‘My Little Bride 2’ Renewed or Cancelled, My Little Bride 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot & More

My Little Bride 2 Release Date

Who didn’t love the cute couple Bo Eun and Sang-min? It was the second-highest grossing domestic movie in 2004 in Korea. It’s been 18 years since the film was released, but fans are so engrossed in this movie that they still want to watch their romance on screen.

And we are on a mission to provide you with information about My Little Bride 2 with extra care! Then what you are thinking, just start reading!

My Little Bride 2 Overview

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My Little Bride 2 Movie Quick Info

My Little Bride 2

My Little Bride 2.1
  • Movie Name: My Little Bride
  • Writer: Sun-il Yu
  • Director: Ho-joon Kim
  • Cast: Rae-won Kim, Sun-yeong Ahn, Moon Geun-young
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Production: Culture Cap Media
  • Producer(S): Sun-shik Choi, Jun-seok Park
  • Music: Man-Sik Choi
  • Cinematographer: Jeong-min Seo
  • Country of Origin: South Korea
  • Origin Language: Korean
  • Available Languages: English, Korean
  • Theatrical Release Date: TBA
  • Digital Release Date: Not Yet Confirmed
  • Film Industry: Hollywood
  • Streaming On: Prime Video, VUDU

My Little Bride 2 Renewed Or Canceled?

It is not anticipated that My Little Bride will revive it for a second film. It seems unlikely that the film will resume making a sequel given the initial picture’s release date, as we already discussed that this movie was released in 2004. The major protagonists already had a Happy Ending in the previous film.

My Little Bride 2 Possible Release Date

As the movie’s producers will most likely not renew it, there is no official release date for My Little Bride 2. It’s difficult to predict how the tale will develop because My Little Bride finished the story rather beautifully.

My Little Bride 2 Spoiler

My Little Bride 2.3

It’s quite hard to give spoilers when My Little Bride 2 has not been confirmed by the makers but don’t worry. We have discussed the fans’ theories for My Little Bride 2.
Fans predict we will see a strong bond between Bo-eun and Sang-Min with a more mature understanding.

And lots of funny scenes of their happy married life with kids! However, some of the fans predict we will see a new cast; let’s see, only time can tell!

What Is The Storyline Of My Little Bride

A young woman struggles to maintain her social life after her grumpy grandfather arranges for her to marry an older guy. Can she rebuff the system and a wedding she doesn’t want to attend?

What We Can Expect From My Little Bride 2

My Little Bride 2 will surely pick up a new plot as My Little Bride plot has already finished without any cliffhangers. But fans assume they will see the last cast in the next part. They believe that My Little Bride 2 will focus on their kids.

But that’s unlikely if we consider the title and theme of this movie, it will surely focus on the new cast and a fresh plot. It will be really amazing to see who will be our little bride!

My Little Bride 2 Popularity

The last part of My Little Bride is now enjoying higher levels of viewership. The program was introduced to a sizable audience and has continued to build on its success ever since it first aired. There is much anticipation among viewers of the show for the subsequent episode, and there has been discussion on a potential 2nd part.

What Happened At The End Of My Little Bride?

Sang-Min started working as a drawing teacher in Bo-Eun’s school. He gathered a pretty good fan base over there. Even teacher Kim developed a crush on Sang-Min, but that didn’t run for long.

In an incident, teacher Kim came to know that Sang-Min married Bo-eun. After learning this information, she was so furious that she gave Bo-eun the task of painting the wall, which would be used as a background for the school festival.

However, Sang-Min helped paint the wall with his friend without knowing Bo-eun. In the end, Bo-eun comes to see that he is the one who helped her. She also learned that Sang-Min has always been in love with her.

And we see in the final scenes Bo-eun finally understands that she is in love with her husband Sang-Min, not her boyfriend, Jung-Woo. She broke up with Jong-Woo and proposed her love to Sang-Min in front of the whole school while the festival was going on.

