Updated Index of Mr. Robot Season 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Review, Cast, All Seasons & Episodes Recap )

Mr Robot Season 3

Mr. Robot is an American TV series about a socially unpleasant ethical hacker. And when the planet begins to play a key role in halting the Chinese Minister’s evil organization from bursting into the world, it is taking a turn.

Mr. Robot is a fascinating show, so this index of the best thriller series in the true sense of the word has been made. You meet many people, a thousand different story lines and science at its finest so often that you get so involved and lose yourself at one stage in the series.

This is not an inaccessible Sunday afternoon watch with sweets, but you must take the show and binge it because of its intricate and incredibly addictive plot. So we presented all the episodes of Mr robot series and Mr robot to support you.

  • Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller
  • IMDb Rating: 8.6/10
  • Written By: Sam Esmail, Kyle Bradstreet, Kate Erickson, David Iserson
  • Directed By: Sam Esmail
  • Available Platforms: Amazon Prime, Vudu, iTunes, USA Network, Google Play
  • Total Seasons: 4 Seasons
  • Total Episodes: 45 Episodes
  • Running Period: 2015-2019
  • Release Date: 24 June 2015

Mr Robot Cast & All Characters List

Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson

Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson

Carly Chaikin as Darlene Alderson

Carly Chaikin as Darlene Alderson

Portia Doubleday as Angela Moss

Martin Wallström as Tyrell Wellick

Martin Wallström as Tyrell Wellick

Christian Slater as Mr Robot

Christian Slater as Mr Robot

Michael Cristofer as Phillip Price

Michael Cristofer as Phillip Price

Stephanie Corneliussen as Joanna Wellick

Stephanie Corneliussen as Joanna Wellick

Grace Gummer as Dominique 

Grace Gummer as Dominique

Frankie Shaw as Shayla Nico

Frankie Shaw as Shayla Nico

Index of Mr Robot Series (Season 1 To Season 4)

Index Of Mr Robot Season 1

  • Number of Episodes: 10
  • Available Platforms: Amazon Prime, Vudu, USA Network
EpisodeName of EpisodeLink
Episode 1Hello FriendWatch Now
Episode 2One And Zer0sWatch Now
Episode 3D3 BugWatch Now
Episode 4Da3m0nsWatch Now
Episode 53xpl0itsWatch Now
Episode 6Br4ve-Trave1erWatch Now
Episode 7V1ew-s0urceWatch Now
Episode 8Wh1ter0seWatch Now
Episode 9M1rr0r1ngWatch Now
Episode 10zer0-daYWatch Now
Mr Robot Season 1

Episode 1: Hello Friend

Elliot Anderson is a cybersecurity firm based in Allsafe. Elliot has long been famous as a socially unfortunate guy every day and the person who at night brings personal details into the networks of his colleagues, the drug dealers and those like him.

It will avoid an attack from the DDoS on Allsafe’s largest customer, E Corp. He recognises a file labelled fsociety00.dat, along with which he was also asked not to delete the malware. Mr. Robot, the company’s leader, soon contacted him and promised to delete all debt records regarding E Corp.

At first reluctant, Elliot finally agrees with the terms. When he first joined the company, he managed to get the FBI to believe that the E Corp chief was the one who attacked the file by giving them an encrypted file.

Episode 2: One And Zer0s

Finally, Mr Robot reveals his intentions, telling Elliot they intend to destroy E Corp. And in order to do so, they want to damage their safeguards by hitting and damaging their neighbouring factory, leading to an explosion. This terrifies Elliot, though, and forces him to back up, because he did not want to endanger life.

Otherwise Cisco, a Chinese hacker group’s unidentified ally The Dark Army, is hacking into Ollie’s home PC. Meanwhile Elliot shares the secret of his father’s terminal disease with Robot, which obliges him, since he doesn’t hold his mouth shut, to throw him off tracks.

