Is Francesca And Harry Still Together? Did Francesca and Harry break up?

Is Francesca And Harry Still Together Did Francesca and Harry break up

If fans remember one thing about the first season of ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ it is Francesca Farago‘s heated affair with Harry Jowsey. Netflix’s latest reality television venture pushes its cast of single models to abstain from physical contact for the duration of their month-long retreat.

After costing their co-stars thousands of dollars for violating Lana’s no-physical-contact policy, they eventually recovered the money and contributed it to the reward fund. While the candidates on Too Hot to Handle may go down in history as the most physically aggressive, there is a glimmer of light for hopeless romantics out there, since several couples from prior seasons remain together.

Harry and Francesca’s Too Hot to Handle Journey

Francesca is from Canada, whereas Harry is from Australia. They met for the first time in Spring 2019 while filming the show’s freshman season. Their seductive chemistry was impossible to ignore as they clicked almost instantly. Harry and Francesca quickly became fan favorites. Harry is well-known for his cheeky catchphrases, which wowed the ladies. Chloe hoped to get close to him at first, but it appeared as though Harry was only interested in Francesca. Their kiss resulted in the first $3000 being deducted from the group’s reward money.

The iconic kiss also resulted in the first on-screen conflict between Harry and Francesca, as Harry lied to everyone, blaming Francesca for instigating it. Despite these little disagreements, the two found it difficult to remain away from one another. As the show’s first season drew to a close, they were eager to continue their connection in the real world. So, Harry and Francesca are still going strong, aren’t they?

Are Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey still together

Are Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey still together?

After giving followers optimism that they had reconciled last year, it appears that Harry and Francesca are no longer together; their most recent photo together was posted by Harry in May 2021.

However, in December, Harry shared multiple TikTok videos of himself and, presumably, a new partner while on holiday in Dubai following Christmas.

“A journey I will never forget,” he captioned one of the trip’s Instagram posts.

Meanwhile, Francesca has shared several TikToks about reconciling with an ex, including one about reconciling ‘for the third time.’ She also shared a strange video, writing over it: “Me being happy and keeping my relationships secret,” before adding: “The urge to remark on all their social media.”

Their most recent shot together came in May 2021, just days before the series two THTH candidates were announced so that they may have reunited briefly last year.

Did Francesca and Harry from Too Hot to Handle break up?

Yes, in a word. Francesca and Harry did divorce indeed. According to Elite Daily, the reality stars kept dating following the April 2019 premiere of Too Hot to Handle and even visited each other in their respective countries. However, by July 2019, they had decided to call it quits. However, as is the case with many couples, this was not their final farewell.

Francesca and Harry reconnected in February 2020, and their relationship lasted approximately until June of that year. Fast forward to 2021, and the two were rumored to be reconciled in May 2021. As reported by US Weekly, Francesca then came out earlier this month to explain that while they were reconciling, they finally chose to part ways.

“We were reuniting,” Francesca explained in June while appearing as a guest on the Domenick Nati Show. “We were gradually getting to know one another. And then he was simply being incredibly rude to me online.”

Harry, for his part, recently spoke out about his relationship with Francesca, telling US Weekly, “We attempted to rekindle it, but there was an evident miscommunication on a number of fronts.” He continued by elaborating on how their relationship evolved after the cameras stopped running and Too Hot to Handle broadcast, stating:

Francesca and Harry appear to have succumbed to fame and the pressures of being in a limelight relationship, which we can’t blame them for. Obtaining sudden celebrity status as a result of appearing on a reality show has been demonstrated time and time again — just look at the cast of The Bachelor series.

Did Francesca and Harry from Too Hot to Handle break up

Timeline of Harry and Francesca’s relationship:

To begin, the couple met in April 2019 and visited one other’s residences in Vancouver and Queensland between April and July.

They then split in July 2019, and Harry relocated to Los Angeles a month later. However, it was not until January that they reconciled.

Then, in May 2020, they got engaged over Zoom during the Too Hot to Handle reunion episode, and no, it wasn’t a joke.

One month after the engagement, the pair announced their separation. Francesca broke the news via a six-minute YouTube video titled “Our Break Up,” in which she said Harry initiated the breakup due to his inability to commit to the long-distance relationship.

Harry subsequently posted an Instagram video explaining his side of the breakup. He claimed to be going through a difficult time and had fallen out of love with her. You’d think this would be the end of it, but nope. After several failed relationships, the couple appears to be reuniting in Mexico, and everyone is OBSESSED with it.

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