MTV Roadies Audition Season 19 & Online Registration Details 2021

mtv roadies audition

MTV Roadies is one of the most popular TV reality shows among the youth. This is the longest-running show on MTV the youth channel of India. However, it launched black in 2003. The show because of its concept became so popular among the youth of India that it became a brand itself. Even though from the first season the background of the show was the same. But it only received mainstream popularity after season 3. After completing a teen season successfully Roadies is now ready to launch their season 19. If you are an Aspiring Roadies and want to take part in this great show then keep on reading. MTV Roadies audition season 19 is live now.

About MTV Roadies

During the first few seasons of MTV Roadies, the format of the show was quite different from what it is now. However, they come up with a different motto every year the first few Seasons were more or less similar.

The show has always been in some kind of controversy. During the first Seasons when Raghu and Rajiv were the judges the show was known for their aggressive way of taking audition and using foul language excessively. People also perceived that physical strength plays a major part in your selection. Henceforth people started to focus more on developing physical strength than developing a good moral.

However, the show makers have always denied the fact that they look for physical strength in a participant than their overall personality. It was somewhat significant because of their strength-based tasks. Most of their tasks those days needed good body strength.

However, over time de changed their priorities and requirements in participants. More than focusing on how good of a bodybuilder they are how many pushups one can do now this focuses more on the mental power of the candidate. So their audition process is slightly different. But there are still controversies regarding the outlook of the judges on selecting a participant. So what is the audition process of Roadies?

MTV Roadies audition

There are several stages in MTV Roadies audition. At first, you have to go to the official website of MTV Roadies and there you will find the online registration form for MTV Roadies. Fill out the form. There they not only ask you about your general details but they also ask you some questions that reflect your personality. After that, the candidates have to reach the audition venue for MTV Roadies audition. Before reaching the personal interview round there are several group discussions conducted.

Didn’t have to participate in each group discussion in small groups. For every group, there is one invigilator or operator who conducts the group discussion. They are mostly ex Roadies contestants. After you clear the group discussion round you go for the personal interview round. There you will have a one and one interview with all the mentors and judges. They may assign you some tasks also. They judge you on the basis of your personality, entertainment, and creativity.

Personal interview round there is the last stage where all the selected candidates have to come after 1 month. during that one month, they should work mode on their personality strength and special skills. This is the Mega Audition where Ranvijay selects the final contestants for that season among the selected candidates.


The selected candidates from the audition are put in a mentors team. They are assigned tasks every week and each team competes against each other. Every week there is an eviction from the losing team in the task. However, the format is much more complex than it sounds. As there are internal politics group politics and the impact of the mentors also in the game. At last, they will find the winner like this.

MTV Roadies audition 2021 dates

Starting date of MTV Roadies audition 2021: TBA

Closing date of MTV Roadies audition 2021: TBA

The online platform used for MTV Roadies audition 2021: Voot app.

The process of auditioning: Online and offline both

Judges: Prince Narula, Neha Dhupia, Nikhil Chinapa, Raftaar, Ranvijay Singha

Season: 19

Eligibility Criteria for MTV Roadies audition 2021

  • The person has to be an Indian citizen.
  • The candidate has to be 18+.
  • There is no upper age limit for the participants.
  • The person also needs to provide his or her identity proof details.

MTV Roadies audition 2021 process

  1. Go to MTV Roadies official website or download the Voot app from Play Store or Apple Store.
  2. In the Voot app, you will find the live MTV Roadies audition page.
  3. Click on the link and you will find the online registration form for MTV Roadies audition 2021.
  4. Fill out the registration form carefully and select your audition City.
  5. Each city has a particular audition date. The candidate has to appear at the audition venue on a particular date.
  6. Audition venues for Roadies are Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Indore, and Chandigarh.
  7. There the candidates have to queue up in the line and clear the group discussion rounds.
  8. After the group discussion round there will be a personal interview round. This is the toughest round of the audition process as here you will have one on one interview with the judges.
  9. If you clear the personal interview round you will go for the last round where Ranvijay will select the final contestants from the selected candidates.

Roadies 2021 start date on TV

This year Roadies is having their 19th season. Auditions for season 19 will shortly begin. And after that, they will come on air on MTV and on Voot very soon. There is no official release date announcement from the MTV Roadies team yet. We will upload the dates here as soon as they announce it.


How can I join MTV Roadies?

Here is how you can join MTV Roadis:

  • Go to or and go under the MTV roadies tab.
  • There you will find the online registration form for Roadies audition. Fill up the form carefully.
  • After submitting the form you have to appear on the audition venue on the particular date for next steps of audition.

Is roadies real or scripted?

To be clear not only roadies but reality shows like this are scripted. They also put you in such circumstances to bring out such reactions. This also is one kind of scripting.

Which Gangleader won roadies most?

Neha Dhupia won the most seasons of MTV Roadies.

What is the age limit for roadies?

There is no upper limit of age in MTV Roadies audition. The participant has to be 18 or 18+.

Who is the owner of roadies?

Raghu Ram Ambadapudi is the producer of MTV Roadies. He is also the former judge of MTV Roadies.

Which is the best season of Roadies?

Season 18 is the best season of Roadies.

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