Episode 3: D3 Bug

Elliot and Shyla go to a romantic party, and Elliot believes it is time he calls it to leave the business. Tyrell is meanwhiles upset that Scott Knowles had been selected for CTO and pays therefore to hit a man who hadn’t a house or belonged to the path.

Cisco asks Ollie to infect E Corp’s with the same CD after infecting Ollie’s phone. During the party, a company leaks emails telling how Colby induced leukaemia in Elliot’s dad and mother to spill the radioactive waste. Mr. Robot Series can be downloaded using various extensions in 2020.

Episode 4: Da3m0ns

Elliot has a master plan for the destruction without triggering an outbreak in E Corp’s facilities. The strategy comprises hacking in and connecting Steel Mountain to Raspberry Pi, which will support the temperature increase before the magnetic tape backups are destroyed.

However, physical access to safe and protected data is required in the strategy. So the Steel Mountain go with Mr Robot, Romero, Ellot and Mobley. Elliot begins to hallucinate many times, as he is out of morphine. Darlene and Trenton remain behind in the meantime and arrange a new hack assault on E Corp’s Chinese services with the aid of the dark army.

Episode 5: 3xpl0its

Elliot ends up infringing Steel Mountain with fsociety and human activity. He also stumbles over Tyrell and manipulates his egotistical behaviour, gaining access to the region and planting the Raspberry Pi for climate monitoring.

The Dark Society also transforms the demand of the fsociety to hack Chinese services of E Corp and turns things upside down. Angela, on the other hand, infects the Ollie machine successfully on the CD to retrieve Allsafe information. When he’s planning Shayla’s abduction, Fernando Vera reveals that he’s keeping Elliot responsible for turning him to policemen.

Episode 6: Br4ve-Trave1er

Vera’s brother kidnaps Shayla in order to trick Elliot for hacking Vera’s safety systems before he is killed inside. Elliot arranges a tour of the prison with Vera and discovers then that Vera’s brother himself is actually planning and plotting the attack.

Somehow he breaks Vera from prison as he hacks into prison networks. Vera gives him a pair of keys while telling him about Shayla’s station and informs him that she’s always been there with him. The keys are the car’s keys and Elliot is running up and opening his car. Only to discover Shayla’s slit-throat dead body in the trunk of the sedan.

Episode 7: V1ew-s0urce

The main focus of this episode is on Elliot’s after Shayla’s death flashing. The episode quickly moves on to a month after she murders, Elliot sitting back and remembering that when Shayla moved into the neighbourhood he had received a pet fish. While Elliot was so socially awkward, she tried to be his mate.

She also offered to contact a suboxone provided on Elliot’s behalf. All this inside kills Elliot and forces him to confront his demons. Later, he tells his psychiatrist that he has a complicated, strange habit of breaking into his loved one’s networks and collecting personal data. He admits he’s doing so, because he’s incredibly depressed and he can’t deal with it.

Episode 8: Wh1ter0se

We learn that Darlene and Angela have long been friends. Elliot and the fsociety, meanwhile, plan to attack it again, but without the Dark Army, they can’t. Elliot finds a transgender woman revealing that Gideon, who was suspect of Elliot and was the one to push the server into a honeypot, was responsible for the backing of the Dark Army.

But with the aid of Darlene Elliot manages to shut it down. Gideon says Tyrell of the honeypot, and the latter discovers his.dat file and encounters Mr. Robot, threatening him with his secret and the possibility of exposing him.

Mr Robot is not compliant, however. Elliot tells Darlene, on the other hand, that her plan has come to pass. Darlene said she loved Elliot. Elliot kisses her, which makes Darlene pull back and ask whether he has forgotten again. Darlene turns out to be Elliot’s girlfriend, and Mr Robot’s dad.

Episode 9: M1rr0r1ng

Back to Elliot’s early days, working in his father’s computer repair shop, Mr. Robot was named. When both are visiting the house of Elliot, Mr Robot and Elliot take the memory track down.