My Little Bride 2 Cast And Crew

A sequel to My Little Bride is doubtful, given that it has been 18 years since the original was released. We can consider the My Little Bride original cast members even if it is unlikely. These are: Sung-min is portrayed by Kim Rae-won, Lee Jung-woo is represented by Park Jin-woo, Shin Se-Kyung plays Bo-eun Pal, and Ahn Sun-young depicts Teacher Kim.

Bo-Kyung portrays Kim Ji-soo, and Bo-grandfather Eun’s is performed by Kim In-moon. Bo-mother Eun is portrayed by Sunwoo Eun-sook, while her father portrays Song Ki-Yoon.

My Little Bride Season 3 Rating And Review


If you’ve never seen the series before and are curious about its quality, I can assure you that it’s pretty good! 7.1/3 is a respectable IMDb score, and in MyDramaList, the show has a 7.6 average audience score. So definitely, this show is in my book. If you’re still undecided about seeing it, have a look at what others had to say about it after you.


Watching this movie is a must if you want to feel a little bit better about yourself while also having a wonderful time. The film’s storyline is coherent and unimpeded, making it easy to follow. The actors have amazing chemistry with one another. Due to the absence of any material designated for an R rating, this film is appropriate for viewers aged 11 and older.

Readers Rating

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My Little Bride Age Rating And Parental Guide

Age Rating

The recommended age range for Another Self is 12 years and up. Because this series contains some serious content that is not appropriate for children under the age of 12, we strongly recommend that youngsters under that age avoid watching it.

Parental Guide

Caution is advised for younger viewers when watching this television series since it contains a significant amount of profanity. Therefore, we strongly advise parents not to allow their children (who are less than 12) to watch this series.

Similar Shows Like My Little Bride

As of now My Little Bride 2 is not released. But you can enjoy watching other similar shows like My Little Bride. Here are some Similar Shows Like My Little Bride.

Where Can You Watch My Little Bride?

The romantic comedy film My Little Bride, which stars Kim Rae-won, Moon Geun-young, and Kim In-mun, is now playing in theatres and may be streamed online. You can watch it on your Roku device by accessing AsianCrush, Cinehouse – Stream Your Niche, Prime Video, VUDU, or the Vudu Movie & TV Store.

Is My Little Bride Worth Watching?

It’s a charming story of young love in My Little Bride. It serves as a reminder that sometimes we can lose sight of something or become too absorbed to realize the “love” that has always been around. Furthermore, we must not mistake true love for mere thrills.

Isn’t it wonderful to have someone with whom you will spend the rest of your life who has supported you without your asking?

This short movie has a lot of uplifting, feel-good tones that are ideal for the weekend if you want to unwind. Watch it with your buddies to have a great time!

My Little Bride 2 Trailer Update

Unfortunately, no confirmed return, so that means no new trailer. As far as we know, filming hasn’t even started yet, it looks like it’s going to take a while.

But keep an eye out on this space as we promise to update you as soon as we know anything.


Due to the way it depicts the challenges of getting married young, the film is still widely watched today. Additionally, it is entertaining for viewers due to the comic interpretation of arranged marriage.

My Little Bride is not anticipated to have a sequel due to the film’s joyful conclusion and the absence of remarks from the producers. Amazon Prime Video offers the stream of My Little Bride.

Frequently Ask Question About My Little Bride 2?

1. What is the age difference in "My Little Bride"?

The age difference between Bo-eun and Sang-Min is five years. Bo eun is a high school kid who is 15 years old, whereas Sang-min is a 20-year-old college student.

2. How old is the guy in my little bride?

The guy is 20 years old. 

3. Does my little bride have a happy ending?

Yes, it has a beautiful ending. 

4. How old is Kim Rae Won?

Kim Rae Won is 41 years old.

5. Is My Little Bride available on Netflix?

No! My Little Bride is not available on Netflix. 

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