across an error to correct it.

Frequently Ask Questions About Nisekoi season 3

1. When was the original release date of Nisekoi?

Nisekoi was launched for the first time on January 11, 2014.

2. How many seasons in Nisekoi?

Nisekoi has a total of two seasons.

3. Is There Any News Of the Nisekoi season 3 Trailer?

Nisekoi Season 3’s trailer has not yet been published.

4. Is Nisekoi available for free to watch?

No, you won’t be able to watch this series for free. You must have a Funimation membership to view all past seasons. However, there are several websites on the internet where you may view movies for free.

Amazefeed does not support piracy in any way. Watch this series legally on Funimation and help the creator. Thank you very much.

5. How many episodes are in the season of Nisekoi?

Nisekoi consists of twelve episodes.

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