But Elliot is angry and throws Robot out of the window and then takes him to the graveyard of his dead father. Mr. Robot tells Elliot not to get him rid of, because he loves them, Darlene and Angela.

As it turns out, Elliot took the character of his dad that was long dead when he said, “I’ve been Mr. Robot.” Elliot becomes questionable about the scheme of society. Later, Elliot is being threatened by Tyrell, leading Elliot to take him into the arcade. Both consent to work together and Elliot looks at a pistol from Darlene’s last scene.

Episode 10: Zer0-daY

Three days after the incident in Tyrell’s SUV, Elliot wakes up in the arcade. In the end, the plan of the FSSC was a huge success, gaining heart and joy from all over the world. It even encrypted certain files, in order to first cover all the track records.

And Elliot has no recollection of something that happened to everybody’s surprise. As E Corp is preparing an emergency TV prediction, Elliot will contact Mr. Robot and ask him where Tyrell is located.

He did visit him, but only Joanna found himself “Ollie,” to his horror. The scene ends when he opens the door to the apartment and finds nobody inside. Also, by using various extensions for 2020, you can download Mr robot seasón 1 online.

Index of Mr Robot Season 2

  • Number of Episodes: 12
  • Available Platforms: Amazon Prime, Vudu, USA Network
EpisodeName of EpisodeLink
Episode 1Unm4sk Part – 1Watch Now
Episode 2Unm4sk Part – 2Watch Now
Episode 3K3rnel-pan1cWatch Now
Episode 4Init_1Watch Now
Episode 5Logic-b0mbWatch Now
Episode 6M4ster-s1aveWatch Now
Episode 7H4ndshakeWatch Now
Episode 8Succ3ss0rWatch Now
Episode 9Init_5Watch Now
Episode 10H1dden-pr0cesWatch Now
Episode 11Pyth0n Part – 1Watch Now
Episode 12Pyth0n Part – 2Watch Now
Mr Robot Season 2

Episode 1: Unm4sk Part – 1

The episode reveals that the night a fsociety video was filmed by Tyrell. Elliot’s MIA, living with his mother and leading a worldly routine, where Mr Robot continues to emerge and torment him and refuses to communicate Tyrell knowledge.

The Fsociety now leads Darlene and is on an ongoing task in Susan Jacobs, the general counsel of the E Corp system, after successfully forcing her out of the business. Elliot visits Video elsewhere and tells him that Allsafe is in disarray, with the FBI Radar as its target.

Episode 2: Unm4sk Part – 2

Darlene manages to hack the E Corp’s banks during the previous episode, and keeps its records for a lending. In this episode, Scott Knowles is obliged by fsociety to wear a mask and to burn the sum publicly.

Angela is happy with her company promotion and role, and Joanna has an unknown person’s gift box with a phone on her back and a missed call. Elliot realises that he was behaving in his sleep under the influence of Mr Robot. Brock is killing Gideon, but Elliot is finally waking up to Tyrell.

Episode 3: K3rnel-pan1c

Elliot is fighting to get Mr. Robot rid of him. Otherwhere, in his house, Mobley finds Romero dead. Mobley and Trenton think, perhaps, that the Dark Army is behind all of it, and Elliot and Darlene should work on it too. Meanwhile, for his own personal reasons, Ray was searching for a cyber engineer and Elliot makes him talk about Mr Robot somehow.

Elliot recounts again, intakes and breaks down a humiliating quantity of Adderall. Finally, Romero’s mother found and ended up on the arcade with a poster that reads “End of the World Party.”

Episode 4: Init_1

Mr. Robot first came out in Halloween last year and put Darlene on the table his idea of a hack while Elliot was wearing the fsociety mask. He asks Elliot to beat him in a chess game and then he goes off forever, but all three matches end in claims.

Joanna begins to be broken by paying the security guard to hold Tyrell’s SUV that he found shut his mouth. In return for his severance pay, Scott refuses to testify against Tyrell. At the end of the day, Elliot decides to help Ray, but secretly uses the PC to find information from the FBI by hacking its system.

