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    Jai Bhim is a legal drama film directed by T. J. Gnanavel and produced by Jyothika and Suriya under the banner of 2D Entertainment. The film has Suriya and Lijomol Jose playing the leading roles, with K. Manikandan, Rajisha Vijayan, and Prakash Raj acting as secondary characters portraying supporting roles.

    Jai Bhim Plot

    Set in 1995 in Tamil Nadu’s Cuddalore district, Rajakannu and Sengani are a couple from the Irular tribe who work in higher caste men’s farms to eradicate rat infestations and capture dangerous snakes. Rajakannu is sent to a wealthy man’s home to apprehend a snake that has infiltrated a chamber. The following day, a burglary is reported when the man’s wife reports missing jewellery from her closet, casting suspicion on Rajakannu. Rajakannu’s residence is raided by the police after he leaves town for work.

    The police physically beat and wrongfully detained his pregnant wife during the raid. The police arrest and torture Rajakannu’s other relatives, including Iruttupan, Pachaiammal, his sister, and Mosukutty, his brother-in-law. Rajakannu is apprehended by police. They violently torment him in order to confess him into confessing the crime in exchange for his wife’s release. Sengani is later notified that all three detained males have fled, and police threaten her once more with dire consequences if she does not notify them of their whereabouts.

    Jai Bhim Controversies

    Mythra, who educates adults from the Irular tribe, learns about Chandru, a tribal community lawyer, and convinces him to pursue justice for SenganiAfter listening to Sengani narrate the events leading up to that moment, Chandru files a ‘Habeaus corpus’ complaint in court. The public defense defending the police provides eyewitnesses to fabricate a tale that Rajakannu and the other two actually fled from jail. Chandru discovers the discrepancies in eyewitness testimony and petitions the court to examine two police officials — Sub-Inspector Gurumurthy, a casteist policeman, and constable Veerasamy.

    When Varadarajulu, an acquaintance of Iruttapan, agrees that Iruttapan notified him through a phone conversation that after committing robbery, he fled to Kerala, the public counsel defending the police claims that the three accused fled to Kerala. In response, Chandru uncovers the truth that the three cops in question traveled to Kerala to phone call to Varadarajulu, which Gurumurthy says he did by imitating Iruttapan’s voice. Further hearings reveal that Rajakannu was murdered in custody by cops, and the other two accused were transferred to a jail in Kerala to conceal the truth. Additionally, it has been shown that Rajakannu, Iruttapan, and Mosukutty are innocents who were framed for burglary perpetrated by someone from whom cops accepted a bribe.

    Mythra locates Iruttapan and Mosukutty, who had been sent to another jail in another city after Rajakannu’s death. They testify in court about the abuse they all through, and the three cops responsible for Rajakannu’s death are ultimately apprehended.

    Jai Bhim Cast & Crew


    DirectorT.J. Gnanavel
    WritterT.J. Gnanavel
    ProducerSuriya, Jyothika
    CinematographerS.R. Kathir
    MusicSean Roldan
    EditorPhilomin Raj
    Jai Bhim Cast & Crew


    Suriyaadvocate Chandru
    Lijomol JoseSengeni
    K. ManikandanRajakannu
    Rajisha VijayanMythra
    Prakash RajI.G. Perumalsamy
    Rao Rameshadvocate general S. Ram Mohan
    Guru SomasundaramPP Chellapandiyan
    TamizhSI Gurumoorthy
    Supergood Subramanihead constable Veerasamy
    M. S. Bhaskaradvocate Sankaran
    JayaprakashDGP S. Radhakrishnan
    Ilavarasuvillage president Gunasekaran

    Jai Bhim Music

    Sean Roldan wrote the film’s music and soundtrack in his first collaboration with Suriya. Yugabharathi, Raju Murugan, Arivu, and T. J. Gnanavel wrote the lyrics for the songs. The film’s background soundtrack was composed by orchestrator Matt Dunkley at London’s Abbey Road Studios.

    Song TitleSinger(s)Lyrics
    Thala KodhumPradeep KumarRaju Murugan
    SendumalliAnanthu, Kalyani NairYugabharathi
    Vettakaara KootamAnthony Daasan, Niranjana RamananYugabharathi
    Polladha UlagathileySean RoldanYugabharathi
    Mannile EeramunduVaikom VijayalakshmiYugabharathi
    Jai Bhim Controversies with 1993 Cuddalore incident Rajakannu case

    Jai Bhim Release Date

    Jai Bhim was released worldwide on 2nd November 2021 on Amazon Prime. Jai Bhim is also available in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada languages.

    Jai Bhim Controversies with 1993 Cuddalore incident Rajakannu case

    Jai Bhim is a courtroom drama directed by TJ Gnanavel about the struggle for the oppressed and against caste-based oppression. Based on a real story from 1993, it follows Senggeni and Rajakannu, an Irular couple. Rajakannu was apprehended by police and afterward went missing from the station. Senggeni seeks the assistance of an advocate named Chandru in order to obtain justice for her husband. Chandru files a habeas corpus petition and submits the Rajan case for further cases in order to ascertain the truth.

    At the weekend, a segment of the audience expressed outrage over a sequence in the movie in which a calendar image included a community symbol. To avoid offending people’s sensibilities, the movie’s crew substituted an image of Goddess Lakshmi for the symbol. The creators made the same point in a statement.

    Jai Bhim throws light on an oppressed tribe that finds delight in the simplest things in life despite their lack of land and a sturdy roof over their heads. As societal injustice and cruelty engulf these innocent lives, advocate Chandru, played by Suriya, fights for their rights in court.

    Jai Bhim Trailer

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