Episode 5: Logic-b0mb

Elliot discovers the hack in FBI systems from Ray’s machine. Darlene is looking for Angela’s support to suggest that she should clear the FBI’s records, but she refuses to do so. Meanwhile, Elliot asks Ray to bring his former IT expert, named RT, to speak to him. From RT he learns that Ray operates an unauthorised website.

Elliot is finally beaten by thugs. Although Dominique goes with a gang to China to investigate the Dark Army affair, the Chinese minister was Whiterose. In fact. So the next morning, after a brief conversation with the minister, she discovers that half her men were killed.

Episode 6: M4ster-s1ave

Elliot drifts into a retro version for a family journey. Mr Robot convinces him to see him directly if he does not want a hospital finish. Then he hugs Mr. Robots and thanks him when he was beaten for protecting his mind. In a flashback, he recalls how Elliot’s father shot him for his disease on the day he let the computer shop be his son’s name.

Saved from the shot, Dominique is determined to dig deeper into the case of the Dark Army. In the end, we’re seeing Darlene and Mobley preparing Angela for the hack.

Episode 7: H4ndshake

Domonique hears about the past of Angela and becomes increasingly suspect. Angela confronts Darlene when she realises that they wear masks very similar to the film they used to watch as children.

While that happens, Mr Robot admits he and Elliot killed Tyrell together. Elliot, on the other hand, repairs Ray’s machine but makes the FBI aware that he conducts the dark web after knowing Ray illegally.

Episode 8: Succ3ss0r

Fsociety considers that Project Berenstain essentially involves robbing over three million Five/Nine persons of their personal information. They tied up Susan Jacobs and Darlene began to glimpse how Susan was laughing, as E Corp got rid of the toxic leak, who killed Darlene’s father. They killed Darlene.

She gives Susan a fatal shock, ending her dead. Mobley and Darlene burn their body and, as they investigate Darlene’s stolen pistol, Domonique’s suspect needle lands on Möbley. He gives no details, however. In the end, though, Darlene found that Cisco reported behind her back to the Dark Army, and so she struck him with a baseball bat.

Episode 9: Init_5

While his jail term was around 18 months, Elliot got released early due to cost containment measures. Elliot has been arrested and detained. Darlene informs him that Mobley and Trenton have both disappeared. In the meantime, Angela discovers that E Corp has not yet addressed the problem of toxic leakage.

Darlene and Elliot, on the other hand, hack the FBI phones and systems and begin to read “stage 2” conversations. Darlene leaves a tape on her face to Susan, which is heard by Cisco instead. Elliot listens to a knock on his door, and he sees Joanna as he opens it.

Episode 10: H1dden-pr0ces

A witness testifies that Cisco left Susan’s flat and suspected him by others. Even when Domonique repeatedly pleads for the Dark Army to strike, they release a picture of Cisco showing he may be a suspect of Five/Nine.

In the meantime, Joanna asks Elliot to keep track of the phone she found thought Tyrell’s could be. Afterwards Angela meets Elliot and informs him he’s more memory holes than ever before, and no longer does he trust Mr Robot.

Episode 11: Pyth0n Part – 1

Angela meets a girl who has been abused and gives her psychic assessment in a bed. She tells her that her mother and Elliot’s father died for a different, bigger reason, and she should have been dying a long way back. Elliot is starting to dream lucidly, where Mr. Robot is going into a flat.

However, on his way back to a taxi, he gets control and unexpectedly sees Tyrell coming in and sitting. The driver does not admit the existence of Tyrell and panics Elliot. Then Tyrell says that Stage 2 is on and he will be very happy.

Episode 12: Pyth0n Part – 2

Elliot is carried by Tyrell to a remote place when the plans for Stage 2 have been announced. It essentially includes hacking and running an explosion into the E Corp’s backup facility to completely kill it. Elliot believes Tyrell isn’t genuine and attempts to reverse the hack. Tyrell however shoots him in the head and calls Darlene, saying when he wakes up that he will be with him.

Darlene is arrested and investigated by the FBI and questioned by Dominique. In the West Coast Trenton confesses to Mobley, Missing Mobley and Trenton are seen to hide the hack. Mr. robot season 2 can be watched by users of Netflix and downloaded.

Index of Mr Robot Season 3

  • Number of Episodes: 10
  • Available Platforms: Amazon Prime, Vudu, USA Network
EpisodeName of EpisodeLink
Episode 1Power-Saver-ModeWatch Now
Episode 2UndoWatch Now
Episode 3LegacyWatch Now
Episode 4MetadataWatch Now
Episode 5Runtime-errorWatch Now
Episode 6Kill-processWatch Now
Episode 7Fredrick+tanyaWatch Now
Episode 8Don’t-delete-meWatch Now
Episode 9Stage3Watch Now
Episode 10Shutdown -rWatch Now
Mr Robot Season 3

Episode 1: Power-Saver-Mode

Two weeks later, Elliot wakes up by Angela and asks her to send him work in E Corp in order to correct things. Angela, like Mr Robot, decides to trick him in order to make it deeper into stage 2.

It aims to eliminate all negative records and create a new world from the past of E Corp. But the question is, won’t they succeed or won’t they? Free to know more about this episode, stream Mr robot online.

Episode 2: Undo

Elliot scales the ladder up in E Corp and persuades a midwayer to digitise the documents and secretly transfer the remaining parts from Stage 2 to a warehouse. Darlene is still under investigation by the FBI and remains for the night in Elliot.

But Mr. Robot is coming up and frightening her. We know that Zhang or Whiterose holds Angela in and urgently needs the strategy for stage 2 to carry out on polling day whether or not he wins.

Episode 3: Legacy

Tyrell informs Mr. Robot he needs him for stage 2 while Tyrell’s involvement in Honeypot is being known and suspected by Irvine and Dark Army. The Dark Army hunts for Tyrell, but no one knows that he’s alive, killing all his enemies and people who know his location. In a psychological assessment, Tyrell admits that he is still faithful to Elliot and that Zhang is compelled to be close to Tyrell and Elliot alike.

Episode 4: Metadata

Darlene remains following Mr. Robot through the night and loses her mind when she sees Angela with her. Meanwhile, Tyrell becomes disappointed to see delayed shipping records and loses his trust in Elliot. Just three days are left until Stage 2, which makes Angela fast to change records. When he sees her and Tyrell together, she hits Elliot with the tranquillizer.

Episode 5: Runtime-error

The last 4 days, Elliot loses all his memory. He unexpectedly learns that he was shot and the UN vote is taking place today, and also stage 2. He tries to manipulate the safety, but is kicked off. He calls in and he has a bomb alert to evacuate the house.

A huge number of people from Anti-E Corp gather. Meanwhile. Darlene seems to admit she has worked with the FBI and helps Elliot to recall something that he missed. To everybody’s fear, the people break in. In the middle of the chaos. Angela is faced with Elliot.

Episode 6: Kill-process

When he attempts to escape an explosion, Mr Robot continuously tries to slow Elliot. He convinced him to support him but somehow when he realised that the records of paper were not in the same building. The location of Tyrell is known, and he is publicly arrested.

There is no blast, making Elliot believe that he stopped the attack. However, he soon learned that the facility of 71 E Corp was blowing the very location where he was redirecting the documents. This shows him that he contributed to the size of the blast.

Episode 7: Fredrick+tanya

Mr Robot makes Krista realise that Elliot had major participation in the explosion that occurred. Zhang plans to shift the Washington Township to Congo and ruins Price for not being able to control Angela.

Meanwhile, Tyrell gets to know that another attack is being planned by the Dark Army within 24 hours. Elsewhere, Leon kills Mobley’s friend and seeks help from Mobley and Trenton to bury the body. 

Episode 8: Don’t-delete-me

Elliot says Darlene cannot hold Mr Robot away, and that’s all his fault. He is taking a humiliating number of Morphine and suicidal on an island, but is saved by the younger brother of Trenton, Mohammed. His parents left him alone and then they two took to the films from which Mohammed fled and went to a mosque, which led to an intense conflict.

Elliot visits Angela later and plays the Wishing Game, a game played as children that helped restore him his desire to live. He’s wearing his Mr. Robot jacket back, reinstalls his phone. He sees Trenton’s message that the hack is undoable.

Episode 9: Stage3

Trenton’s email had the keys to the Five/Nine events that were able to unravel. Angela remains misled and believes that whiterose has noble motives and thus does not trust Elliot. For a fake Stage 3, Elliot meets Zhang’s assistant, and scans his laptop and accesses the Dark Army.

Darlene informs the FBI, meanwhile, that she suspects they are under the influence of the Dark Army. Whiterose is finally furious because he knows that it takes more than a month to change a dish.

Episode 10: Shutdown -r

Santiago has discovered his double agent identity along with Elliot abducted Domonique and Darlene. While Grant tries to kill Elliot, he says that he has a plan to move the plant to Congo more quickly and has a test. When Whiterose says that they no longer need it, Grant kills himself.

At the end of the day, when Elliot hacked into the FBI, he learned that Romero didn’t encrypt the files, but instead Mr Robot. Mr Robot rescued them all because Elliot’s going to want that. Mr. robot season 3 will be downloaded online by 2020.

Index Of Mr. Robot Season 4

  • Number of Episodes: 13
  • Available Platforms: Amazon Prime, Vudu, USA Network
EpisodeName of EpisodeLink
Episode 1401 UnauthorizedWatch Now
Episode 2402 Payment RequiredWatch Now
Episode 3403 ForbiddenWatch Now
Episode 4404 Not FoundWatch Now
Episode 5405 Method Not AllowedWatch Now
Episode 6406 Not AcceptableWatch Now
Episode 7407 Proxy Authentication RequiredWatch Now
Episode 8408 Request TimeoutWatch Now
Episode 9409 ConflictWatch Now
Episode 10410 GoneWatch Now
Episode 11eXitWatch Now
Episode 12WhoamiWatch Now
Episode 13Hello, ElliotWatch Now
Index Of Mr Robot Season 4

Episode 1: 401 Unauthorized

Angela wants vengeance on the Whiterose, but Price insists that they give up the plot and kill her later. Whiterose gives Elliot a snapshot of the dead body to warn him about the time before December. Elliot and Mr Robot do their own little research and learn that Whiterose has ties with the National Bank of Cyprus.

It is, however, a pit and only three men inject and drag it to somewhere else. they investigate further. Elliot wakes up and stands before Price. In the meantime, Darlene is returning to medicine as she continues to believe and blame Angela for the death.

Episode 2: 402 Payment Required

Darlene calls and said her mother died, “A security deposit has been made available to her mum but the bank has made it available after her death. Darlene recognises Elliot and joins him in against Whiterose that she got wrong after Angela. She thanks him for taking Vera’s treatment, too.

Mr Robot and Elliot are now sinking into a confrontation about Vera’s return. In the meantime, we learn about the group Deus which funds the Dark Army that Zhang has built for decades.

Episode 3: 403 Forbidden

The bump in each other is Elliot and Krista, but Krista leaves. Then he comes to hack Olivia Cortez, an E Corp member. Olivia is taken by Mr Robot to a bar; he buys a drink for it, kissing it and taking it home. He receives and gives Olivia’s passcode to Darlene. Mr. Robot and Elliot felt on their way back as if they are pursued in a white van by the Dark Army.

He sees Tyrell broken into his apartment as he arrives home. Tyrell says Elliot is E Corp’s CEO, who will help them bring down an E Corp before he can alert her that the Dark Armed Forces is most likely listening.

Episode 4: 404 Not Found

Tyrell and Elliot are trapped in a forest in circles and can’t get out of it. They pass around. They have a dialogue in which Elliot claims that Tyrell doesn’t care, which disturbs him. In the meantime, Darlene finds that the passcode is not sufficient and the bank needs to be hacked.

As she discovers Elliot’s flat broken in, she thinks that maybe someone murdered her brother and loves him dearly though she is angry with him every now and then. Tyrell is killed by Dark Army agent, and a died Tyrell asks Elliot to end his business with Whiterose – to take them down.

Episode 5: 405 Method Not Allowed

Elliot brings the van and Darlene and he break into Virtual Reality where the National Bank of Cyprus’s servers are. They have developed a firmware to extract information within 40 minutes. The security guard is aware of the infringement and is calling the police.

They pursue Elliot across Central Park, while Darney leaves as a gym participant. Price gets an Elliot text which says that Tyrell would not meet, and Price answers that the meeting will take place anyway.

Episode 6: 406 Not Acceptable

Vera questions Krista about Elliot, while Domonique calls Darlene, on Janice’s command, to have access to her phone in order to get Elliot’s location. Krista warns Elliot that Vera comes to him and asks her to meet somewhere. But Elliot is abducted by Vera’s men in the midst of it.

Episode 7: 407 Proxy Authentication Required

Elliot was taken to a therapy session and learned that his father had molested him, even though Mr Robot tried to manipulate him to believe that every year he was a decent guy. Vera attempts to reassure Elliot by disclosing physical violence of his own past events, but Krista is unaware of this. Vera stabs in the back of Krista.

Episode 8: 408 Request Timeout

Elliot follows his younger self and gets the key to his kindergarten, where Mr Robot and he come face to face. Elliot breaks down and recognises that Mr Robot was built to be the father he first wanted. Mr Robot reassured him that he could not defend him. He apologised.

Episode 9: 409 Conflict

Darlene releases the Deus Group’s video in public and is also stolen. Price shoots as he learns that he’s been all behind it, and Elliot sees escape. In the meantime, Whiterose is surrounded by the FBI and the shooting of the gun begins as she begins to make up her.

Episode 10: 410 Gone

The identity of Zhang is revealed as Whiterose to the world. Dominique and Elliot are offered by Darlene to run away. But Dominique gets on the airport and Darlene willingly misses it. She is raising a breath of relief as the plane begins to recover.

Episode 11: eXit

Elliot attempts to stop the unit, but it does not help. Whiterose has already triggered it, and Elliot says that there’s a better world in this way. Elliot argues that it’s worth living the people who care for him. Whiterose admits, she doesn’t and she doesn’t kill herself. Elliot has a choice. The press bursts, and the last goodbyes of Mr Robot and Elliot are said.

Episode 12: Whoami

Elliot wakes up and is expected to get married with Angela, in a different universe where his parents are still alive. He went to his apartment and saw an iMac on which Elliot’s alternative had drawings.

As he encounters Elliot alternative, he learns that he should have a better life and kill him. Dominique discovers the alternative Elliot’s body, however, and arrests it.

Episode 13: Hello, Elliot

Elliot wakes up before Krista, where she says that all but one of her people, nicknamed “The Mastermind,” is not the actual Elliot that was walking through it. The master mind caught up in the real Elliot and took over and refused to return control to the real Elliot.

He wakes up at Darlene’s hospital and says the unit is lost and everything is safe now. She’s also saying she realises he isn’t the real Elliot, he’s the mastermind. The master mind understands the true Elliot and gives it power. The true Elliot wakes up and he is welcomed by Darlene. Now watch Season 4 Mr. Robot.


Our favourite in this category is this index of the best series of crime dramas. So this is our comprehensive and thorough index on this bending show of our minds. Mr. robot was officially cancelled in rumours of New season 5 for this series, but for now, it is just a rumour. However, we would like a different season. The Elliot and Mr Robot pair just can’t get enough! Just take a look at Mr. Robot’s series online in 2020.

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